Jason Hope Continues To Shine A Light On The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a futurist and entrepreneur who has earned a name for himself through the work he has done. He is passionate about everything related to technology and has been applying his experience and knowledge in the sector to help regular people understand the changes that are taking place in today’s world. Hope is sure that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be huge and that it might just change the course of humanity. The IoT is a phrase that refers to the growing number of devices that are being connected through the internet. These include everyday household appliances, smart cars, smart houses, tablets, cell phones, or anything that can be connected to the internet to improve upon what it offers. For more information connect with Jason Hope on linkedin.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona, and he studied at Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. He also attended Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business and earned his MBA while there. In order to help out young and upcoming tech entrepreneurs, Jason Hope set up a grant program that can be accessed through his website. He knows just how hard it can be to get an idea moving and wants to help seniors in high school or college students with some of the heavy lifting. On his website, people who are interested send in their business idea, and he picks the best ideas amongst them all and gives the person who came up with the idea a grant.

Jason Hope believes that the best ideas from simple beginnings and that over-complicating them will only lead to failure. When he comes up with an idea, he runs it by people who he trusts and then begins to put an action plan together. Hope was asked to reveal a trend that he is excited about, and he pointed, yet again, to the IoT. He is sure that it won’t be long before every person in the modern world is using IoT connected devices. He has already written articles that highlight some of the ways the IoT is helping out the airline industry, and he is sure that many other sectors will benefit from the technology before long.