The Logistics Ecosystem in China Has Developed Greatly Courtesy of JD Logistics is a well-known e-commerce platform based in China. The company has been authorized to make use of the shipping pallets that are usually produced by EPAL (European Pallet Association). The partnership between the two firms will be highly beneficial. The pallets being manufactured by the European Pallet Association will also be distributed to different firms throughout China through the Jingdong Cloud Box.

The Jingdong “Cloud Box” was developed by JD logistics. The cloud box ensures that people have access to leasing and repair services. The platform also ensures that each client has access to different pieces of information on a real-time basis. Through the Jingdong Cloud Box, the transactions involving the pallets being produced by the European Pallet Association can also be accessed. Both companies will benefit from increased efficiency.

The European Pallet Association operates as an open pooling system. JD has been offering logistics carrier services since its inception in 1991. The firm has also been operating globally. They also provide quality services. EPAL is also licensed, and they usually countercheck the details of the repairers and producers. At the moment, EPAL is also dealing with more than 1,500 repairs and authorized production operations in more than 30 nations.

Jingdong Logistics is highly committed, and the company is focusing on making sure that their supply chain is sustainable. The JD Cloud Box also aims to become among the largest open trading platforms globally. The platform will make use of the pallets being produced by EPAL.

The partnership between EPAL and Jingdong will ensure that the e-commerce platform gains a competitive edge in the logistics sector in China. By ensuring that high-quality pallets can be accessed easily and reliably, will be able to make sure that the supply chain is operating efficiently.

The recent partnership will ensure that the European Pallet Association has a smooth transition while trying to venture into the Chinese market. Jingdong has also gained a lot of recognition over the years since they also ensure that each of their clients has access to quality original products; as a result, has ensured that the company has a good reputation in China.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


Find more information on Plans To Do More With a2 Milk Company Partnership

According to a recent article about online retailer, they have chosen to expand their partnership with a2 Milk Company. is listed as a leader in the industry. The partnership will have help bring more high-quality products to China through effective marketing campaigns. A2 Milk Company became the first company to work with an online retailer and choose to have their products delivered to China.

Consumers in China have loved the milk provider for their children as it is easier for them to digest. has worked with them to improve their image among the public with different marketing campaigns and other effective strategies. But, for people who do not know, JD is the largest online retailer in China as they sell a variety of products from electronics, beauty items, appliances, food, and more. The company was created by an entrepreneur known as Jingdong who started out selling items at his stores and led the vision for creating his own brand.

Back when JD had their anniversary sale in June, a2 Milk Company stood as one of the top-selling brands on the website with one of their products called platinum baby milk powder as one of the top options. Platinum baby milk powder was listed as the bestselling product.

A2 Milk even participated in a short program led by that offered marketing solutions and other ways to help build up companies presence. Information on improving a business such as finding a niche, promoting channels, and marketing tactics were explained.

The CEO of a2 Milk Company stated how they can improve even more with the partnership and acquire more customers. JD has assisted in acquiring logistics information with QR codes on products to be able to track them during the delivery process. The head of JD Worldwide stated how a2s milk products are a hit among the consumers of China and that they can make them better as a brand under their guidance. Other brands have trusted the shipment and delivery of their products such as wine, milk, cosmetics, and much more under


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JD Plus Members Benefit From Perks at Thousands of Hotels Worldwide

China’s e-commerce giant Jingdong has made an exciting announcement for people who frequent luxury hotels. Subscribers of this program called “JD Plus” will be able to take advantage of the many perks offered by luxury hotels. This announcement goes along with the upcoming “6.18” sale, which celebrates JD’s anniversary in the retail world.

As soon as a member is enrolled, users can enjoy discounts, access to lounges, accumulate additional loyalty points, and many more from hotels all over the world. These hotels include brand names such as Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, AccorHotels, The Ascott Limited (Ascott), and Wanda Hotels and Resorts. Visit This Page for more information.

This membership program provides perks that members can enjoy while traveling internationally. This development is Jingdong’s new venture into the membership rewards program where members can redeem their points on their e-commerce platform or in real life for lifestyle perks.

This recent partnership with hotels is just a sample of what there is to come. JD has packaged its offerings with other name brands such as Sam’s Club, iQIYI, and Zhihu. These perks provide its members with a reward that is relevant to anyone. These rewards could range from discounts to hotel bookings, dining reservations, healthcare, to banking services.

The JD Plus program matches up perfectly with Chinese consumers due to the fact they favor lifestyle-related perks. Along with the standard benefits, some hotel offers extra services such as access to their lounge, or gain triple rewards during their stay. An instant upgrade offer is available for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Rewards Club and JD Plus members.

Jingdong is the first retail company to provide a membership service, and JD Plus has grown to over 10 million members. JD Plus member tends to be young and live an upscale lifestyle who are willing to pay a premium for special services. This specific demographic is highly valuable for brands seeking to expand their growth. JD’s research has shown that over half of JD plus members are under 35 years old, live in a prosperous city, and have earned a high-level university degree.


Additional reference: Helping China CITIC Bank With Logistics

Many companies are now asking to become their business partner because of the perks associated with it. China CITIC Bank is among the newest business partners who have signed a contract with The bank wanted to become their primary provider for the gifts that they will be sending to their loyal customers. China CITIC Bank has a points-reward system for their most loyal customers, but they are having problems with the logistics because of the sheer number of people who are using their services.


They had an idea to work with because of the JD’s extensive logistics network, and after the Chinese e-commerce giant demonstrated their services to the China CITIC Bank, the number of days required to deliver the gifts to their loyal customers were cut from 5.5 days to just 2.5 days. The efficiency rose to more than 100%, and the China CITIC Bank became more confident that their customers will be more satisfied working with them.


In the past, China CITIC Bank had to redirect their loyal customers to a page where they can choose the gifts that they wanted, in exchange for the points that they have acquired through a certain period of time. China CITIC Bank is working with different gifts provider in the past, making it more time consuming for them to gather the products. Now that they are working with, it will be easier to locate the product that their customers wanted, and once it has been selected, the product will be shipped to the nearest warehouse on the address written on the order. Refer to This Article for related information.


China CITIC Bank also benefited from the packaging design made by It helped the company gain more exposure and the most loyal cardholders of the China CITIC Bank will be expecting more gifts to come. said that the successful partnership with the China CITIC Bank is a part of their strategy called the Retail as Service Strategy, and it aims to help the financial corporations to ease out their logistics need by providing them with an adequate network that will help them reach most of the population of China. has a lot of delivery drones and self-driving cars that would help make the delivery services simpler.


A book entitled “The Story: An E-commerce Phenomenon” by Li Zhigang features the unique story of’s growth and evolution and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder are featured in this fascinating book.


Follow them on Develops A New Advanced Logistic Means Of Delivering Goods or Jingdong Mall is the largest and most prominent online retail in China as well as the largest internet company by revenue. The company has been ensuring the customers’ satisfaction as their priority through its commitment to on-time service delivery of quality and authentic products ranging from fashion, electronics to food items. The company serves over 1 billion customers on a daily basis in China, and it has also expanded its wings abroad in places such as the United States, Europe and Asia.

Recently, Jingdong Mall launched the first approved government drones in Indonesia. This was in a move towards its achievement of enhancing the delivery process of goods. This move was not only beneficial to JD`s operation but also to the citizens who would wish to use the drone. The news was announced during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

The piloting test of this project took place on Tuesday when a test drone flew donated books and other items from the village of Jagabita to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. The company is well known for actively participating in giving back to the community. Through its advanced technology, philanthropist team have been utilizing it to offer and distribute help in occurrences of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. together with its JV e-commerce partners JD.ID was the first movers to initiate drone project in Indonesia. The formed corporation, JD.ID which launched the e-commerce back in 2016, has grown rapidly selling 1 million SKUs and has been serving over 20 million customers all over the country. Find Additional Information Here.

The company has leveraged a logistic network with 10 warehouses spread across the country`s island. Inventions of drones seem to come with plenty of benefits first, by the matter of fact Indonesia spread across the islands hence the implementation of drones in e-commerce services and other logistics deliveries will enhance delivery of ordered goods on the same day or next day.

Jingdong Mall is a partner of WEF, and implementation of drones’ delivery will fulfil one of the partnership agenda. WEF and have been collaborating in making the piloting project in Indonesia succeed.


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There are many innovations that, otherwise known as Jingdong Mall, the world’s largest retailer, has developed to help with its pledge to be environmentally conscious. Jingdong has been using several methods already. In the past few years, it has begun using drones and robot delivery systems to reduce the amount of carbon that it uses.

The “Last Mile System” aims to use alternative fuel for the last mile of every delivery. The robot delivery cars can travel in a 5km radius and deliver thousands of packages a day. They do not require fossil fuels. has also been using drones. They do not just deliver packages, but they also deliver medical supplies. has 300 million customer across China and it processes billions of transactions a year. It can often deliver packages in one day. Its infrastructure is enormous, so it takes its environmental issues seriously. It has also implemented reusable packages. Each box can be used up to ten times. They are free to customers. The delivery driver can be handed the box to be reused. Click Here for more information.

Delivery drivers can also collect returns, so customers do not have to mail them. There are even smaller things that Jingdong Mall has done. By reducing the amount of tape used on packages, it has reduced the tape by 100 million meters in just two years. wants to set the industry standard. It is trying to work with suppliers so that they will also be more responsible and sustainable. Jingdong has partnered with groups like United Nations Development Program. This is not a short term plan for It sees it as a permanent way to move forward for all retail businesses. As is expected to grow even more over the next few years, it will continue to be at the forefront of new ways to be environmentally responsible.


See also: Receives 2018 Seal Business Sustainability Award is an online retailer created by entrepreneur Jingdong and over time has grown as a company to sell many different products like electronics, beauty items, clothing, food, and even more. The retailer, which is one of the largest in China, has recently received the 2018 Seal Business Sustainability award. It is a big honor as other top companies have received the award too and has earned it for their environmental efforts, networking, and through their Corporate Responsibility Program.


The program has been a big success in creating strong growth for Everything that the retailer has done is catered to the environment and has made a positive impact on society in general. The award is given to companies who show strong leadership, a good environmental impact, and who make a difference in society. JD joins other prestigious companies who have received the honor such as Apple, Nike, Patagonia, Samsung, and others. Libo Ma, who is the head of corporate social responsibility for the company spoke about how the company takes pride in its awards and is grateful to receive this specific one and to join other great brands who have received the honor. See This Article to learn more.


The individual also believes that the award is a true statement of what they are about in delivering superb products, protecting the environment, and fixing the large poverty population. Although JD knows that they are judged on their products and their service, although they do not want to throw away the big meaning of their impact on society and on the people.


One of the founders of the SEAL awards, Matt Harney spoke about the significance of JD’s recycling program, which has saved a lot of trash and done good on the environment, along with their huge sum of clothing and toys donated. They also believe that has strong leaders in place for it all to happen.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Force To Reckon With

Richard Liu is an international figure famously appreciated for his prowess in pioneering investments. Most people know him courtesy of, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in China. Richard Liu, whom Forbes reports to have a net value of $1 billion, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The remarkable success of the reputable online bazaar is attributed to the able CEO. Liu is a real influencer and an achiever who has stirred the firm to its current status. Go Here for related Information.


Richard Liu Qiangdong pursued a degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China. This was back in 1996 when Richard Liu had a great interest in computer programming. Liu honed his programming expertise through freelance coding jobs, and this gave his career a significant value. The business magnate enrolled at China Europe International Business School for an EMBA, after which he assumed office at Japan Life.


Impressive Accomplishments Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


At Japan Life, Liu Qiangdong served as a Director for both business and computers amidst other influential roles. The go-getter in him inspired his opening of an optical products shop in Beijing, which he named “Jingdong.” The venture developed rapidly such that by 2003 it had more than 12 stores. Unfortunately, SARS outbreak jeopardized Jingdong’s potential because both customers and staffs alike had to be home-bound. This challenge got Richard Liu thinking beyond brick and mortar. The SARS epidemic was a blessing in disguise to Richard Liu Qiangdong.


In 2004, was conceived, and it only took one year to have all the 12 physical stores closed. Richard Liu decided to focus all his attention on the online platform, which he used as an avenue to sell out an array of high-quality consumer products. is growing at a rapid rate like Alibaba, and rivalry between the two e-commerce moguls is imminent. Mouthwatering deals have been coming’s way, among them being Tencent of WeChat acquiring a 15% stake for $215 million. Richard Liu’s dominant and aggressive personality has made him an internet icon in China and beyond.


Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.


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