Organizing a Campaign Rally with Tips from NGP VAN

NGP VAN software is widely used in Democratic campaigns across the United States. Their platform provides clients tools for fundraising, compliance, voter databases, field organizing, and social networking. The NGP VAN site also has many guides for improving your campaign. Here are their tips for running a successful campaign rally:

Campaign rallies are an excellent way to provide a boost to any campaign, they introduce your candidate to the public, bring in attention and media coverage, and motivate your supporters.
Rallies are most effective at the beginning of your campaign and during the final two weeks. Early rallies help establish a base of volunteer support and late rallies help pump up energy and enthusiasm needed to get voters to turn up at the polls.
Good planning is necessary for a successful rally. A rally shows the public face of your campaign and a poorly executed gathering will make your campaign look disorganized or unenthusiastic. Consider the location and choose a good site; someplace related to the campaign. Make sure you have acquired all the proper permits. Choose a space of appropriate size and that can accommodate all the guests. Ensure you have a good sound system and visuals with photos and campaign signs to pass out.
When writing the speech keep it compact; focus on sound bites and your core message while avoiding heavy data and policy discussions. Try to bring in notable members of the community to speak and explain why they endorse your candidate.
Advertise your event with fliers and social media. Contact local radio, television, newspaper, even college newspaper, and local news blogs.
Finally, make the most of your rally by collecting contact information and recruiting volunteers. Rallies are the best place to capture people’s inspiration, have volunteers sign up your attendees. Phone numbers and emails can be used with NGP VAN databases for volunteer recruitment and encouraging folks to go out and vote. A good rally can help to energize your supporters. With a solid campaign and strong technical support from NGP VAN, your campaign can put you on the path to winning.


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