Rona Borre is the Model CEO

Since 2001 when Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, it has become one of the world’s leading staffing and recruiting companies. Instant alliance has grown to the stage of billing out millions in hiring fees, working with such notable companies as McDonald’s, the Arbonne National Laboratories, the University of Chicago and other major clients nationwide.¬† Related articles here.

Borre is passionate about helping companies grow by leveraging talented finance and technology talented people into new and growing companies too. She reasons that everyone starts small, but they grow because of their talented and energetic employees, and that is who Borre and her group of account executives find for client companies.

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One ingredient that Borre pinpointed that most staffing agencies don’t see is the relationships that are needed. It is important for Borre and her team to spend time discovering exactly what kind of hire will fit the culture and objectives of the client company. Results speak the loudest as Borre’s methods have resulted in a mere 1% turnover rate of place employees since the start of the company.

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