Roseann Bennett Adds Therapy Dog Jack To Her Team Of Specialists For Providing Treatment


Many families and marriages are in trouble and are going through disputes and crisis. However, instead of parting ways, one should try to mend their relationships with the help of a professional family therapist. In New Jersey, Roseann Bennett is one of the most reputed and experienced therapists.

In the last ten years, Roseann Bennett has helped many couples and families to understand the importance of relationship and find ways to reunite rather than part ways. There are many angles to every relationship, and Roseann Bennett helps the partners and family members understand that so that they are able to resolve their disputes and move on with their lives without any grudges.

Roseann Bennett has done EdS and MA in psychology from Seton Hall University and after completing her studies, practiced as a therapist for a home for ten years. However, once she moved to the outpatient unit, Roseann understood how difficult it is for the people without deep pockets to get treatment. It is, for this reason, she decided with her husband to start the Center for Treatment and Assessment.

It is one of the most reputed non-profit organizations in the field of mental health that offers patients free as well as nominally priced treatment. Roseann Bennett believes that people should have access to therapy easily and it is why the team at the Center for Assessment and Treatment take each and every case seriously and swiftly.

Roseann Bennett added Canine Assisted Therapy to her list of treatment and therapy dog; Jack has helped changed the lives of many of her clients, especially the children who come to her for treatment. For many years, scientists have studied the link between dogs and children with autism and found them to have a therapeutic effect on them. It helps in calming them when they are feeling anxious at the clinic. Read This Article for additional information.


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Roseann Bennet Raises Mental Health Awareness


Many people today suffer from mental heal illness. Many have sought help from professionals to help treat mental health diseases. Institutions, business, and communities have started raising awareness of the different issues that mental health patients and doctors face each day. Roseann Bennet, a licensed therapist, has helped to raise mental health awareness and has helped many keep the prevent mental relapse through various treatment. Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.

During the mental health awareness week, Bennet wrote a remarkable piece that addresses the different ways people could keep their mental health conditions in check. With more than 20 years of experience, Roseann Bennet has enough knowledge on the matter to offer professional advice.

According to Bennet, many people have mental illness due to stress. Stress has been known to cause a lot of damage to the human body including causing mental illness. Roseann Bennet advocates that people show try as much as possible to live a stress-free life with little or no stress. It is essential always to acknowledge increased levels of anxiety before one ends up in mental facilities.

Roseann Bennet also advocated that people should stop trying to control matters that are beyond their control. Reports show that many mental health issues arise when people try taking charge of issues that are beyond their control. Bennet advises that people should always focus on the positive thing in their lives. By doing so, it would be easy for an individual to appreciate how much control they have rather than focusing on what they cannot control. Go Here to learn more.

Like many therapists, Roseann Bennet believes that if people focus on happy memories, mental illness issues will significantly reduce. It is also important to tell people when you think or experience a mental episode to get the help you need. Speaking out will not only help you but other people around you.


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Marital Depression With Roseann Bennett

Chronic and untreated depression may often be considered an individual problem, but as Roseann Bennett knows, it can also be a leading cause of marital problems as well. With over a decade of family and marriage therapy behind her, Roseann Bennett has made it her goal to help couples through these issues and save their relationships. Using modern techniques to help couples and individuals, and the power of technology and the internet to reach a wider audience, she wishes to help and educate as many people as possible and help them through their most difficult times.


After several years working as an in-home therapist, Roseann decided to work on a larger scale and established the 501(c) charitable organization Center for Assessment and Treatment. Opened in 2010, the center is available to all, though it focuses primarily on people marginalized or disenfranchised by the community. Despite her position as Executive Director of the organization, Bennett still maintains her passion for helping and continues to work a full caseload, connecting with people and showing them a better path.


Depression can have a huge impact on marriage and affects both partners, not just the one facing the illness. As one falls into depression, their partner is forced to pick up the slack and work harder to maintain their standard of living. Left untreated, the ill partner falls further into the spiral of depression while the other spouse grows angry and resentful at having to bear the load, providing a devastating dual strain on the relationship. Go To This Page for additional information


This is where experts like Roseann Bennett come in. After one of the partners makes the brave and important first step of reaching out for help, Bennett acts as a mediator to give valuable perspective and promote acceptance and understanding between the struggling couple. The key is to recognize the symptoms of depression, followed by acknowledgement and understanding, and the seeking of help.


Bennett knows that it is not an easy illness or situation to overcome, but for those couples who are determined to have a successful and healthy marriage, it is definitely possible. It is not easy to admit to problems, especially considering the stigma that often comes with mental health issues. For those who can, caring and compassionate help is available. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy