Chris Burch is Making Vacation Dreams Come True

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

Burch was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Chris Burch earned his undergraduate’s degree at Ithaca College. He began his entrepreneurship in the year of 1976 and hasn’t looked back ever since. In 2004, Burch began his edge in the real estate business and partnered with an architect that goes by the name of Philippe Stark. After all of that, he began investing in a multitude of things such as the Internet Capital Group, investments in telecommunications, including Aliph and Powermat, and so many more investments, check (Wingsjournal.coms).

One of Burch’s greatest accomplishments was when he visited Sumba and he acquired Nihi as he established a partnership with James McBride.

However, Chris Burch just didn’t want to invest in the island for the pretty views. He already envisioned a masterplan. That plan was to develop Nihi into one of the biggest, most fun, and relaxing resorts in the entire world!


More About the Nihi Sumba Resort

The Nihi Sumba Resort has many outright, gorgeous accommodations: beautiful villas and rooms, the Mandaka, the Mamole Tree House, the Haweri, the Puncak, the Lantoro, the Wamoro, the Kasambi, the Marangga, the Lamba, the Lulu, and the Kanatar.

Furthermore, the Nihi Sumba Resort offers the absolute best experiences during your vacation! Experiences such as Yoga, Surfing, Fishing, a gorgeous Spa Safari, Excursions, Paddle Boarding, Horseback Riding, a gooey, chocolaty Chocolate Factory, Kids’ Activities, and the ultimate experience of the Sumba Culture!

Wait, there’s even more!

The Nihi Sumba Resort feels the need to give the best dining possible to its visitors. The resort offers restaurants, hang-out spots, and relaxation areas that give the best vibes. Places like the Ombak, the Nio Beach Club & Pool, and the Kaboku, get more information on

See, the Nihi Sumba Resort wants to give visitors their best experience. You can experience Nihi’s special offers, its barefoot luxury retreats, and the seasonal rates.

So obviously, the Nihi Sumba Resort is the best place for you and your family to go on vacation at!

Christopher Burch did an amazing job in his early career, and he did an even better job when he invested in Nihi. Literally, the place is absolutely astonishing!