Global Empowerment With Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, she is the CEO responsible for the popular Bumble app. She is also the cofounder of the dating app Tinder. Added to Business Insider’s Most Important Women under 30 list in 2014, she is a true trail blazer. She would continue to grace the Forbes list over the next few years.

Whitney Wolfe has been on the cover of numerous magazines and earned her way to the TIME 100 list in April 2018. She served as Vice President of Marketing for the Tinder app. Her efforts led to the app exploding with downloads in college campuses as well as other markets. In December 2014 Whitney Wolfe had moved to Austin, Texas and founded the Bumble app. This was innovative because it gave females more control while using the dating app. This would empower women users of the dating app all over.

Within one year of putting it on the market, the app saw over 15 million conversations and 80 million matches. Bumble has over 30 million registered users. Forbes reports that the app is worth more than $1 billion. The app differs from traditional dating apps in the fact that females must initiate the communication contact to the guy. Features such as this has tremendously decreased harassment claims and reports.

The company’s headquarters is located in Austin Texas and has the nickname The Hive, rightfully so. With over 80 staff members, 85% of those staff members are females. The headquarters offices caters to it’s workers in the hive. Flexible work hours are in place as well as the ability to bring children to the office if needed.

Whitney Wolfe recently joined Imagine Entertainment as a board member. This company releases feature films, television programs, and various other programming. With the addition of her their company, Imagine Entertainment is sure to increase its already major reach and influence. Whitney Wolfe is indeed a visionary and innovator. Her passion to empower people, especially females in particular pushes her daily to carry on and progress. Each year she appears to be more successful than the previous so this upcoming year should be no different.

The Wonder of Business Women like Malini Saba

It’s rare, but every once in a while I will come across a woman in the business world that I had not been aware of before. I am a teacher of marketing, and I know a lot of women that have broken through the glass ceiling of the corporate world. When I came across Malini Saba, however, I was totally unfamiliar with who she was and what she was doing. In my research of Saba I would find that she was a chairman on the board at Saban, and she is also the founder of a group called Stree Foundation.

Both of these positions are admiral, but the thing that I would wonder about the most was how she could manage both positions and still find time for herself and her family. In my research I discovered that she had a daughter that she was very close to. Malini has mentioned that she would take the time to walk her daughter to school and refuse the help of a nanny for tasks like this. I found that amazing because most people that are in leadership positions are dedicated to the business. They are usually unavailable for things like taking their children to school, but Saba has found time to do this.

Her compassionate for her family makes it easy for me to see how she could have compassionate for women that may be in need of help. The Stree Foundation is something that she has given a lot of her