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Angela Koch is a trendsetter in the precious metals industry. It has not been an easy climb to the top for her but she knows the value of perseverance and hard work. She is the current CEO and President of the U.S. Money Reserve.

She is a woman who makes sure that every aspect of the business is run smoothly and efficiently. The U.S. Money reserve is the largest private distributor of gold, silver, and platinum coins. Here is more on the journey of Angela Koch and the U.S. Money Reserve.

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Angela Koch is a woman who wants to learn. When she would take a job, she wanted to learn every facet of it inside and out. This what made her such a hard worker. She says that no job was too menial for her to do. She wanted to do her best every day and commit herself to making the companies better.

She is the type of woman who made sure that she knew all she could before moving to the next job. She went on to have her own ranch with non-hormone treated cattle, before it became popular. From here she went to the U.S. Money Reserve and has not looked back. She offers this advice to future workers and CEO’s

The first thing she says is to not look back. When a person decides on something they should stick to that decision. If the person wavers in that department then the company will take a step back instead of a step forward.

The second thing she advises is to look at life as a basket. The basket should be evenly balanced between work and home life. If not, wither side of the basket will suffer and a person won’t get too far.

The final piece of advice is know who you are. People need to know that they have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. When a person is weak in an area they can ask for help to be better. She says don’t try to be something that you are not.

That is how she became the first female CEO of a precious metals company. The U.S. Money Reserve offers clients to purchase gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company also offers kits that can help first time buyers find their way through the market. The company now has more than half a million clients and each one is treated the same way.

The company also has a buy back guarantee. If for any reason the consumer is not happy with their purchase, the U.S. Money Reserve will buy the money back. They also have a AAA rating with the Business Consumers Alliance.

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This is a company that works as hard as Angela Koch does to make sure clients are taken care of. The U.S. Money Reserve takes that job seriously each and every day. Angela Koch knows how hard it is to get tot the top, and the U.S. Money Reserve knows that too.

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Angela Koch Provides Key Leadership for US Money Reserve

Angela Koch is the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve. She has held this position for the past several years. Under her leadership US Money Reserve has emerged as the most successful distributor of precious metals products to consumers. With her leadership, she has developed a system in which employees fulfill certain tasks and focus on sales, marketing and customer service.

Since Angela Koch took over as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she looked to promote employees on a regular basis. This would enable them to develop more as professionals and be in better position to serve customers more efficiently. Koch regularly has employees take on more tasks and then places them in higher positions within a short period of time. By promoting employees on a regular basis, Koch has allowed US Money Reserve personnel to gain confidence and develop key leadership skills themselves. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Another key to the success of US Money Reserve under Koch’s management is added responsibility for employees. Koch has often emphasized giving employees more important roles in the company. She has added to their responsibilities so that they are more productive.

It also helps them develop new skills and gain practical experience doing important tasks for the company. With added responsibility, many of the employees at US Money Reserve have been able to help enhance their professional development.

Angela Koch has had a very unorthodox road to becoming the CEO of US Money Reserve. In the past, Koch worked three jobs in order to support herself and her family. With the three jobs, she was able to develop a sense of added responsibility as well as a very strong work ethic.

After working a number of jobs, Angela would attain a position at US Money Reserve. Within a few years she would become one of the managers of the company. She would prove to be a very effective manager and eventually became the chief executive officer.

US Reserve is a company based in Texas that specializes in selling a wide range of precious metals to investor customers. It offers a number of coins that are made out of metals such as gold and silver. These coins have been available to help customers invest in valuable assets that are able to enhance their wealth and investment portfolio.

For nearly 20 years, US Money Reserve has been quite innovative as it has developed commemorative coins of past presidents and monarchs. As well as offering gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve also provides educational materials to help customers learn more about the precious metals markets.

Customers of US Money Reserve are also able to get support which will help them get advice on how to invest in precious metals and how they can benefit their investment portfolio.

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James River Capital Leadership Strategies

James River Capital is a privately owned company that is located in Richmond, Virginia. They were founded in 1986. It was in 1995 when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brant joined the company as CEO and President of the company. They helped to make the company independent. James River Capital provides investment advisory services, commodity trading, investment trading, and other related services.

In a recently posted article, they explained the best ways to improve your leadership skills within your company. They give their best three known ways to improve your skills as a leader. They encourage supporting your team, encouraging and welcoming, and making everyone’s opinion matter.

As a team leader, the most common thing people would do is to “lead” their team. James River encourages that instead, you should support your team. By shifting the word from “lead” to “support”, you will change how you approach and interact with your team. They state that even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.

The second strategy was to encourage and welcome escalation. They state that most employees will withhold critical information just to avoid getting the blame or getting in trouble. By encouraging possible problems, you allow innovation, communication, and phycological safety. This will lead to overcoming possible problems before they arise. When there is an escalation in a situation it is good to show your appreciation to the person who brought it to your attention. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/

Lastly, they state that in team meeting you should be sure that everyone’s opinion matters. One of the strategies is that you write down the names of people in your meeting and place a check mark next to their name when they speak. Then, make sure they each get a chance to state their opinion or information. Also to encourage quiet employees to voice their opinion. This will make your employees feel valued and wanted.

All in all, to make better leaders they encourage three main strategies. Support instead of lead, encourage escalation and appreciate when matters arise, and to value every employee’s opinion and voice. By following or adapting these strategies you should be able to increase and change your leadership skills for the best.