Visionary and Philanthropist Sheldon Lavin

Living the American dream has many different contexts and is largely dependent upon the reviewer. While young, we are always taught to go to school and get good grades, to graduate from college, and to get a job. For some, this is living the life, and to others, it may not be enough. One thing is certain, the passions that you identify in your younger years, more often than not, result in a yearning for the heart and soul to live out that kid-like thought. Sheldon Lavin made this perfectly clear after reflecting upon where he is in life today as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for the OSI Group, LLC, , a meat processing company. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

Sheldon’s educational foundation was in business with a clear appetite for accounting and finance. Since recognizing that business is where his passion would lie, he joined Otto and Sons. After proving his value to the company, Sheldon became more and more enthralled with the day-to-day operations and had his sights set on ownership. The company’s name was eventually changed to OSI Industries. One would wonder as to how he became involved in the company. It was revealed that, early on, he organized the financing for the first meat processing facility on behalf of the company. From there, Sheldon Lavin remained committed and was later offered ownership.

Once he was settled as part owner, Sheldon Lavin had a larger vision for the company. His corporate projections led him to a goal of being an internationally recognized meat processing establishment. As of 2017, OSI is located in over 17 countries and has around 75 meat processing facilities. Sheldon attributes the growth to the culture that was established once he took over. He identifies it as a family culture where the style of communication is where everyone is called by their first names with an open-door policy. This style of freedom is a prelude for free thinking and innovative ideas which has resulted in greater profits. With these profits, Sheldon Lavin is an avid philanthropist and ensures that the company gives back. For more information about Sheldon Lavin, view at

Betsy Devos – The Education Secretary of the US

Betsy DeVos has been in Washington since 2017. While she has many supporters in the Republican Party, she is viewed as a polarizing figure for a number of reasons. For one, her views on educational choice have disrupted the public school community, but she says that it hasn’t been for the reasons that people think. In fact, she doesn’t believe that people have given educational choice a fair chance.


In 2018, Leslie Stahl conducted an interview with Betsy DeVos for “60 Minutes.” The interview engaged the US Education Secretary on several topics within public education, finance support, and educational choice. Stahl brought up the opposition to educational choice as many people have criticized the secretary for her views on private schools and charter schools.


However, DeVos also talked about the fact that public funding isn’t used for educational choice programs. Philanthropy has supported many educational programs instead. She has donors likes Sam Walton of Wal-Mart and Bill Gates of Microsoft. In addition, she received a sizable donation from Mark Zuckerberg. All of them have supported DeVos’ work with educational choice.


Now she is being joined by First Lady Melania Trump at charter schools around the country in an effort to support the work that DeVos has done over the past two years. The schools have expanded in Florida and Louisiana, but DeVos wants to bring educational choice to more areas. She says that it helps underprivileged students, and all she wants to do is make sure that students come first.


While she has been working with children for quite some time, DeVos has also received criticism for her lack of experience as a teacher. Even though she has worked with many schools and helped advance educational choice considerably around the country, Betsy DeVos has always worked in politics and philanthropy. She has found that this is where she can do the most good.


For the next year and a half, she will be working to expand educational choice options to most states. She has said that the program in Florida is the best as the state offers a tuition-based scholarship for students who apply and get accepted into the program.


In addition to her work on educational choice, DeVos has also been working with safety and security on campus. She has worked with many safety officers and implemented new rules to keep students safe on campus. This includes adding a security guard to most public school campuses, and in some cases, teachers can carry guns if approved by the school district.


It’s unclear whether DeVos will keep her position through 2020, but she will be working hard for American students until she has to step down.


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Victoria Doramus Seeks To Unlock Dormant Human Potential

Victoria Doramus Wants to Unlock Under Appreciated Human Potential

One of the largest key assets that exists in society today is that of human potential. Human potential can bring about many different innovations, elevate communities, and grow many different economies. Human capital, when organized correctly, leads to prosperity. Nations such as the United States, India, China, and other booming countries have shown that when they invest in their people and bring about the right incentives for individuals to be productive, great things can happen.

This is especially evidenced in the United States. Everyone knows it as the land of opportunity and many have flocked here over many decades to learn, work, and earn. As such, many people have found success in a variety of ways, as they have dedicated themselves to giving to their communities and making a difference every single day.

Victoria Doramus believes in the power of the human spirit and knows that there is a significant portion of human capital that lies dormant today. As a part of her personal mission, she seeks to invest as much as she can in different organizations that bring about this compelling change in society. Here is one key organization that she supports on a regular basis.


The Women’s Prison Association

Victoria Doramus supports the Women’s Prison Association because she thinks that everyone deserves a second chance. The work that the Women’s Prison Association is doing is one that is quite compelling. This organization looks at the different reasons why many women have ended up in jail and seek to make changes.

They then represent them in many different ways. The WPA is a representative of more than 3900 women across different holding facilities in the great state of New York. As such, Victoria and the WPA are more interested in letting these women be contributors to society, they want to find different ways to give them a better life, and to make sure that individuals do not have to be in jail for very low-level issues. Get More Information Here.


Victoria Doramus wants to invest in organizations such as WPA that will always be about making lives better in a more positive manner.

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Francisco Domenech was born on April 29, 1978, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Francisco becomes the former Director of the office of Legislative service of Puerto Rico [2005-2008]. He spent most of his youthful years in Ocala, Florida.

Francisco was a supporter of admitting Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the United States. In 2003 he becomes the first president of Puerto Rico Young Democrats [PRYD]. Domenech was the first person in the history of Young Democrats of America [YDA] to serve for seven years in a row as a national officer. In December 2007 he was appointed by Senator Clinton to co-chair her bid for presidential campaigns. He co-ordinated a successful primary campaign for Senator Clinton in Puerto Rico. He also participated in the national finance committee for Hillary’s presidential campaigns.

Domenech served also as a campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez to win the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico seat in Washington, D.C. He led a campaign team that made history by voting in the first youthful woman to represent Puerto Rico in the Congress. He also served as a whip in Puerto Rico delegation. Francisco Domenech was a top fundraiser for Senator Clinton’s campaign in the U.S territory. He is a regular Tv commentator Puerto Rico. He has also played roles in two presidential campaigns for Physician Association in Puerto Rico and also were a success.

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Francisco Domenech was jointly appointed in 2005 by the President, Senate of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico’s house of representatives speaker to be the Director of the office of the Legislative service of Puerto Rico with a staff of about 120 and a budget of USD 10 million. He steered the office well thus expanding it and having a surplus budget during his four-year tenure in a row.

Francisco led a voter registration of the Puerto Rican’s at the Florida corridor depicted as the one Hillary Clinton registered Hispanic’s in Texas in the 70s. Domenech has been a delegate to [DNC] Democratic National Convention the position he held for five years at his fourth year. He was elected as a Delegate Representing his Bayamon Senatorial district.

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The Achievement of Francisco Domenech

In the government affairs law institute called POLITANK, Francisco Domenech was the chairperson. The organization is the primary supporter of the developing strategies meant to represent private interests at the national forums. Initially, Domenech served as the director in the office of the Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly (2005-2008) and the local legislative. The individual directed a group of more than 130 workers in providing services in the Legislative Library. Domenech cared for the well-being of the physically disabled like the blind. Also, Domenech served as the P.R. Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel. Thus, his work entailed to provide legal advice and direct the interest of the Senate before the court. Moreover, he could oversee the in-house activities and conduct the outside counsel. Read more about Francisco Domenech at

Francisco Domenech represented the young democrats of America between 2007 and 2012 as an advisory in the Democratic National Committee. As a visionary leader, Domenech served as the assistant campaign manager in the Hillary Clinton’s major presidential campaigns in Puerto Rico. Also, he was the primary organizer for the national financier of Ready for Hillary. Domenech coordinated the financiers from across the nation for the super PAC. Therefore, he served as a member and advisory for the Hillary Clinton’s national campaigns Financial Committee. Also, he played a significant role in designing the campaign trips for Hilary to Puerto Rico.

Francisco Domenech is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in B.A in political science from the University of Puerto Rico. In the institution, Domenech was the President of the General students’ Counsel and academic senator. Initially, Francisco Domenech served as the president of the Students’ body of UPR’s college of social sciences. The individual was undertaking comparative law in the University School London. Domenech is also an advisory and member of The Washington Center for Internship and Academic Seminars, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

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The Political Genius Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech was born in 1978 in San Juan and spent his childhood in Ocala in Florida. Mr. Francisco Domenech is a lawyer and managing partner of POLITANK which is a law firm that deals with government affairs and specializes in bringing out plans of actions that will enable representation of private interests before government gatherings and discussions. Politank has been firmly in connection with Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner-elect Gonzales. Mr. Francisco is a former director in the office of Legislative Services from 2005-2008 where he was able to lead a group of 130 employees and increased the services offered by the Legislative Library which facilitated access of physically challenged and the blind to the library. Read more at Reporter Expert to know more.

Francisco is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. In the 1999-2000 academic year, he was the President of the General Student Body Council. He also took many courses in comparative law in University College London in approximately six months. Mr. Domenech was a Deputy Campaigner for Hillary Clinton in 2008 in Puerto Rico where he assisted Clinton to win the primary polls against the then-senator Barrack Obama. He supported Hillary Clinton in her campaigns all through 2016 where he joined the National Finance Committee on Hillary’s presidential campaign. Domenech was Hillary Clinton’s top fundraiser in Puerto Rico where he raised almost 200,000 US Dollars to support her candidature. He has been the Campaign spokesman in Puerto Rico. Francisco is also a famous youth mover and shaker who is the first President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats in 2003. Francisco is the only person in the Young Democrats of America to have worked there for seven consecutive years.

Mr. Francisco Domenech has gained political experience from a lot of sources such as fundraising, voter registration, and policy development. Working as the Public Relations in the Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel, he provided legal advice to the house and represented the interests of the Senate. As the managing partner of Politank, Mr. Francisco has been able to maintain a swayful influential status and rank in Democratic politics for almost 20 years.



Perry Mandera: The Heart of a Philanthropist

Perry Mandera came from humble beginnings, graduating public high school in 1975 and entering the United States Marine Corps. It was during this military experience that Mandera learned to drive a truck as part of his assignment in the motor pool.

Following an Honorable Discharge, Perry Mandera obtained work with a variety of transportation companies and then decided to open his own business in 1980.

Politics seemed a natural step for Perry Mandera at a very young age. In fact, when he served as Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago, he was the youngest ever to hold his position.

In addition to business accolades, Perry Mandera has the heart of a true philanthropist. He founded Custom Cares Charities and has generously donated his time and resources to a variety of charitable causes and organizations over the years. Currently, Mandera sits on the Board of Directors for The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers, in addition to involvement with several other causes including those focused on the needs of children, veterans, and cancer sufferers. Perry is well-known for his exemplary dedication to his family, his long standing focus on church, and his strong commitment to helping those in need.

Mandera remained highly focused on business pursuits, but never lost sight of his calling to help those around him. He has donated substantial sums of money to a variety of charitable organizations, but he chooses to focus most keenly on those which are focused on assisting the youth and veterans of our country. Among the causes he has openly supported are assisting Chicago metropolitan residents by giving 6500 coats to underprivileged children. Another notable cause back by Perry Mandera and his company, The Custom Companies, Inc., includes the tremendous relief efforts through providing transportation and essential supplies to tornado victims in Illinois (Customcares).