Mark Holyoake A Brief Overview of A Gymnastic Life



Mark Holyoake is a retired gymnast from the United Kingdom. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand on March 1, 1983. He developed his interest in gymnastics at the young age of six. About four years later, he got asked to be a part of national development teams. The purpose was to advance the talents of successful young athletes and help them become “professional gymnasts.” Holyoake found success in every aspect included in gymnastics like the pommel horse, rings, and high and parallel bars.


College Years

Mark Holyoake decided to relocate to Auckland so he could do undergraduate education at Auckland University. It was here that he would receive his Bachelors of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He would remain extremely active here by methods like engaging in a lot of gymnastics events and be a part-time trainer. The focus, commitment, and accomplishments of Mark Holyoake had inspired younger members of the gym club he attended: The Tri-Star Gymnastics Club.


Next Level

Mark Holyoake would then go on to doing professional activities. For example, in 2005 he made the twentieth-fifth place in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship. One year later his ranking was improved and made eleventh place overall at the Commonwealth Games.

Spending close to 30 hours each week he would be on the highly competitive team of New Zealand. Then in 2010, he would make fourth place overall at the same event. He also made third place in the parallel bars. In that same year, he would be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for being on a pommel horse while doing a double leg rotation in a sixty-second record. The number was sixty-five.


Holyoake and CrossFit

Fitness company CrossFit has been a place where Mark Holyoake gained a lot of his success. Crossfit includes many preexisting staples like weightlifting, calisthenics, and Kettle Bell workouts. He would become a part of Cross Fit’s lifestyle. Soon Mark would be involved in the Cross Fit Games competing in many competitions since 2014. The first year he reached 2114 worldwide and in 2019 reached the 279th place.


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Mark Holyoake On Genuinely Benefiting The Public


Something that Mark Holyoake has taken careful attention to place at the top of his priorities within the Icelandic seafood industry is the development aspect of his business. While it is true that he could simply operate things as they are now and, without too much stress, make his businesses generate a significant profit, this is not the extent of what Mark Holyoake wants to accomplish.

Mark Holyoake has far larger goals, and he does not think they can be solved with anything simple. Because of this, he tries to get the best out of the opportunities that come his way. In his mind, there is no telling how many opportunities we will get throughout the course of our lives, so it is important to take every single one.

Mark Holyoake believes that to turn down an opportunity is not just foolish but somewhat selfish as well. He is simply someone who thinks that possibilities should be chased down to the ends of their paths, and if we are unable to chase down these possibilities, then what hope do we have as a species? Read This Article for additional information.

To Mark Holyoake, his work is not only his own. It is also the property of the public he serves, and he wants to make sure that that public knows that his interests are always coming from a pure place. If they were not, then they would not even cross the mind of Mark Holyoake.

Throughout the time he has spent in the Icelandic business world, he has built up quite a significant experience with dealing with entrepreneurs, and he is aware that they are an opportunistic bunch.

In a recent article with Iceland Monitor entitled “British Investor Mark Holyoake Withdraws From Iceland Seafood”, talks about British investor Mark Holyoake stepped down from the board of Iceland Seafood International earlier this month. He says that the timing is right to withdraw from the board, despite the fact that he will continue to hold a large share in ISI.

However, Mark Holyoake takes it a step further and says that a businessperson is not only responsible to develop their business model, but they are responsible for doing so in a way that genuinely benefits the public.


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