Copa Star; A Five-Star Hospital in Rio

After three years of construction, the Copa Star Hospital was finally inaugurated in October 2016 in the magnificent city of Rio. Work began in 2013 with an estimated investment of close to $ 400 million being channeled into the project. Located in the southern zone of Rio, more specifically in Figueiredo Magalhães Street, in Copacabana, the hospital will majorly focus on surgical operation specializing in cardiology and neurology. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The Copa Star Hospital unites qualified service, comfort, luxury and sophisticated technology. The architectural project is reminiscent of a five-star hotel, opening its doors to a “class AA” clientele as described by Jorge Moll, a Rio de Janeiro cardiologist. Their goal is to attract patients who take the air bridge in search of high complexity care in São Paulo, especially in the Albert Einstein and Sírio-Libanês hospitals.

With 21,000 m² of occupied area and seven floors, the hospital combines technological innovation and refinement. The hospital has installed IPads for their inpatients, with just a few touches, it is possible to have a conversation with the doctor or to request attention from the nurses. This technology also aids the patients through automation of their functionalities. Through it, a patient can change the lighting of the room, open and close the curtains or access the results of their medical examinations together with their doctors.

The hospital has nine fully equipped operation rooms and 155 inpatient suites, 59 of which are in the Intensive Care Center (ICU). Three of the operation rooms are called hybrids, equipped with resonance and hemodynamic devices, among others, which allows the staff to perform exams while a patient is in operation. Costing more than a million dollar, the resonance equipment and microscope installed in the neurological surgery room were set up under the guidance of Paulo Niemeyer, a specialist body responsible for the industry.

Among the numerous innovations by the Copa Star Hospital, there is an attached area for the flow of stretchers and health professionals. Installed with three elevators, the unit ensures no patient will see the shuttle of stretchers and trolleys with bedding. For the comfort and safety of their patients, the hospital beds have inflammable mattresses to shape the patient’s positions.

The hospital goes beyond the environment of a hospital by providing its patients with a life outside a hospital experience. Cameras at the top of the eight-story building will transmit real-time footage of the Copacabana sea while the architecture of the building allows the entrance of natural light, which radiates even in the beds, and works of art are seen from all sides.

The Copa Star Hospital team is composed of 550 professionals which include 113 physicians. The staff underwent a two-month behavioral training at the hospital attended by actors, who simulated situations of crisis and daily life. The staff has been trained from how to approach patients to what clothes and makeup type to use.

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Discover The Benefits Of Having A Reliable Medicare Advantage Plan

InnovaCare is backed by M.D., & MBA Richard Shinto, as CEO and Chief Officer. His goal is to provide top managed physician services under their Medicare Advantage Plan to a wide range of beneficiaries. In fact, when asked, Shinto admits that his beneficiaries come first. InnovaCare is committed to the highest level of customer service excellency in the industry. They are the largest managed physician services program in North America with over 24,000+ beneficiaries. Surprisingly, with over 25+ years experience in managed healthcare gives them a superior level of expertise. Richard Shinto has played a major role in pioneering InnovaCare to a complex healthcare system that is constantly evolving.

Their numbers demonstrate the commitment of their beneficiaries worldwide. The emotional and physical well being of their clients is important to InnovaCare says, Penelope Kokkindes, Assistant Chief Executive Officer. In an effort towards positive growth they have hired three top professionals to add a creative vision and leadership to their team. The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex and adding leadership professionals will allow InnovaCare to continue to successfully compete. They can continue to be a leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage organization. Visit their company profile in LinkedIn.

The Benefits Of InnovaCare

InnovaCare is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and is a top managed physician services provider. You get quality Medicare plans along with physician services when and where you need it. They are building a positive healthcare environment that is centered around their customers and causing them to live a productive lifestyle. They are redefining healthcare management one step at a time. They offer two comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans that will allow you to receive extended medical and dental that is not allowed under the original Medicare and Medicaid program.

In a recent effort to provide the industries highest level of customer service satisfaction and extended services to their customers they have acquired First+ Medicare Advantage. This will add an additional 27,000+ beneficiaries along with $166 million in premium revenue. This will contribute to expanding their network and drive quality innovative throughout their team. Integrating services will help lower the cost of overhead finances. The transition has been a positive opportunity for growth within their managed healthcare leadership responsibilities. You’re invited to visit the InnovaCare website, land based facility, or call their 800 number for more details on becoming a beneficiary today.

Avi Weisfogel’s Philanthropy that is meant to improve the Lives of Disadvantaged Children.

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey-based dentist practicing at the Old Bridge Dental Care, which he founded in 1999. During the 15years that he has been in the hospital, Avi has gained recognition from the locals for being the best dentist in the area. He can treat complicated oral conditions, and most doctors refer patients with such problems to him. Dr. Weisfogel’s love for education is incredible. He devotes 200 hours each year to further his studies, and has, therefore, been able to learn new methods of conducting surgical operations. Avi’s unmatchable knowledge helps him in offering the best treatment his patients and also in making his work easier.

Dr. Weisfogel is known for his significant contribution to sleep disorders research. He is one of the Dental Sleep Masters’ founders, an organization that seeks to find new methods of solving sleep problems through orally administered treatments, and he specializes in sleep apnea. The research information from the team is shared with other medical personnel in the US to ensure that they treat their patients appropriately. Being a father of six children, Avi cares and understands much about children, and this led to his support for Operation Smile.

The Operation Smile is a charity that provides free surgical operations to children and young adults suffering from oral deformations such as cleft lips and cleft palates. The organization’s campaign is supported by GoFundMe, which is a website that allows people to donate funds for different humanitarian undertakings. Avi believes that every child is entitled to proper medical care that will enable him/her to have a bright and healthy future.

Operation Smile’s quests are conducted with the support of various governments, private institutions, and medical professionals. The campaign aims at providing appropriate medical care to the highest number of children that can be attained. The organization deploys physicians and medical equipment to various developing countries, where poor children cannot afford them. Local physicians are also used to ensure that the patients receive medical care in their culture and language.

The foundation was established in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, who wanted to help disadvantaged children in the Philippines. It has currently grown into a global organization and children from more than 80 countries benefit from its philanthropic activities. Operation Smile has conducted more than 220,000 surgeries, and it is currently training medical personnel from different localities to join its workforce so as to ensure continuity.