Academy of Art University: Passion, Consistency & Excellence

The Academy of Art University was established back in 1929, and it has produced a large abundance of work that spans for multiple genres. Its motto, “built by artists that’s for artists,” rings true on all levels because it has given the world some of the best work in film, design and fashion. Every year in September, this affluent institution represents itself at one of the fashion industry’s biggest meccas. New York Fashion Week is the cream-of-the-crop, especially when it comes to fashion. For 2017, Academy of Art University put on another great showing by displaying five womenswear lines, two collaborations and two menswear lines. This marks the school’s 21st straight appearance under the bright lights of the big city.

Talented designers from all over the globe make their appearances for all things that’s new in fashion. Academy of Art University represented itself with 10 of its BFA and MFA graduates. Some of the hottest and most futuristic attire was on full-display for the world to see. This includes industry-insiders, celebrities and the general public. Ms. J. Alexander from “America’s Next Top Model” was spotted in the attendance for one of the shows, but there were plenty more high-profile candidates scattered amongst the crowd. Of course, this was another great showing by this extraordinary school and that’s a fact. Academy of Art University’s Hailun Zhou, Dina Marie Lam and Carlos Rodriguez were just a few of the former graduates that blessed this grand event.

Located in San Francisco, California, this for-profit school has a beautiful urban-campus. New Montgomery Street is the main thoroughfare that provides the best view of the school’s hallowed grounds. This is the school that is truly designed to prepare aspiring professionals for the fields of design, the arts and communications.

Academy of Art University is said to be one of the largest privately owned art and design schools in America. In the city of San Francisco, this school is also said to be one of the largest property owners. In the end, passion, consistency and excellence personifies the Academy of Art University to the highest degree.

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