Chris Burch, The Businessman Whose Built Tourist Paradise In Indonesia Called Nihiwatu

About Chris Burch


We all love lying on sandy beaches to cool ourselves from the summer heat in far-flung tourist destinations. One Indonesian hotel is determined to give you a coastal experience of a lifetime. Located on the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia, the hotel is one of the best holiday getaways in the world.


The hotel goes by the name Nihiwatu and has the moniker, “Edge of The Wilderness.” The hotel was built by businessman Chris Burch together with his friend, hotelier James McBride. On the dawn of the year 2012, the two decided to invest their time and money and acquire a little-known beach hotel in the heart of Sumba island in Indonesia. They further incurred a cost of $30 million revamping the hotel and called it Nihiwatu. The beach hotel opened its doors to customers in the year 2015.


According to, Chris Burch is known to be successful in building retail brands across the globe, and now he has chosen to venture into the sector of hospitality.


His entrepreneurial skills have earned him accolades and respect in the global business space.


In the year 2016, the hotel was honored with the award of the best hotel in the world.


Talking to the Business Jet Traveler in 2015, Chris Burch said that he bought the beach hotel for the people he loves most, his children. He hopes that Nihiwatu can have a huge impact on the communities of Sumba island, Indonesia, by providing direct and indirect employment opportunities. A tourists influx into the island hotel will also have a positive impact on the economy of the area.


With the uniqueness of Sumba island, Chris Burch has been able to develop unique facilities in the hotel such spas under a waterfall. The hotel has 27 executive villas that come with private plunge pools.


Nihiwatu has become one of Chris Burch’s valued project. He is even amazed at how excellent the project turned out to be. Much of the time someone develops a hotel of Nihiwatu’s scale it always turns out much lesser than expected but in this Chris Burch’s case the hotel turned out excellent.


The hotel is also a favorite for surfing enthusiasts. Waves that rise from the southern ocean travel a long distance across the Indian Ocean and burst at the shores of the Indonesian island creating the ideal environment for surfing. See also


Chris Burch spends his free time jetting between Miami, the Hamptons and his resort in Indonesia. He is an inspiration to most entrepreneurs and is an excellent example of successful business men.



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