Influencer Marketing Through The Eyes Of Steve Lesnard


Using an Influencer in business marketing is a great way to get your brand visible to the public. However, every influencer brings a different impact to the brand. You need to have a good marketing strategy and identify the type of target you are looking to speak to before getting the right influencer to help you reach the market.

Steve Lesnard, A Global Brand Consultant from Portland, Oregon, identifies that a business should have an influencer marketing strategy to be successful. Steve Lesnard notes that factors such as the rise of various social media stars and the costs that come with creating an association with them make it hard to come up with a good influencer marketing plan.

He, however, outlines two essential principles that every marketer or brand should have in place to help with identifying the right Influencer and input a credible Influencer strategy. His contributions at Nike put him in an elite position among those who know how to market products, and Steve Lesnard has very specific advice about how to do this in a digital world.

Acquiring an Influencer that can connect with the brand

Acquiring an Influencer that can connect with the brand It is imperative to scout for an influencer that can easily assimilate and project the values of your brand and product. Not only does this improve your overall image, but you also can build credibility and trust with the target audience. If your influencer does not have a direct connection to the product, you can easily create it by planning events and marketing promotions that can easily associate him with the brand.

Choosing a celebrity could work wonders for your brand

Choosing a celebrity could work wonders for your brand Celebrities maintain a massive influence over the majority of people. By using a celebrity to represent your brand you are assured of getting exposure over and over again, and consumers will continuously flow into your business. Go To This Page for additional information.

Steve Lesnard, however, denotes that it is essential to first establish a digital and social marketing strategy for the primary users of the brand. He notes that before choosing an influencer, it is vital to first deeply analyze the best possible candidate and find out you can maximize their influence over time.



Edwin Miranda: Founder And CEO KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS – full service and performance-driven marketing agency. Edwin entrusts in the strength of performance marketing and seeks to empower world brands to get a big market share, acquire new customers and create meaningful client engagement.

The future is near under the management of Edwin Miranda; KOI/IXS is assisting brands faster and pushing the limits to new heights. Miranda has several years of experience within the mortgage banking sector and wide practice in purchasing and refinancing originating home loans. He strongly believes in providing the most competitive costs and excellent customer services.

Edwin Miranda is privileged to lead an enthusiastic and gifted team of designers, creators, thinkers, and strategists. Consistently, he aids in aligning the group’s vision and join their common imaginative abilities to deliver work that merits development. Utilizing a rich history of powerful brand work and desire for promoting innovation, Miranda appreciates giving customers the necessary edge to prevail in the present jumbled market.

About predictive and attribution marketing, Edwin Miranda has dependably been an enthusiast of results. He looks forward to delivering and drive bottom-line outcomes to partners and clients despite that being hard to execute and measure with the old technology. Miranda notes that the present times are exciting because; it is possible to apply machine-learning technologies to boost customer growth and customer acquisition.

More so, it is possible to distinguish and reconnect with all types of customers through a simple and automated approach to prescient analytics. Today, out of the blue, we can predict and attribute our results and sales to the correct outlets, both offline and online to furnish customers and groups with continuous information. Thus, predictive analytics has actualized personalized marketing, and for the initial time, it is accessible to various marketers in small businesses and big companies.

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Victoria Doramus Seeks To Unlock Dormant Human Potential

Victoria Doramus Wants to Unlock Under Appreciated Human Potential

One of the largest key assets that exists in society today is that of human potential. Human potential can bring about many different innovations, elevate communities, and grow many different economies. Human capital, when organized correctly, leads to prosperity. Nations such as the United States, India, China, and other booming countries have shown that when they invest in their people and bring about the right incentives for individuals to be productive, great things can happen.

This is especially evidenced in the United States. Everyone knows it as the land of opportunity and many have flocked here over many decades to learn, work, and earn. As such, many people have found success in a variety of ways, as they have dedicated themselves to giving to their communities and making a difference every single day.

Victoria Doramus believes in the power of the human spirit and knows that there is a significant portion of human capital that lies dormant today. As a part of her personal mission, she seeks to invest as much as she can in different organizations that bring about this compelling change in society. Here is one key organization that she supports on a regular basis.


The Women’s Prison Association

Victoria Doramus supports the Women’s Prison Association because she thinks that everyone deserves a second chance. The work that the Women’s Prison Association is doing is one that is quite compelling. This organization looks at the different reasons why many women have ended up in jail and seek to make changes.

They then represent them in many different ways. The WPA is a representative of more than 3900 women across different holding facilities in the great state of New York. As such, Victoria and the WPA are more interested in letting these women be contributors to society, they want to find different ways to give them a better life, and to make sure that individuals do not have to be in jail for very low-level issues. Get More Information Here.


Victoria Doramus wants to invest in organizations such as WPA that will always be about making lives better in a more positive manner.

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