Victoria Doramus Is A Generous Giver Who Just Wants To Make The World A Better Place

Victoria Doramus is an addiction expert  who has been helping other addicts to recover in recent years. She has also been serving her community as a philanthropist, who gives out of the generosity of her heart. She has been volunteering with many different charitable organizations recently and hopes to continue to do as much as she can to make the world a better place for all living creatures.

Victoria Doramus has chosen to spend time volunteering with the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization operates to help put an end to the killing of cats and dogs in shelters. It also works to reduce the amount of homeless pets in the world. Best Friends has a no-kill sanctuary for pets in Utah. The organization also works out of Georgia, New York, Atlanta, and California. It has greatly reduced the amount of cats and dogs that have been killed in shelters in the United States since its creation in the early 1980s.

Victoria Doramus also supports the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is a charitable cthat works with young people to help keep them off of drugs. The foundation educates youngsters about the real dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and offers support to those who are already in the thralls of addiction. Mark Ronson has worked with the foundation as have other music industry professionals.

Victoria Doramus is also working with Room to Read, which is an organization that focuses on supporting educational equality for all people around the world. Room to Read has made life better for girls in developing nations who are hoping to finish secondary school. The organization has built more than 12,000 libraries and close to 1,500 schools in a spread of countries including Zambia, Sri Lanka, Laos, and more. Thousands of girls have also been provided with scholarships that help them for many years.

Victoria Doramus has also decided to support the Women’s Prison Association (WPA) as a volunteer. The organization offers assistance to women who are involved with the criminal justice system in the U.S. It offers women residential alternatives rather than incarceration and also helps to educate and mentor women who need it the most.

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