Nitin Khanna and The Point of A Business

Nitin Khanna was able to understand the fundamentals of business and earning because of his exposure to business early on in life. His dad went to the army but many of his family members were present within the business sector. As such, he was to learn about business and why it mattered and how to move in a concrete manner to be safe and realize gains each and every single day. Nitin Khanna understood a couple of key principles in his life.

One of these principles that barriers matter and scales matter as well. If Nitin Khanna were to elaborate on this point, he would state that while industries may be simple to break into at a regional level, that it would be much more difficult to scale as more resources would be needed and more investments overall. The business would have to understand how to attract customers, go against incumbents and take market share. This certainly was much easier said than done.

The more barriers that are present within an industry, the more difficult it becomes to sustain over the long term. Nitin Khanna slowly understood over his time in business how value is accrued and how it matters that individuals are able to have cashflows that will continue into the distant future.

As a business is judged by its future income streams, the more stability there is, the better. Investors would expect to see stability and growth, as real money is involved and people worked hard to invest and grow their earnings in the business.

As such, a competitive advantage such as barrier to entry becomes of key importance to a business such as the one that Nitin Khanna is involved in. As the point of a business is to make a difference in society, to serve a specific purpose and move the needle, individuals have to make certain to make sure they are able to protect their cash spitting machine.

A business has to be durable and it has to matter each day to customers. The lifeblood of a business is the customers and the cash that they bring. Protecting cash flows matter to business owners.

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The Lincolnshire Management Company

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble founded the Lincolnshire Management company in 1986. The company is New York-based and is a private equity firm that mainly deals with acquisitions as well as investments all over the Middle East.

Frank Wright had previously been in a special finance division for close to thirty years, working for a company known as Hanover Trust Incorporation. His role in the company made him get a reputation in the 1980s because of the buyouts that he used to leverage. This was the motivation behind Lincolnshire Management alongside his business partner Steven Kumble.

Unfortunately, Frank passed away in 1992 which was followed by several changes in the management of the company, ranging from James Tozer to T.J. Maloney. Despite the changes, Steve maintained his executive position until he left the organization after being given a good offer to be one of the founders of the Corinthian Capital in 2005. More information is given on this link.

The first recognizable investment by the company was in 2009 where they bought some shares of the Wabash National Corporation. Wabash National Corporation had at the time just purchased one of the Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio companies which was Transcraft.

Later on, in 2010, the company was named among the top ten private equity firms which were a step into the oncoming success of the company. Since then, the company became quite popular all over New York and had always had an upward trend regarding improvement. This is detailed further in this link

The company has also opened some offices in the United States across areas such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 2011 saw the company being named among the fast-growing private equity firms by CNN Money and the Fortune Magazine.

The company has made approximately 70 acquisitions of different firms which have also increased Lincolnshire Management’s exposure to various industries. The company is also equipped with professionals in the different departments and regional offices who have been trained to work towards the achievement of the company’s overall goals.

The company also manages other companies’ portfolios as well as their equity funds, with the most recent one named as the Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV whose value is approximately $835 million.

Richard Dwayne Blair is providing financial planning solutions for his clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair is providing financial planning solutions for his clients.


Richard Dwayne Blair comes from a family of scholars and is proof of how teaching could influence the life of a person positively. His wife is a teacher, his grandmother and mother were also teachers. After completing his college education, he ventured into the industry of financial services in 1993. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions that is based in Austin, Texas. The main objective of the organization is impacting positively on the financial matters of small business owners, families and individuals. Richard Blair has a sound knowledge and experience in the field of retirement planning. Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients through the process of planning and living through retirement. He has the passion for assisting clients to pursue and reach their retirement goals. In his independent firm, Wealth Solutions he has developed as a three-pillar approach to financial planning. The first pillar of financial planning entails Richard helping the client to understand their financial roadmap. Here is where the client has to point out their strengths, goals, risk tolerance and their window for growth. In this period, Richard Blair builds a valued relationship as he intimately understands the client’s concerns, fears, and expectations. The second pillar for financial planning is drafting a financial investment strategy that is long term. This step is customized to meet the specific needs of the clients in the aspects of their liquidity needs and goals. Richard Blair has designed this process to maximize the output of the client’s assets and investment during the high market season. As a result, it would reduce the impact of the low market seasons on the portfolio of the clients. The track record for performance is based on the goals, expectations and historical data for the client. Richard Dwayne Blair has based his third pillar for financial planning on the insurance needs of his client. Life is a rollercoaster full of uncertainties. Richard Blair focuses on making sure that his clients have adequate coverage for insurance. In his process, he comes up with strategies for long-term care insurance, annuities, and life insurance.


Malcom CasSelle Offers Unique Growth Strategy

The use of blockchain technology and digital currencies has been a very big story in the financial markets for the last few years. In this time period, blockchain technology has increased dramatically in use and the price of digital currencies has skyrocketed compared to where it was just a few years ago. While there are many different areas in which digital currencies and block chain are used, one of the most prevalent is when someone buys in-game assets when playing a video game.


The use of blockchain has many advantages to those that like to use it to play video games. First, it provides a great sense of anonymity. This helps to keep a players identity secure. Furthermore, it provides a lot more security than compared to paying for someone with a credit card, which can be easily hacked and stolen.


While the use of this blockchain technology is already prevalent in video games, it will likely continue to increase in use in the future. In the coming years, Opskins will be creating a new platform called the Worldwide Asset Exchange. This exchange, which will be called WAX for short, will provide a gamer with the ability to complete a variety of transactions through the use of digital currencies. This will help to establish a more organized system for processing digital currency payments.


This will hardly be the only major transaction and investment made by Opskins in the coming years. For the past few years, the company has positioned itself well in the only holdings of virtual assets. Over the past few years, the company has made many ivnestments and improvements to technology that will benefit the company for years to come.


The company continues to be led by Malcom CasSelle who is the CIO of the organization. In his current role, CasSelle is the lead on any new tech or other advancement that the company has in place. He will be a major contributor to the new WAX system and will help to ensure that it grows to the point where it is the leading provider of such services in the world.


The Oxford Club: Four Main Investment Strategies

A recent article was written concerning the Oxford Club giving four smart investment strategies. The Oxford Club is an international and private network of entrepreneurs and investors. They provide their member’s time-tested and exclusive strategies and principles made to beat average returns in several asset classes and outperform the stock market. The Oxford Club covers commodities, stocks, bonds, base metals, precious metals, mutual funds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and exchange-traded funds.

Being established nearly three decades now, the Oxford Club’s team of research and strategists perform intense research on different asset classes to determine investment opportunities with the least bit of risk and the largest potential returns possible. And even though investment is not guaranteed, their strategies can assist you to earn higher returns this year no matter the status of the markets.

The four key investment strategies are as follows:

An Investment Diet that’s Well-balanced

  • An Investment Diet that’s Well-balanced- diversity is crucial to long-term success in investing, but you should diversity among risk levels, sectors, and numerous stocks.

Possessing an Exit Strategy

  • Possessing an Exit Strategy- being a good investor also includes knowing when to sell. It’s very important to know how and when you plan to sell before buying.

Size Matters

  • Size Matters- The Oxford Club employs a position-sizing formula to see the amount to invest in a certain stock and different assets’ classes differentiated by risk. The success of their members came from their investment positions’ resizing and rebalancing.

Reducing Investment Costs

  • Reducing Investment Costs- through the fees of fund managers and the tax collector, and fees, such as a back-end load, a front-end load, and surrender penalties, should be avoided. The Oxford Club also teaches their members how to create a portfolio which leaves a very small amount to the IRS for taxation, thus holding stocks long enough to prevent short-term capital gains, taking smart and full advantage of tax-deferred accounts of investment, using capital losses in terms of taxes, and avoiding rapid investments’ turnover minimizing incurred tax liabilities.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is an international and private network of knowledgeable and trustworthy entrepreneurs and investors. Their object is to assist their members to protect and grow their wealth. They have over 157,000 members in more than 130 countries.

The original name of this organization is the Passport Club. They launched in 1989 and took their current name in 1991 reflecting their combination of modern technology and old-world sensibility.

Amicus Therapeutics is Changing Lives for People Who Have Diseases and Disorders that are Uncommon

Amicus is the American biopharmaceutical company that is located in Cranbury, New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics went public back in the year 2007 where they operated under the NASDAQ symbol of FOLD. This business was created by many venture capital firms which included the firm Radius Ventures(Yahoo Finance). It also worked alongside of New Enterprise Associates.

The therapeutic focus for the business is surrounding orphan and rare diseases. It works to create a plan on different therapy options for various diseases and in 2014, the business was said to have the largest portfolio for small molecules within the pharmacological chaperones within the industry of pharmaceuticals.

There are a number of diseases out there that leaves patients without hope that they can be cured or treated. A specific example is of Fabry Disease. This disease is a genetic disorder and to help people overcome the disease, the latest product of Amicus Therapeutics is Migalastat. By creating a number of enzyme replacement therapies, patients who suffer from this disease are able to see a difference in their lives.

The goal of Amicus Therapeutics is to help patients who are suffering from a disease to live longer and healthier lives by allowing therapies to work to alleviate the symptoms of various diseases. They are very passionate and the work they are doing and are always thinking of different things to do to help patients. As long as they continue to push the idea of each therapy and to take a number of risks that will push for different advances to be made, more patients are able to be helped when they suffer from a genetic disorder or disease.

The goal of the company is to think outside of the box and to keep asking the questions that are the hardest to answer. The business knows that in order to make a difference, they have to know and understand the mistakes that have been made. Once you understand a mistake and know how to avoid it, you start to learn how to avoid it and bypass it the next time. It encourages more hope and promise which is what patients need when they suffer from a disease or disorder.

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George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is one of the famous philanthropists in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked to develop the greatest solutions for those who need hedge fund management businesses. His career commenced in New York by working at two local hedge fund management companies. During that time the hedge fund management business had more funds than any other industry in the country. With the right resources and brains at your side, you will never miss developing fast income through the agitated business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros also has experience in working with the risky investment trades. For all those years he has been in the industry, George Soros has developed an income-generating business by betting against currencies in the risky currency trades. For those who want to achieve the best n this industry, they must work to consider that things are never the same as they were some few years back. Be sure to commence your training with the highest level of integrity to develop fats income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For most of the novice who enter the market without the knowledge, they end up losing all their money in the risky currency trades.

George Soros is dedicated to offering the best business solutions in the industry. If you are always developing fast income, be sure to achieve the most sophisticated business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the world. Most of the people who end up working for money forget about the community. We are all serving the community because it is part of who we are in society. George Soros has issued more than $12 billion to charitable events for the better part of his life. During his giving, George Soros no one has ever accelerated their business income in the United States.

Know more:

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, there were limited sources of funding. However, he worked hard to provide a hedge between business and capability. He was the only person who managed to access better business solutions to those who needed fast income. If you are also willing to attain your innovative business structure, developing this income accelerates with innovation and strategies that have fast access to the world of business.

George Soros fled Hungary due to the increased consequences achieved by the Nazi Occupation. He went to the United Kingdom with his family. George Soros worked at a local railway restaurant as a waiter to secure more money to develop his innovative business structures in the world. For those who need fast income, they will always develop the most sophisticated business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Madison Street Capital Receives an Award

As a business or as an individual that wishes to navigate through the world of international investment, one future investment to make is in financial advisory firms that can navigate through this complex industry and can lead to successful and profiting investments for the future with a high rate of expected return with little to no risk involved in the process. One investment firm in particular that is heavily sought after for the excellent advice is an investment firm that is known as Madison Street Capital, an international investment firm that specializes in the smaller to medium-sized business firms. Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that is truly dedicated to integrity, excellence, as well as leadership and looks to provide the best results for each customer that looks for advice. All of these services are provided to both the privately held sectors as well as for the public sectors within the financial market.

In recent news, Benzinga has recently announced that the Madison Street Capital investment firm has been nominated to be a finalist in the prestigious M&A Advisor Awards which is an award that is given to the investment firm that provides the most efficient and profit gaining investment advice. This award is widely known as the ultimate award that is given to those within the financial industry. This award marks the leading investment firms. Though Madison Street Capital has received countless awards in the past, this award is by far the most gratifying for the companies and for the financial experts.

This award was founded in 1998 and focuses on finding the top performers within the investment industry that not only creates the best investment opportunities, but also does so with creative solutions. Madison Street Capital has been a company that has stood out not only for the excellent investment advice, but also for the personable experience that Madison Street Capital gives to each of the clients that seeks advice. Each investment solution is tailored for the customer and keeps the goals of the client in mind in the process of expanding and diversifying the client’s portfolio. At Madison Street Capital, the clients are treated as partners of the firm.

Madison Street Capital views emerging markets as the core reason for future economic growth and believes that the small and medium businesses must be assisted that will not only boost the international economy, but will also boost the economy at the local level. With thousands of clients that have remained loyal to this firm, the success of this firm can be displayed by the mere success of all the transactions through this firm. Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that strives to keep the highest level of professional standards.



Laidlaw & Company Makes Our Business Trust More Powerful

We have a trust through our business that pays for a lot of things that we need to pay for like donations to charity and other expenses. We use the trust to pay for expansion, and we use the trust to pay for the education of our employees. We wanted to have a better trust that was given to helping us with more ready cash, and I think that we can do a lot more for the people in our community with the help of our trust.

There are a lot of people who are counting on us to make sure that we have money to make our donations with, and we also need to have money that is going to pay for the things that we need. We can do major new projects with the money that we have in the trust, but we need to know that the trust is growing with the help of Laidlaw & Company. We are happy with James Ahern from Laidlaw & Company because they are sending reports that they have new plans for your trust, and they are looking for places that will specifically help us grow the fastest.

I gave Laidlaw & Company a lot of information about our business. Laidlaw & Company is using all that information to make sure we are investing in the right places, and the company is also sure that they can find new businesses for is to invest in that are perfect for us. We want to be entrenched in the industry, and we want to make sure that we are involved in causes that are worthy of our money. Our business plan includes working with companies that are deeply principled, and Laidlaw & Company helped us find those companies to make sure that we are getting the highest returns possible. I was glad we met Matthew Eitner of Laidlaw to help us.