Micheal Phelps’ Move to Join Talkspace

Micheal Phelps has announced that he plans to join Talkspace as a partner with the aim of promoting and improving the app to provide quality mental services to its users. This partnership will be featured on national TV campaign where Phelps will have an opportunity to shed light on issues of mental challenge through his personal experiences as a way of supporting others who are suffering from the condition. It is projected that he will be able to explain the unique benefits of the Talkspace app, corresponding digital assets will support this campaign.

Throughout his career, Micheal Phelps struggled with depression and anxiety, and it was difficult for him to find help. As soon as he started using Talkspace, he started opening up and talking about his issues openly, at this point he felt the strength and not vulnerable. The platform allowed him to talk with a therapist via text, web, and video, which was an amazing experience for him. He plans to help others get empowered by showing them that help is easier to access and is more affordable right now. The announcement marks the commitment between the star and the firm in a bid to fight stigma. Learn more about talkspace at crunchbase.com

Services Offered by Talkspace

Talkspace’s CEO, Oren Frank, has announced that he is pleased to have Michael join the platform. He says that Michael’s deep knowledge of mental health advocacy and his commitment to data-driven improvement in the platform will be of high benefit to the organization. The app allows users to send their therapist’s message over different social media platforms, with privacy through encryption of messages. All clinics and medical practitioners on the platform are highly vetted so that clients get the best service. Moreover, most of them are from the top universities in the country. Visit: http://www.iamtrillyoga.com/blog-posts/2018/2/13/-talkspace-was-there-when-i-needed-them

The Many Advantages of Heal N Soothe Supplementation

Supplementation is one of the best things you can do to keep your body running at full-capacity. If you’re a physically active person, then you’ve probably accumulated quite a few injuries in the process. Activities such as basketball, running, climbing, weight-training, jogging or physical-labor can definitely give you a few nicks-and-bruises over time. Whether it’s muscle pain, or it’s joint pain, living an active lifestyle will began to take a toll on your body. One of the best ways for preventing and eliminating pain is by adding an herbal supplement to your diet. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Heal N Sooth is definitely one of the leaders of the pack. This extraordinary supplement is jam-packed with beneficial herbs that are known to help decrease inflammation. Heal N Soothe achieves this action by neutralizing the actual bio-chemicals that causes inflammation. Side effects are at an all-time low when using this product and this can’t be said for the standard over-the-counter medications. Users will never have to worry about becoming dependent on the actual herbs, and users won’t have to worry about damaging their liver by taking too many doses. Heal N Sooth is the epitome of natural healing.

Soft-tissue damage is also fairly common and this type of damage can be extremely painful. Soft-tissue pain comes from within the muscle itself and many standard painkillers won’t get the job the done. Heal N Soothe’s advanced formula penetrates and outperforms most NSAIDs thanks to the product’s innovative formula. Heal N Soothe provides the user with Vitamin E, with Turmeric, with Ginger Extract, with L-Glutathione and with many other herbal ingredients. With consistent use, your body will experience a revival in a sense. Heal N Sooth definitely delivers great results and for reassurance, it is being used in well-over 50 countries worldwide.

Contact Heal N Soothe: www.crunchbase.com/organization/heal-n-soothe

Fear Of Going To A Therapist? This App May Be The Answer For You

Some people fear going to the dentist, other people fear going to a therapist. These fears are very different and exist for different reasons, but the fact remains that some people simply do not like the idea of seeking help for their mental health issues. It is a sad commentary on our society that we have allowed this stigma to stick around so unchallenged in many circles. However, the good news is that there are some who are trying to fix it.

Talkspace is an excellent example of something that is attempting to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. What Talkspace is all about is an application that makes it possible for a person to text a therapist rather than just go and see one in person. That matters for all of those people who have the fear of seeing a therapist face-to-face.

This is a New York based app that claims to already be serving 500,000 people by pairing them up with more than 1,000 professional therapists. That is a sizable dent in the overall problem of mental health. It is certainly not something to be brushed aside.

The rates of hospitalization are considerably lower for those with mental health issues who use the app than those who do not says the company. Lives and money are literally being saved by the fact that this app exists. It is an unprecedented miracle in the mental health community, and the people who use it regularly are able to share with others the great bounty of success that they have had with it. This will surely help to spread the word about this app a little more broadly in the future. There is great hope that more people will hear of it and start to use it for themselves going forward.