Betsy Devos – the new Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos may cut a strong profile now as a reformer, but it was not always this way. Her and her husband Dick used to be more comfortable working locally, bringing about change in their native Michigan. It was there that they raised their children, that Dick built his fortune with Amway and that the family decided to invest so much in the arts in downtown Grand Rapids. It might seem strange, then, to think that the Devos crew would find itself in the middle of the Trump administration and political conversations all over America. That’s where Betsy is, though, and she is finding herself more and more comfortable.


Those who know Betsy Devos did not think she would ever want to get involved in the games that Washington politicians have to play. In Washington, those who get things done often do so through glad-handing. They have to smile the smiles and fake their lives. This was not Devos’s way, but she has learned in her service to the Trump administration that politics can be done in another way. Specifically, she came to Washington intent on being a reformer, and she has largely achieved that goal through her first year and a half.


The passion for education began quite early for Betsy Devos. She was trying to find a school that was suitable for her own children. In looking, she found school after school that just did not live up to the standards she had set. Some did not have the resources or funding. Some were not safe. Some were not teaching students the skills they need to get a job in the modern era. She saw so many problems, and more, she saw parents who were struggling with the same things. While the Devos family had enough money to send their kids to fancy prep schools if they needed to, she recognized that many parents were not so lucky.


This sparked her desire to push for school choice and vouchers. Why should a parent be stuck with choices among bad schools just because they do not have the money she has? It was a sensible question then, and it has driven her in her efforts in Washington. Over the last year or so, she has started to see some progress. Parents in many states have figured out that there is much to be gained by having a more open system. This has driven Devos to keep going.


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Marital Depression With Roseann Bennett

Chronic and untreated depression may often be considered an individual problem, but as Roseann Bennett knows, it can also be a leading cause of marital problems as well. With over a decade of family and marriage therapy behind her, Roseann Bennett has made it her goal to help couples through these issues and save their relationships. Using modern techniques to help couples and individuals, and the power of technology and the internet to reach a wider audience, she wishes to help and educate as many people as possible and help them through their most difficult times.


After several years working as an in-home therapist, Roseann decided to work on a larger scale and established the 501(c) charitable organization Center for Assessment and Treatment. Opened in 2010, the center is available to all, though it focuses primarily on people marginalized or disenfranchised by the community. Despite her position as Executive Director of the organization, Bennett still maintains her passion for helping and continues to work a full caseload, connecting with people and showing them a better path.


Depression can have a huge impact on marriage and affects both partners, not just the one facing the illness. As one falls into depression, their partner is forced to pick up the slack and work harder to maintain their standard of living. Left untreated, the ill partner falls further into the spiral of depression while the other spouse grows angry and resentful at having to bear the load, providing a devastating dual strain on the relationship. Go To This Page for additional information


This is where experts like Roseann Bennett come in. After one of the partners makes the brave and important first step of reaching out for help, Bennett acts as a mediator to give valuable perspective and promote acceptance and understanding between the struggling couple. The key is to recognize the symptoms of depression, followed by acknowledgement and understanding, and the seeking of help.


Bennett knows that it is not an easy illness or situation to overcome, but for those couples who are determined to have a successful and healthy marriage, it is definitely possible. It is not easy to admit to problems, especially considering the stigma that often comes with mental health issues. For those who can, caring and compassionate help is available. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy