Rocketship Education’s 3 Hard Questions

In a recent article on Rocketship Education is outlined by an NPR blogger who asks three powerful questions that are responded to by the CEO of Rocketship Preston Smith. Smith is the current CEO and President of Rocketship and has been since 2013. Studying himself at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree, In Latin Arts in 2001. See this story in details here

Rocketship Education is a charter school that was founded in 2006 by Smith and John Danner. A very reputable school as it has scored just as high as the Palo Alto School District which is a flagship school.

Three questions were asked of the school and were answered in much detail by the CEO Mr. Smith. They covered classroom management, technology use, and intervention.

In concern for Rocketship Education’s classroom management, NPR has reviewed this rather negatively. Some of the concerns were classroom etiquette, routines, boundaries and rewards.

Classroom Management was the first question that was asked a the NPR is concerned about time given to go to the restroom as well as silent time. Strict rules and regulations have to be followed. If not the classroom can become very hectic very is important to have strong rules and regulations. Rocketship Education has adopted some of the strictest rules that are the same as those of highly structured charter schools.

Technology use has become an important part of any school curriculum. With the NPR having concerns that the students at Rocketship Education is spending too much time on their computers. CEO Preston Smith has assured that time spent on computers are spread out throughout the day on 5 different programs. He assured that time is spent exploring the what each student is doing with their time on the computers and what they are learning and if it is harmful. Read this story in details in this article.

Intervention is the third question that was asked in the article. The concern from the NPR is that the least qualified staff members given the most challenging tasks to complete. Can this staff member manage an online class of 80 members? The main question being asked is the person that is non-certified qualified t be teaching these students.

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Victoria Doramus: Creation and Giving

In current day society, with so many disasters and crisis being publicized in the media, people may feel inundated with information that is seemingly discouraging. There are usually stories of good tidings interwoven with the traumatic news reports. The negative seems to outweigh the positive at times.

Regardless of what we may see or know, there are many civic organizations, non-profit organizations, and individuals that are on the move in trying to make the world a better place for all.

Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist who is apart of the social change movement. With Brooklyn, New York as Victoria Doramus’ base, many of the organizations that she supports are also in New York City and New York State. Although she is well known now for her impact on change, her initial work started differently.

Ms. Doramus was a journalism and mass communications major at the University of Colorado-Boulder. After graduating, she worked for companies such as Mindshare, Tendera, and Stila Cosmetics. Her expertise includes digital and print media, advertising, and communications. Victoria Dormamus’ niche in creativity has helped her to gain favor with Peter Berg of whom she became a personal assistant. Victoria Doramus may be viewed as a visionary. Her gift of viewing perspectives, having empathy, and progressive thinking aligns with her volunteerism.

Ms. Doramus has supported different charities and non-profits including the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society, Women’s Prison Association, and Hopeland’s Annual Gala. The Amy Winehouse Foundation project works to inform people of the detriment drug abuse may cause on lives. Room to Read works to promote literacy for boys and girls, with an emphasis on closing the learning gap between the two genders. The foundation has raised thousands of dollars used to send girls to college. Best Friends Animal Society supports animal advocacy and rescue. The Women’s Prison Association seeks to help incarcerated women have resources for making self-improvements both inside and when released from prison. Hopeland’s Annual Gala proceeds are used to prevent parent-child separation.

Victoria Doramus giving opened the door for others to create.

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