NewsWatch TV: SteelSeries

NewsWatch is a television show recognized for its news for consumers on new products and innovations in technology, mobile application reviews, medical and government news, interviews with celebrities, and public service announcements. NewsWatch TV has been award several awards, including a gold and platinum Marcom award in 2017. They were also awarded the Videographer award for excellence in 2017.



NewsWatch TV has been around for over two decades, beginning in 1990. However, they did not start out as a review source for the hottest and upcoming products, but rather as a review source for financial problems. During the mid-90’s, NewsWatch began publishing a magazine, which covered an array of topics that appealed to the public. By 2011, NewsWatch pointed its focus towards the technological aspect of the consumer market. Since then, NewsWatch has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.



Recently, NewsWatch Television collaborated with a company called SteelSeries; an electronics and headphone company that services consumers all over the globe. NewsWatch provided their reviews on two of SteelSeries’ products; headphones and gaming controllers. Their goal was to aid in reaching the interest of more consumers on behalf of SteelSeries. This technique also allowed SteelSeries to utilize the video for more future marketing.



The advertisement and reviews paid off in the long run. The NewsWatch television review on SteelSeries products was seen by more than 95 million viewers across the nation. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director of Marketing for Steel Series, mentioned that they were very happy and satisfied to work with NewsWatch because they have such an extensive knowledge on public relations with an incredible ability to deliver information in such a way that any audience can understand. After the review done by NewsWatch, SteelSeries saw a major boost in their distribution and sales