End Citizens United In The War Against “Big Money” In Politics

The End Citizens United is a democratic PAC group. It is also a non-profit organization. It is aimed at fighting or slightly reducing the amount of effect financial support has on the state politics. The group is chaired by Tiffany Muller. They have their headquarters in Washington, DC. Despite being located in DC, the organization has participative members spread across the United States.

The End Citizens United is this year aiming at releasing the names of politicians whom according to them are the worst. They are using the name “Big money 20” to refer to the list of names of these politicians. These politicians have fallen into this list because they have put to priority their personal needs rather than those of their electors.

In support of the re-elections, the liberal PAC group, End Citizens United intends to come up with and utilize a total amount of $35 million. This is higher than the amount they used in the 2016 elections.

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The End Citizens United has come up with an initiative to encourage as many candidates to decline financial supports from firms offering them. The candidates who took this plea to heed have gained back up from the ECU. The ECU has taken to its responsibility to urge citizens to make contributions to support the candidates who have rejected corporate support and cannot manage to finance their campaign on their own.

In this year’s elections, the group has shown their support of Senator Cory Booker in the race for the state senatorial race. This is after the senator rejected corporate donations towards his campaigns. Senator Cory is however not the only politicians who have denounced the financial contributions. The list of politicians who have decided to exhibit political transparency is continuing to grow.

The corporate donations into politics have become a significant threat to the states political growth and stability. This is after the Supreme Court gave a ruling that permitted the financial support of politicians by big corporative and billionaires.

Democrat Conor Lambs released an ad supporting his campaign. He is contending as a candidate for the special elections for the 18th Congregational District. In his announcement, he focused more on giving his voters reasons to elect him rather than smearing dirt on his opponent’s reputation. He has used his personal experiences to convince his voters. In the ad, he also shows the immense support he has received from the End Citizens United group.

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End Citizen United Helping Common People Find their Voice in Democracy

The End Citizen United is one of the most influential political action committees in the United States today that has grown and thriving on the funds provided by the grassroots donors. The PAC is entirely against the big money that is being pumped into the elections by the rich and the wealthy individuals and the corporate companies, who try to influence the outcome of the polls in their favor. The End Citizen United was formed in the year 2015 with the aim to end the Supreme Court decision of 2010 in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

It is a well-known fact that the elections are fuelled by unlimited amounts of money to gather momentum and influence the public. More money a particular party has, fancier is their political rallies and campaigns. It is what helps them to collect more support from the public and eventually win. The Supreme Court decision of 2010 made it easier for the big wigs in the society to fund unlimited and unaccountable money to the election without any interruption or screening. It is what has made the elections, unaccountable and unreliable.

It can be easily said that the side who spends more would win in most of the cases. The candidates who win with the big money supporting them would have to support their sponsors once they win the election. It compromises the interest of the common people and makes the rich and the wealthy individuals and corporate companies the primary priorities of the political candidates. Few of the political candidates that End Citizen United has supported over the years include Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Zephyr Teachout, Elizabeth Warren, and more.

The End Citizen United also supports the Johnson Amendment that ensures that big money doesn’t find its way to the places of worship and charities to get channeled into the political campaigns. Many times, it has been seen that the corporate companies and wealthy individuals use the churches and the donations to funnel money into the election campaign, but Johnson Amendment would make it impossible. And, it is what the End Citizen United supports. End Citizen United is against the rollback of the Johnson Amendment and believes that its reversal would give the corporate companies and wealthy individuals free run into the political elections and make it easier for them to influence the elections.

The President of the End Citizen United, Tiffany Mueller, said that if Johnson Amendment is not in place, churches and charities would lose its integrity and instead would become a front to be used by the companies and the mega-donors to funnel their money into the elections. Tiffany Mueller said that such a practice would impact negatively on both the elections as well as our civilized democratic society. Check more:https://actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united



End Citizens United: Appealing to Protect the Johnson Amendment

End Citizens United: Appealing to Protect the Johnson Amendment

The Johnson Amendment is under the scrutiny of the present administration of the United States Government. President Donald Trump wanted to remove the amendment from the constitution because he does not see any benefit from keeping it. This plan outraged several political groups, including End Citizens United, who stated boldly that they will do everything to protect the Johnson Amendment. End Citizens United is an American political organization which was established in 2015, and their main objective is to promote a transparent US election and to bring the power back to the hands of the people. The group was created to counter an older group named Citizens United, and they wanted the United States Supreme Court to reverse their 2010 ruling favoring Citizens United against the Federal Electoral Council. End Citizens United is claiming that the ruling tarnished the incorruptible reputation of the US elections, and they are now claiming that the election has been rigged to favor those who are being backed by private corporations and businesses. Read more on Huffingtonpost:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/as-mueller-probes-russian-facebook-ads-our-elections_us_59cd238fe4b04575111f390d

Today, End Citizens United is fighting for the Johnson Amendment. According to them, the president has already signed an executive order that will weaken the implementation of the amendment, but they warned that the Republican Party wanted to remove it completely. End Citizens United explained what the importance of the Johnson Amendment is – it prohibits several tax exempted organizations to show their support or opposition to an electoral candidate. This includes the church, and End Citizens United is seeing how the institution can be abused by greedy politicians once the Johnson Amendment has been removed. They are saying how the politicians would use the money for their campaigns to be disguised as a donation to the church, and because churches do not pay taxes, the politicians will be receiving their money in full without any deductions. End Citizens United wanted this corruption to stop, and they are appealing to everyone who believe in their causes to rally behind the Johnson Amendment and stop the current administration from removing it completely.

End Citizens United is one of the fastest growing political groups in the United States today. They are claiming to have millions of members across the world, staging rallies and protests against the present administration. The group is stating that if their voices will be ignored by the present administration, they will be taking the matters into their own hands and they will support candidates who are sharing the same causes with them. The group managed to collect more than $4 million from their supporters through donations, and they stated that the money collected will be used for the upcoming 2018 national elections. End Citizens United stated that they will not stop until the change they wanted can be felt. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united



End Citizens United Stands Up For Johnson Amendment

We are living in an increasingly partisan age of politics. No other time in history, since the Civil War at least, has the United States government been this divided. At the highest levels of government you have President Trump and his Republican cronies working in concerted effort to devalue laws and legislation on the books of the United States of America. One particular law has come under fire in recent months and that is the Johnson Amendment. Originally proposed as the Johnson Act, by Lyndon B Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower, the Johnson Act helped to solidify the separation of church and state. In exchange for tax-free status, churches and other religious institutions would keep political lobbying out of their services. The trade off passed with overwhelming support by both parties back in 1954 but since then the times have been changing.

President Trump signed an executive order back in May which told the IRS to back off of cracking down on churches that break the Johnson Amendment. The executive order doesn’t actually carry any legal significance, but it does serve as a dog-whistle for the marginal-but-rapid base of support that Trump has been catering to. By issuing this specific executive order, Trump has flouted the legality of the Johnson Amendment in the face of the country in exchange for more support from his base. As the party of ‘law and order’, this is not only unacceptable it is also immoral.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created to help cut the ties between millionaire and billionaire donors and their impact on the United States government. End Citizens United was formed with the specific mission of undoing the damage done by the Citizens United decision, made back in 2010. Citizens United is a propaganda group pioneered by conservative lawyer James Bopp. Bopp’s work with Citizens United, specifically his argument before the SCOTUS in 2010, helped to unleash hordes of lobbyists and special interests into D.C. It wouldn’t be hard to draw a direct line from 2010 to the current state of divisive affairs.

Despite not being strictly related to the Citizens United decision, End Citizens United has decided to use their sizable voice in defense of the Johnson Amendment. Led by PAC President Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is organizing grassroots support from moderates and progressives all over the country. Muller warns that repealing the Johnson Amendment could turn religious institutions into “tools for secret campaign spending.” Churches would effectively be able to funnel money straight from their donation plates to the highest ranking officials in the United States government. If you don’t see the problem with that, then you are probably one of the elites receiving these sizable paychecks. For more information visit:https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261


End Citizens United: Protecting the Johnson Amendment at All Cost

End Citizens United is an American political organization that was created in 2015 to promote transparency during presidential and local elections and to stop a rival group named Citizens United from promoting rules and regulations with the help of the wealthy families and corporate giants that are against the will of the people. Recently, End Citizens United released a statement accusing the Republican Party of changing the constitution and removing one of the most important amendments in the history of the United States – the Johnson Amendment, authored by former United States President Lyndon B. Johnson. According to End Citizens United, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that will weaken the Johnson Amendment, but the whole Republican Party decided that it should completely be erased from the Constitution.

The Johnson Amendment prohibits certain tax exempted organizations like the church, for example, from supporting or opposing an official electoral candidate. If the Johnson Amendment will be removed, End Citizens United fears that the church will be used as a tool by greedy politicians for their ambitions. They are stating that huge amounts of money will be transferred to the churches, and the churches will be the ones to give it to the candidate that they support. This will also usher an end to the tax exempt status of the church, and they will be required to pay their taxes to the government if the amendment is removed. End Citizens United fears that organizations like the church will be abused, and corruption in the United States government will become worse. Visit thereisnoconsensus.com to know more.

End Citizens United wanted the present administration of the United States of America to get their hands off the Johnson Amendment. The political group is also appealing to the American people and to all who are supporting their cause to do their part in protecting the amendment. End Citizens United is only two years old, being founded in 2015, but the group is gaining attention because of their causes which includes the reversal of the United States Supreme Court ruling in 2010 citing corporations and businesses as individuals who have the right to support a particular candidate. They are doing protests for the last two years, and they are also involved in several fund raising activities to finance the candidates for the 2018 National Elections who shares the same sentiments with End Citizens United. According to experts, the group has a strong following, being able to raise $4 million in just a short period of time, and they believe that they can raise up to $32 million before the election period. End Citizens United stated that they just wanted to help the American people in restoring a transparent and trustworthy government. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united



End Citizens United Addresses The Political Side Of The Issue

End Citizens United is planning to channelize millions of dollars into the campaigns of Democratic candidates who run in the House as well as Senate races.

This group has already managed to raise $4million so far. All this has come from small donors mainly. Now they are planning to raise a lot more.

All this is being done in order to ensure that a constitutional amendment gets passed that would reverse the Citizens United decision in 2010 by the Supreme Court. This would promote super PACs that would unleash huge amounts of dark money that would find their way into politics.

End Citizens United has managed to get more than 325,000 people to sign their petition so far. The petition demands that the Congress should pass such legislation. This number should be increasing as this group has entered into a partnership with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign.

But End Citizens United is different from other PACs that have been focusing on the campaign finance reforms. This group addresses the political side of this issue. Besides, it is actually getting those people elected who would be able to change the existing laws. This means that they would support those candidates who would be willing to stand up against Citizens United.

Now End Citizens United is planning to help in enacting campaign finance reforms that will be on the local as well as state level too. Passing any constitutional amendment in order to overturn this Supreme Court decision of 2010 has to win consent from nearly two-thirds of the Senate as well as the House. Additionally, it has to be ratified by almost three-fourths of states.

This is really too high for any constitutional amendment. Hence it is a tough task for anyone who would choose that path.

Another fact remains that not a single Constitutional amendment has been passed by the US since 1992. Many campaign finance regulation experts feel that even if End Citizens United manages to raise $100 million, it will be still difficult for getting the constitutional amendment passed. The only likelihood they see of getting this law changed is by confirming a new justice of Supreme Court who would be able to shift the court’s balance.

Still, groups such as End Citizens United serve a strong purpose by creating public awareness of this decision of the Supreme Court. This way it is able to keep political pressure on the Supreme Court as well as other political actors. In this way, things will not become worse than what they already are.

Besides, having access to money in the range of $25 – $30 million can lead to significant ad buy which could impact a House race.

George Soros Keeps Giving Like Always

George Soros is a philanthropist who has quite a sum of his personal wealth given away to individuals and organizations around the world. His goal is to aid those people and the causes of expression, transparency accountable government, and a society of people that promotes justice and equality.

Is policy crosses genres and boundaries that are both progressive and very much a part of a modern and civil society of justice. And, at times, if this aligns his financial power with communities and cultures of people whose way of life is not seen as popular, he has no problem with that.

Sometimes, these groups of people within a society are the Roma in Europe. At other times, the minority that George Soros has a heart and mind to help are seen as immoral, as in the case of those who indulge in controlled recreation substances or those in the “oldest profession”. Or it can include the LGBGTI community wherever it may be.

He recalls surviving the Nazi occupation of his homeland in Hungary some 14 years into his childhood. Blessed with more good fortune than 500,000 members of his nation, the Soros family lives to tell the tale of the experience. Most importantly, they the memories of helping others that were in the same circumstance.

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Perhaps, leaving Budapest is the event which sparks the string of upward mobility in George’s life. For, he trades Budapest, Hungary for London, England, which comes with a life of study and work. This prepares him for his life ahead. And, from there he makes his way across the Atlantic, to the shores of New York, NY of the United States of America. Here is stays and lays down roots. They are in finance. These roots grow into a life and focus to change the world. With professional passion, etiquette and dues paid, he creates his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. Overtime, this entrepreneurial maneuver makes him one of the richest men in the world. And, by virtue of this fortune, he becomes somewhat untouchable. Read his profile at Business Insider.

With this achieved status, he establishes the open Society Foundations in more than 100 countries. The inspiration and guidebook on the policies of these foundations are the philosophies of Karl Popper. The ideologies included within it calls for the realization that no ideology or philosophy is king. And, that democracy, open expression and individual rights are the only true cornerstone of a free society.

The range of different communities to benefit from his foundations reaches from South Africa to the Berlin wall. Even hard times, such as the Cold War, cannot stop him from helping others. His humanitarian aid has no bounds conceptually, and that is an extremely good thing. It is not nearly as easy to pull off as it looks. The act itself requires a genuine labor of love, which George Soros knows from most personally from long suffering. Read this story about George at politico.com

George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is one of the famous philanthropists in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has worked to develop the greatest solutions for those who need hedge fund management businesses. His career commenced in New York by working at two local hedge fund management companies. During that time the hedge fund management business had more funds than any other industry in the country. With the right resources and brains at your side, you will never miss developing fast income through the agitated business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com

George Soros also has experience in working with the risky investment trades. For all those years he has been in the industry, George Soros has developed an income-generating business by betting against currencies in the risky currency trades. For those who want to achieve the best n this industry, they must work to consider that things are never the same as they were some few years back. Be sure to commence your training with the highest level of integrity to develop fats income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For most of the novice who enter the market without the knowledge, they end up losing all their money in the risky currency trades.

George Soros is dedicated to offering the best business solutions in the industry. If you are always developing fast income, be sure to achieve the most sophisticated business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the world. Most of the people who end up working for money forget about the community. We are all serving the community because it is part of who we are in society. George Soros has issued more than $12 billion to charitable events for the better part of his life. During his giving, George Soros no one has ever accelerated their business income in the United States.

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George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, there were limited sources of funding. However, he worked hard to provide a hedge between business and capability. He was the only person who managed to access better business solutions to those who needed fast income. If you are also willing to attain your innovative business structure, developing this income accelerates with innovation and strategies that have fast access to the world of business.

George Soros fled Hungary due to the increased consequences achieved by the Nazi Occupation. He went to the United Kingdom with his family. George Soros worked at a local railway restaurant as a waiter to secure more money to develop his innovative business structures in the world. For those who need fast income, they will always develop the most sophisticated business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

End Citizen Plans Raises Funds For Democratic Candidates

End Citizen United is a popular Political Action Committee that is mostly financed by gross donors in the United States. The group was founded in the 2015, and it is mostly dedicated to countering the effects of Citizen United and also reforming the campaign finance system in the country.

The organization focuses on showing voters, elected officials, candidates and the press that the grassroots are working hard against the billionaires in the country who only want to buy the American elections. At the end of the day, it will be easier to pressure the lawmakers to take some action against these individuals.

End Citizen United supports the Democrats in their races. The Democrats are always in favor of meaningful in the US finance system, and this is one of the reasons it is supported by the group. The group also stand up for the vulnerable candidates who are under attack by mega-donors, dark money groups and corporates. End Citizen United supports Democrats because they believe that real change can only take place under their leadership.

Since it was established several years ago, End Citizen United has already raised over two million dollars from donors in the country. The group is looking forward to raise thirty million, according to its current director, Richard Carbo. Before the general elections, the group announced the official endorsement of eleven candidates in the Democratic side.

Although there have been several PACs in the past who want to focus on the campaign finance reforms in the country, Richard says that his organization is entirely different. According to him, most of these PACs had holes in the conversation that were addressing the political aspect of it, and they were only getting individuals elected. There was no one to change the existing laws. However, End Cited United is backing candidates who are in favor of the campaign finance reforms. These candidates are also against Citizen United.

Richard says that his group is planning to set up a special independent expenditure arm this year to financially support the candidates who have been endorsed. These candidates will be supported through direct mailers, television ads and polling. This will make things easier for the candidates in the future elections. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

End Citizens United and its leaders are hoping to successfully enact the campaign finance reforms, in particular on the local and state level. However, the primary objective of the group at the moment is to pass a constitutional amendment that will be able to overturn the Supreme Court decision that was approved in the year 2010. The bill has been met with a lot of skepticism from finance experts in the country. All constitutional amendments in the US, after all, should win the consent of at least two-thirds of the House and the Senate. The amendment must be ratified by at least three-fourths of states too.

Learn more about the group on EndCitizensUnited.Org