Glen Wakeman Helps to Move Businesses Forward

Glen Wakeman has experienced significant success as a board member, CEO, financial services executive and small business owner. His management background spans over 20 years and he is known for working at reputable companies like GE. Wakeman also has a passion for building businesses by improving companies from the inside out and making sure that leaders are doing their job effectively.

Wakeman is now the president and founder of Nova Four, an organization that is dedicated to developing companies. He is also committed to assisting startups through his business,, which provides business planning and digital marketing tools for business owners.

Glen Wakeman shares that a typical workday starts with him reviewing the sales and service performance from the previous day ( He then meets with his business partner to decide which duties should be carried out for the day. This can include responding to customers, paying bills and handling administrative duties. Wakeman also admits that part of his success comes from forcing himself to explain his creative concepts to other people. This motivates him to be more organized with his thoughts, and gives him the courage to say ideas out loud to determine whether or not these ideas should turn into action. He also shares that a huge part of being successful at business is looking at a problem and working to come up with a solution. He shares that answering the “why” is the key to what makes business work and keeps customers coming back.