How Flavio Maluf Experience is Key to Growth at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf serves as the president and chief executive officer of Eucatex, a Brazilian company that has interests in the construction and manufacturing industry. He has been working in the family-owned business for close to three decades. During this period, he has served in several departments, something that has made him to have an understanding about the firm’s operations. Since becoming the company’s president, Mr. Maluf has been focusing on modernizing operations to enable it meet the needs of the market.

Flavio is an alumnus of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado from where he holds a mechanical engineering degree. In addition, he studied finance, trade, and commerce at New York University. While living and studying in New York, Flavio had the opportunity to work at several multinationals. Coming back to Brazil, his experience helped shape his impressive managerial career. He rose through the ranks to be appointed to the firm’s executive board before ascending to the presidency. He has served in that capacity for nearly ten years. During this time, the company has experienced massive success.

Career Highlights

As company president, Flavio’s main focus has been streamlining and modernizing operations. Through his efforts, the company has been able to add new products and services to its portfolio. The company’s management structure has similarly been changed, something that has made Eucatex more efficient and profitable. It is currently ranked among the largest corporations in Brazil. Notable acquisitions have been made during Flavio’s stint at the helm. In addition, the company has acquired several factories in an ambitious expansion move.

About Eucatex

The company has been in operation for more than 61 years. It is involved in the production and marketing of insulators and liners made from eucalyptus. It mainly serves the construction and furniture sectors. It supplies modular partitions, paints, and laminate doors to the construction industry. The company’s products are manufactured in a meticulous process to ensure that they meet the highest quality. Its products are exported to more than 37 countries. Since Flavio ascended to the presidency, Eucatex has been registering massive profits. The company has also been sponsoring several community-based initiatives in Sao Paolo and other Brazilian cities.