Innovative Entrepreneur and Mentor Glen Wakeman

Glenn Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a company that provides online business planning to up and coming entrepreneur’s (Facebook). His company was founded in 2015, and he is a successful business leader and executive. He has managed large corporations and many startups. He obtained his master’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago. He worked for General Electric for 21 years and is now sharing his expertise with ambitious startup companies.

Glen answers the questions that startups have when their business is not performing well. Instead of giving up, he inspires entrepreneurs to engage in his three-step process. The basis of his approach includes developing perseverance and determination. He believes entrepreneurs should focus on benefits not features, seek discerning evidence and build a dispassionate support group. Glen also believes in incorporating the five dimensions of performance. These five dimensions include creating ideas for growth, execution, control and leadership to have a successful business.

Glen saw the need for entrepreneurship training among startups and decided to help. He wanted to decrease the failure rate among startups. He created Launchpad Holdings, to help business owners create business plans. He also assists companies with increasing productivity and recommends using software application as a tool to increase productivity.

When a company is not performing well, Glen encourages business owner to incorporate his principals into their plan. His techniques also include utilizing the hundred-day plan tool. This tool helps startups get organized by making lists and prioritizing responsibilities. He believes in practicing leadership and using social media as a platform to network. He always encourages business owners to utilize thoughtful perseverance instead of giving up.

Glen Wakeman is a global business executive, writer, investor, mentor and entrepreneur. He has decided to share his experience in managing businesses with the world. He is a prominent leader with an impressive background in business planning and strategy. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge with aspiring business leaders. He is constantly coming up with innovative ideas on how to become a better leader and ways to help others become successful.