Thor Halvorssen Is A Great Person In The Social Justice Movement

Thor Halvorssen has been a part of the social justive movement ever since he discovered that the government around him in Venezuela was corrupt. He had to stop people from doing things that were wrong, and a lot of that was because he knew that it was harming people. Thor Halvorsse needed to start a new movement that would help people, and that is why he started the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation has an office in New York, and that is where he coordinates all the work that he does. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

There are many people around the world who are suffering in obscurity, and that makes it very hard for them to live happy lives. They are stuck in places where they will be completely lost, and their countries might not even allow people to see how miserable they are. Places like North Korea and Angola stay out of the papers because they are so closed off, but Thor Halvorssen will keep talking about them so that people do not forget.

His plan for the Human Rights Foundation is to make sure that he can open as many places as possible, and he will start reaching out to people who are in need. These people are not sure how they will ever escape their situation, but Thor Halvorssen will reach out to countries around the worst offenders so that he can put pressure on the people who are in power. He meets with world leaders, and he makes sure that someone who is going to listen can relay that information to their neighbors.

Thor Halvorssen approach to social justice involves the whole world. He wants to be sure that his foundation can save people who are oppressed, and he wants to stop injustice. His aim will be to keep the media in the conversation so the see that these things are happening.

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