The Chainsmokers Are on a Streak of Hits

The Billboard Music Awards honored Avicii, Swedish producer and DJ along with The Chainsmokers and Halsey. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart told thousands who attended the event in Las Vegas that Avicii is an artist that has inspired so many people in many ways.

Halsey also commented that it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him and that the whole situation is a reminder that mental illness is a struggle for many.

Taggart dedicated the award to Avicii and also reiterated what Halsey said about him being a good influence.

Unfortunately, Avicci died at age 28 when he took his own life. Unreleased music of his still may be released according to president of Geffen Records who the late star used to produce his music.

The Chainsmokers are in a streak of hits and have just released their “Sick Boy” song. The catchy music video for the song got over 136,000,000 views and had a memorable and captive sound to it. Perhaps the song has become such a hit due to the live instrumentation, or Drew’s Vocals.

In February their song, “You Owe Me,” reached #4 on the Hot 100 Singles chart and is a dark and shocking sing with over 34,000,000 views on YouTube. It took just one month. Their video for “Closer” got over 2 million views in February and was released in July of 2016.

The Chainsmokers are not slowing down anytime soon, and in March their hit single, Everybody Hates Me, got over nine million views in under a month. Not bad for just an audio track.

The iHeartRadio Awards was another bright highlight for the duo and Taggart and Drew received awards for Dance Album of the Year, Dance Artist of the Year, and Best Collaboration.

At the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, The Chainsmokers performed six new songs integrated with their commercial hits, electro mashups, and hard dubstep to get eth crowd going.

The duo has broken the mold and is continuously pushing the limits of music, and that is just one of the reasons why their fans love them.

Dez Perez Pushes Tidal Foreward as Sprint Invests in Tidal

Music streaming lovers need make no doubt about it: this is the next frontier for music. Many people have become dissatisfied with the radio. Others are no longer interested in buying full albums. Music streaming has become the measuring stick for the popularity of artists. Jay-Z recognized this a while ago and he purchased Tidal in order to get in on what was happening in the music streaming industry.


There were many barriers to entry so it took someone like Dez Perez to make Tidal a brand that people were interested in. This company has come a long way in a short amount of time and this is because Dez Perez has been in the background orchestrating the way that this company will move forward. She has the experience of someone with street knowledge, but she also knows how to carry herself in a business environment. She knows how to conduct herself in a way that is definitely going to change the way that people see Tidal. Desiree Perez is not someone that has become accustomed to simply taking what is given. To the contrary, Perez has been one that is willing to fight her way to the top and negotiate the contract in a way that will be beneficial for music artists and music streaming fans.  Click on 


Her hard work has not gone unnoticed because there is a growing customer database that Tidal has produced. This database has grown so well that Sprint executives have made decisions to invest in this music streaming service. The thing that is music company is ultimately showing consumers is that there is a real need for a company that has high fidelity music. This is what Tidal has to offer, and that is why this company is moving forward with the help of Desiree Perez.



Ms. Martinez and her Amazing Work in the Music Industry

Ms. Martinez started out as a girl with a dream. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew that she had a talent and she wanted to use this talent to better the world. Her full name is Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque. This beautiful pop star was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 1986.

Norka Luque was born a creative and positive individual. Most of her songs carry a message of hope that is meant to encourage and empower her listeners to remain optimistic no matter what they are going through.

She recognized her talent at a young age. She was only eight years when she compiled her first music album. The album largely featured works from other Latino artists such as Shakira. After Luque had graduated from high school, she moved to France. Even though her main intention of moving to France was to pursue higher education, she did not forget about her musical ambition.

She created time to perform in different clubs in France. Additionally, she joined a punk and funk band as a lead singer. The band spotted her during one of her performances and became interested in her unique voice. With the band, she got the chance to meet different artists, producers and songwriters in the French music community.

Ms. Martinez graduated with a degree in business administration and got employed in the banking sector of Monaco. She stayed in the banking job for several months before quitting. Norka was passionate about pursuing a career in music where Norka Martinez could utilize her musical talents. She packed her bags and moved to the United States.

Like with most musicians, becoming known in the music industry takes more than just hard work. Ms. Martinez started performing at nightclubs in the Miami region before meeting the Latin music producer Emilio Estefan in 2008. Meeting Mr. Estefan changed her life. Emilio took her under his wings and channeled her towards success.

Her first album came out in 2011. This album was worked on by a team of professionals including Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo. Songs such as “As You Do It” and “Milagro” did very well on the music charts. “As You Do It” got her a nomination for the Best Female Pop Artist in the 2011 Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards.

Find Ms. Martinez on Facebook to learn more about her work as well as personal life.

Doug Levitt Embarks On An Epic Journey To Create “The Greyhound Diaries”

At the turn of the 21st century news reporter Doug Levitt seemed to have his future career mapped out for him as he was reporting from around the world as a correspondent for CNN and other major networks. However, Levitt felt something was missing in his life and the artistic experience within the U.S., which prompted him to embark on a new career as an artist touring the country to create “The Greyhound Diaries”.

The Greyhound Diaries” has been warmly received by fans and critics alike in the many different forms it has taken since Doug Levitt embarked upon a six week journey by Greyhound Bus in 2004; Levitt found such richness to discuss in “The Greyhound Diaries” that he could not end his artistic journey after six weeks and continued his epic ride across the U.S. through 2012. After more than 80,000 miles of traveling Doug Levitt has released two EP’s of music and assembled over 10,000 images used in the book detailing his experiences on the road.

Doug Levitt may not seem like a traditional American artist, but he has always felt a calling to travel and felt his artistic choices would play an important role in his life and career. Born into one of the best known political families in Washington D.C., Doug Levitt graduated from Cornell University after moving between the sciences and international politics as a major. After finding success as a news correspondent Levitt stated his own belief that the death of his father prompted him to leave this career and follow his chosen artistic path.

“The Greyhound Diaries” has become something more than even Doug Levitt expected after the former CNN correspondent found himself exploring everyday American life as the 2008 economic slowdown began. Doug Levitt has been described as following in the footsteps of great American artists and social commentators who were found in the early and mid 20th century and created a golden period in the U.S. based arts.

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