Graham Edwards Leads Telereal Trillium Limited into Excellent Property Development and Management

Without a doubt, a competent property manager can add value to an investor’s resources. In commercial real estate primarily, a dedicated property manager like Telereal Trillium Limited, a leading property manager with its main offices in London will guide you through the right path of investment. As a good management company, Telereal Trillium Limited thrives on good leadership and management.


Background Data

Telereal Trillium Limited has seen millions of applications from different clients. That is why the company has known how to maneuver around the real facts behind the investors and evaluate the warning signs. For those who have invested in real estate and property development through Telereal Trillium Limited, it becomes easier to deal with the management because the company does comprehensive screening before allowing investors to delve into a particular business.


Graham Edwards

Behind the management of the company are qualified executive directors and a veteran who is eligible to analyze relevant investment information and channel it to the right investment managers. Graham Edwards is the head cheerleader of Telereal Trillium Limited. From his first day of the appointment, he worked hard to ensure that the company provides excellent property development management services.


Leadership Roles

Graham Edwards has chaired property development projects at Telereal Trillium Limited with the most memorable being the development of a strategic property called British Telecommunications. The contract has since seen this company developing into an excellent fledging company.



The projects Graham Edwards has chaired have influenced the culture of the company in several ways including establishing a culture that has attracted several growth partnerships. The deals he has established have so far contributed to the expansion of property development in the company.



Since 2001, Graham Edwards Telereals has pushed the company into billions of transactions with his primary focus on real estate development. Before he joined Telereal Trillium Limited, he worked at Talisman and Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Edwards also held a senior position as a top hedge fund manager.


Additional Information

In addition to the stated roles above, Mr. Edwards is the director of two major companies; Flagstaff 1 Ltd as well as Antham 1 Ltd. Being a visionary leader, he has extended his services into England’s Institute of Chartered Accounts and the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He also holds an executive position at the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals.



Conclusively, Graham Edwards is an alumnus of the Cambridge University. He studied economics and has since used his academic credentials to pave the way for young professionals who aspire to join the industry of property development and management.