Ted Bauman: The International Expert

     Ted Bauman takes time to discusses foreign investments in his article “Time Is Running Out to Turbocharge Your Investments”. This article, published on Medium.com, discusses some of the special opportunities that may be coming up for the savvy investor. He explains that the opportunity lies in the strength of U.S currency, specifically the dollar. Currently, the U.S dollar is very strong globally. This is a direct reflection of the economy and most people would be thrilled to hear it. Bauman explains that it can be a bad thing for manufacturers because domestic goods get more expensive to export that foreign ones are to import.

The other problem that Bauman goes into is that the U.S. dollar will drop in international strength very soon. With recent tax cuts, the federal deficit is poised to increase, and this will weaken the U.S. currency. This matters a great deal for foreign investors, but not in the way that they might think. Over the past year, the dollar has weakened against the euro at an alarming rate. This is due in part to the proposed tax cuts mentioned earlier, and other U.S. financial decisions. This means that foreign pricing on stocks and investments will become equal to or more than the dollar when it comes to investing.

This will matter, Bauman, says because investors that get in before the currency weakens are in a prime position to make a lot of money. If they are buying foreign investments while the dollar is strong they are getting more for their money, then when it drops and the investments become more valuable, the investor will have the chance to sell. This will net them more money with very little work on their end. Bauman explains that while the cost of doing business with foreign investors might cost more, the amount of effort that goes into it is worth it. Land, he says, is the best investment for readers that are looking for something with minimal effort. This is a golden opportunity for investors, Bauman warns, and they should not pass it up.

Bauman has been a stable on the financial scene for many years. He is currently an Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing and releases weekly tidbits that are aimed at helping investors get the most out of their money. Bauman has deep financial knowledge. He has done business in over 75 countries, making him an expert in his field.

What You Need To Know About Ted Bauman And His Achievements

     Ted Bauman is a renowned editor of The Smart Money Alert, Plan B Club and Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment tips and strategies, privacy and international migration issues. Currently, he resides in Atlanta, GA together with his family.

Throughout his life, Mr. Bauman has had only one goal- to help people access the resources that they need to be independent, to stop relying on corporate jobs and government aids. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up on Maryland’s eastern shore, but as a teenager, he relocated to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town for his postgraduate degree in History and Economics.

He spent 25 years in South Africa working in multiple non-profit organizations, usually as a fund executive for affordable housing projects. One of the foundations that he helped established, Slum Dwellers International Foundation, has assisted more than 14 million persons in 35 different nations.

From 2000-2007, Bauman operated as an advisor, researching and writing about housing, urban planning, and finance matters for many different people and organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations, the European grant-making agencies and the South African government. He went back to America in 2008, where he worked for Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of International Housing Programs. In 2013, he left his job and went to work for Banyan Hill Publishing as full-time researcher and writer.

Today, Ted has written and edited countless articles for Banyan and in one of his works “Debt: The Invisible Threat to Your Wealth,” he explains how the tax has affected Americans for generations.

Tax is one of the hot topics that politicians use to gain popularity, especially the present administration. Trump’s government promised voters to reduce taxes paid by big corporations during his presidential campaigns. Unfortunately, many people see this idea as a project aimed to benefit only the wealthy.

According to Ted, it’s in your interest to be concerned about tax issues because it helps in reducing your nonrefundable income. Since tax amounts to about 15-25 percent of your gross income, it’s something that’s worth your attention.

The United States is one of the most debt-based economies on the planet. Almost everything is being paid using a credit, and that’s why life is expensive. If these services were paid using cash, things would be much better. There’s so much borrowing, and this is the reason why even if taxes are reduced today, it’s the only the rich who will be smiling to the bank. The only way for America to be great again and a better economy for everyone is for the government to address the debt issue instead of the tax.

Matt Badiali, A Well Rounded Man

     Matt Badiali is one of the many contributors to Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a well educated man. He earned his B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. He also attended graduate school and earned his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Matt is known for being very smart, out-going, and hands on.

Matt’s work is truly one of a kind. Throughout his career he has traveled extensively. This has made him very culturally diverse. He has traveled to Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Hong Kong, and many other countries! Matt also has a lengthy experience as a geologist. During his traveling, he researched and analyzed different topics relating to geology, which just perfected his skill.

Before working at Banyan Hill, Matt worked as a geologist. Working as a geologist has taught Matt serval important skills. For example, Matt can predict the condition that any business of home may be in just by looking at its ground. For specialist, different holes and cracks can describe how good of health the establishment is in. Matt has genuinely perfected this skill which has helped many people throughout the years.

Matt is a former employee of Stansberry and Associates. He had developed a high fan base while working at this company. Many people have come out and said the he was one of the best contributors to the company. Matt is so good at what he does that most of his reading have followed him to Bayan Hill to continue to read his great work. Many people respect his work and recommendations because he is always accurate and professional.

In addition to being educated, Matt is just an over all great man. Many people find him to be very outgoing. He is known to be able to spark up a conversation with anyone who he may cross paths with! He is also a very hands on person. He enjoys interacting with others and actually doing work, instead of having other people do the work for him. Overall, Matt Badiali is a great man. He is very educated and skilled in what he does. He has done a great job with his career so far!

Elliptical Bike Exercises

Elliptical Bikes include vigorous or cardiovascular activities. Mentors may threaten you at first, however once you acquaint with the machines and when you perceive how effortlessly you can utilize them, you will discover them entertaining and you’ll incorporate them in your exercise schedule.

To begin an activity, put your feet in the place exceptionally made for them (pedals). The way that the feet are settled will enable you to make some one of a kind activities.

Curved movement is normal and fits the body, so the exercises will be exceptionally wonderful. It diminishes pressure and effect on muscles and joints.

Since time is winding up less an, a circular bicycle can encourage a great deal. You will work your body with a solitary gadget and you’ll spare time – you won’t be compelled to go from machine to machine, contingent upon each body part.

One advantage of circular bicycles is that they are appropriate for learners, yet in addition for competitors. What’s more, in light of the fact that the vast majority utilize them with delight, they work under a specific run the show. The sessions will enable you to finish a decent cardiovascular wellbeing.

It generally takes 20 minutes of activities to begin consuming calories and enhancing your wellbeing. On the off chance that you are a fledgling, work 20 minutes and increment the session time as you enhance your wellness level. Endeavor to set an objective to work three days a week and get up to five when you’re in better physical condition.

Another advantage of circular bicycles is that they are ideal for consuming fat. To really consume them, you need to do direct activities for quite a while. Mentors will let you know precisely the most proper length and sort of activity that will get you free of unattractive fat.

In the event that you have some available time and searching for good exercise, we suggest circular bicycles.

Cornelius Bejen is a health specialist who dependably prescribes the most ideal approaches to get more fit, to look great and be solid.

Bruno Fagali – A Renowned Administrative Lawyer at New/Sb in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney at Fagali advocacy in São Paulo. Bruno Fagali has decades of expertise in Ethics, Compliance, uran law, regulatory law and administrative legislation. He is also the Corporate integrity manager at new/sb.

Bruno Fagali is a practitioner at Fagali Law, a business that he co-founded together with Bob Vieira da Costa in July 2016. Bruno owns a master’s degree in state Regulation from the College of São Paulo, school of legislation enforcement. He is an expert in administrative legislation, skills he gained from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo from where he did his first degree in law. In his career, Bruno focusses on Community Administration Handle.

The New/sb is an Organization Focusing on Communication of Public concerns. Underneath the direction of Bruno, New/sb designed a code of behavior which has been in accord with the anti corruption Law in Brazil. His Company cautioned the General Controller of Union of Brazil (CGU) on the corporate rules. New/sb participated in auditions for advertising international organizations.

As the Integrity Supervisor in New/sb, Bruno Fagali claims that the business combined the CGU to refer their own ethics program as they failed to desire to get connected with corruption notably to get a business dealing with public communication. New/sb has government accounts in Brazil. For instance, they have accounts in Caixa, central-bank along with others. Bob Vieira da Costa employed a fantastic small business clinics System in New/sb.

Bruno Fagali has experience within Compliance equally in academics and skilled level. He’s likewise an Authority in Public regulation where he deals with administrative, urban and inherent problems. His additional regions of Specialty are Anti-Corruption regulation, Electoral regulation, advertisements and parliamentary regulation. Bruno has been successful in coordinating Ethics, Advertising and marketing organizations of regulation and Ethics at Brazil. He’s a Member of Organization Compliance & Ethics modern society.

For more, please check http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/bruno-jorge-fagali.

Grupo Televisa’s Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Wants the Company to Grow

     It may seem unusual for the CFO of one of the largest companies in the Spanish-speaking world to want the company to grow, but that is exactly what Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero wants to see happen with the options that he has. He has tried hard to make sure that he is doing things the right way and to make sure that he can do different things with the opportunities that he has. He has decided that he is going to make Grupo Televisa better with the options that he has so that he can try different things and make the company better than what it was in the past.

There is a lot of corruption that goes on in the media industry and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero feels that should no longer be an issue. He wants to take certain steps that will eliminate the need for the corruption in the media. he is going to do all of this so that the company will be profitable without having to rely on corrupt methods. He is hoping that the Grupo Televisa company will one day be completely clean and have money that is only coming from resources that are clean and able to be used confidently.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has always had the options that he wanted to make sure that he could try different things with the companies that he works with. Before working with Grupo, he worked with a different media company and helped them to become successful with the way that they did things. They are now profiting more than what they were before. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has not only worked for media companies. He also worked for a banking company where he was able to make things better for people who were using the banks.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Meteoric Rise: From Courtroom to Conference Halls

     Technological advancements have significantly revolutionized the Mexican media landscape. It has played a critical role in further cementing the leading position of longstanding industry leaders such as Televisa while also leading to the springing to life of new media entities. Additionally, technological advancements have radically changed the media broadcasting and programming landscape with more entities embracing digital technology with the launching of digital platforms through new subsidiaries. Mexican media companies such as Grupo Televisa, Grupo CIE, Grupo Reforma and Cinemex have increasingly coveted the expansive Hispanic audience in the United States. With the help of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, an experienced lawyer with excellent insight on U.S business environment, Grupo Televisa has significantly made inroads in the audience with the signing of a multimillion deal with Univision.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Career and Education Background

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega meteoric rise through the Mexican media industry and through the ranks and Grupo Televisa is founded on his excellent management, financial and organizational restructuring and retooling skills and grasp of the American business environment. The latter played a key role in the successful negotiation of a programming rights deal between Grupo Televisa and American-based media conglomerate, Univision. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is an experienced lawyer who launched his law career at White & Case LLP where he served as an attorney. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega left the New York City-based law firm to cofound Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. He was the firm’s founding partner from 1994 to 1999, during which he also doubled as Grupo Televisa’s chief financial officer and board secretary from 1998.

In addition to his board membership in numerous companies including Sky and Pepsi, he is currently serving as Grupo Televisa’s vice president in charge of finance and administration. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, a LLB degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México holder, also serves as a director at Univision.


Omar Yunes Defeated Other Franchisees to Scoop BFW Award

Omar Yunes is a Mexican business executive and owner of Sushi Itto, a food chain franchise. In December 2015, Mr. Yunes was announced the winner of BFW award in Florence, Italy. The Sushi Itto franchises are located in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. Omar Yunes opened his first franchise at age 21, and since then his business has expanded to 13 units. Sushi Itto has employed close to 400 workers to advance the interest of the franchise. During the global edition of BFW in Florence, there were 34 franchisees from countries like Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, France and others.

After receiving the award, Omar Yunes thanked his entire team of employees for playing vital role of ensuring his franchise is recognized globally. He said that he was only representing them in the event to collect the award on their behalf. The best franchisee was selected based on the impact they bring to the network, and not their brands. Some of the areas considered when choosing the winner include employee motivation, new ideas proposed by the franchisee to the model, and others.

The national events of BFW are first held before worldwide edition is held. In Mexico, Omar Yunes was also announced the winner, getting the ticket to represent Mexico in Florence, Italy. The organizers of the Mexican national event said Yunes was able to beat other franchisees because of his exceptional leadership skills that have led to the success of Sushi Itto Franchise. Benjamin Cancemelo, the CEO of Sushi Itto, thanked his team of employees for their effort of helping the franchise to be recognized as one of the best in the world.

About Omar Yunes

Mr. Omar Yunes is a businessman who has invested in the food industry. He owns a chain of units, the Sushi Itto, one of best franchise in the Mexican food industry. He has played important role of marketing his franchise across Mexico, and putting effective measures to motivate his employees. Under his leadership, Sushi Itto has created a solid business structure and developed a successful performance plan. Through excellent management skills, Yunes was able to outperform other franchisees from other countries.

Connect with Omar Yunes on Crunchbase.

Online Whiskey Events

Franklin-based event association MADE SOUTH starting late released the lineup of taking an intrigue cooks for the second yearly Southern Whiskey Society event, to be held Aug. 25 at The Factory at Franklin.

The event will include nine talented culinary specialists and pitmasters from seven various Southern states making brilliant tasting dishes for guests to acknowledge adjacent whiskey tests from more than 30 of the region’s driving distillers. The present year’s event will benefit Operation BBQ Relief.

“When you get a heap of magnificent people in a solitary place to share sublime sustenance and whiskey together, I think something powerful happens,” said MADE SOUTH creator Chris Thomas. “The South is rich with a tradition of culinary and refining capacity, and we require Southern Whiskey Society to be an event where extraordinary individuals can get together to adulate the sustenance and whiskey of our zone, all while supporting a marvelous reason.”


Taking an intrigue culinary experts for the 2018 Southern Whiskey Society are:

Jean-Paul Bourgeois of Blue Smoke in New York

Maneet Chauhan of Tànsuŏ in Nashville

Matt Combs of OBC Kitchen in Lexington

Todd Ginsberg of The General Muir in Atlanta

Andrew McCabe of bar Vetti in Louisville

Prevent McDaniel from securing SpringHouse in Alexander City, Alabama

Elliott Moss of Buxton Hall BBQ in Asheville, North Carolina

Erik Niel of Easy Bistro in Chattanooga

Aaron Siegel of Home Team BBQ in Charleston, South Carolina

Each cook will make a tasting dish including Southern components for guests to appreciate. Guests will in like manner approach tests from driving distillers including Kentucky Owl, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Leiper’s Fork Distillery, Buffalo Trace, High Wire Distilling, Angel’s Envy, John Emerald Distilling, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery to say the very least. The Buffalo Trace tasting locale will incorporate enormous quantities of the refineries acclaimed brands of whiskey and likewise the fundamental ever Southern Whiskey Society Barrel Pick of Old Weller Antique 107 Proof Bourbon.

Despite the main event on Saturday, Southern Whiskey Society is moreover offering an additional dinner event on Friday evening, Aug. 24, at 404 Kitchen in Nashville in relationship with Four Roses.

Culinary master Matt Bolus of 404 Kitchen will join Master Distiller Brent Elliott of Four Roses and MADE SOUTH Founder Chris Thomas for a four-course dinner that will include smooth pours and distinguishing strength blended beverages featuring Four Roses Bourbon. This individual dinner and whiskey experience is limited to just 60 seats.

The 2018 Southern Whiskey Society event will benefit Operation BBQ Relief, a fiasco easing non-advantage that gives hot BBQ suppers to those impacted by destructive occasions and the general population accessible as needs be that come to empower the system. Built up in May of 2011 after the stunning tornado in Joplin, Missouri, Operation BBQ Relief has served in excess of 1.75 million hot BBQ dinners in 24 states from 47 catastrophes.

OSI Industries Is The Result Of An Immigrants Dreams

     Otto Kolschowski was a German immigrant who came to America in the early nineteen-hundreds. He opened a small meat market in the Chicago area and began to establish himself as a well-rounded businessman. Otto and Sons provided meat products to local customers. Eventually this evolved into a supply mechanism for other food organizations in the area. Over the years Otto and Sons expanded its enterprise. By the 1950s Otto’s children had taken over the business. Another major food organization known as McDonald’s was looking to move into the Illinois region. McDonald’s was quickly expanding and needed a meat supplier in the local area that could handle its output. Otto and Sons was able to supply the needs of McDonald’s organization.

Otto and Sons introduced several innovations to the food industry including the patty cutting machine. This gave them the ability to supply their primary client with a ready-made product. Cryogenic freezing would revolutionize the fast food industry. Otto and Sons developed cryogenic freezing chambers in order to store large amounts of product and deliver them freshly to the client. Over time Otto and Sons became McDonald’s number one meat supplier.

Otto and Sons is now known as OSI Industries. OSI Industries has transformed into an international company that has a diversified client base. They supply beef, bacon and hotdogs to organizations such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Papa John’s Pizza. They were named the 136th largest private company in the United States by Forbes magazine in 2011.

OSI Industries continues to push forward by implementing a diverse hiring practice that allows them to acquire talent all around the world. They have recruiting bases in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Poland, the UK and Hungary. The company continues to expand and open its doors for people looking to broaden their opportunities.

The influence of OSI Industries has crossed over into other markets. The company recently acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group in order to create a broad reach towards various customers.

Check https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity for more information.