Lime Crime Presents there Products to the Customers.

With makeup all over the stalls in towns, it is essential to know the best one that suits your body and will not react by being allergic. It should make you glitter and leave you feeling like you are at the top of the world. The LimeCrime Products have become well known in the market for it gives the best beauty results. They lead in the social media and the cable TV networks with celebrities using them to look fabulous.

With the best quality and performance in our products, we have had other brands try to imitate us for the excellent products we manufacture, but they do not hit our high standards. Lime Crime merchandise sets the moods and you going. When applied they will keep whatever you are doing perfect, and you will not have to be shy. Confidence is what you will have from morning all the way to the evening. From your smile, shade to a shiny face, the products will make one glow and be a center of attention.

Lime Crime is releasing the Unicorn Hair Collection that is now better and improved. It is darker than before, and the release is going to be the four kinds that are going to be exciting. They are the Chestnut which is having a deep maroon tinge, Squid that is an eerie purple color, and the Charcoal which is characterized by a dusty gray color and last but not least, the Sea Witch that is tail green. The producers of these dyes were sure of the colors and knew what beauty means.

The dyes are meant to be applied by the people who felt that they could not use them and they are the brunette and darker haired ladies. These are the group that needs to represent Team Unicorn and looks utterly gorgeous. For more information, refer to our website in the meantime and stay ahead by being the perfect queen, rebelling, slaying, never dull and always a confident lady. With orders that will exceed 50 dollars, there will be free shipping as long as you will be in the USA.


OSI group is a trend setter in the processed foods industry. The company prides in provision of processed foods world over. In its list of foods is; beef, pork, fish, poultry, assorted vegetables among others. With branches in United States, Europe and Asia, OSI has broken the limits of physical boundaries to ensure customers satisfaction in provision of quality products.

In his words, President of the OSI Group-David McDonald, attributes the success to a clear understanding of their customers’ preference and culture. Noting the diverse customer base, David points to the decentralised management structure adopted by the Group as the foremost source of success. Local teams based in the various nation of operations ensure the products are customised to the liking of the local people.

OSI Group is privately owned with over 50 production facilities in 17 countries. In each of the countries, OSI facilities have stayed atop of the table as the leading value-added proteins supplier. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded with the coveted Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council for its recognized environmental awareness. The facility started in 1989 and based in Scunthorpe, won the award for the third time after winning in 2013 and 2015. It specialises in the production of beef and pork.

In China, OSI Group’s growth has been commensurate with the host county’s growth. To add to its already established eight facilities, the Group has two upcoming facilities and an upcoming joint venture with Doyoo Group in Zhoukou. This places OSI Group firmly on course to be the leading poultry producer in China. Famous food outlets in China rely on the OSI Group products to feed the ever growing Chinese population. The outlets include: McDonald’s, Subway, Papa Jones, Starbucks among others.

To ensure quality, OSI Group collaborates with manufacturers to introduce innovative equipment. Harnessing the benefits of technology, such equipment is able to further ensure safety of the products. For instance, by use of X- ray to identify foreign objects in foods. OSI Group also enforces strict adherence to health guidelines in growing crops and breeding animals to ensure the supplied raw agricultural products are safe for consumption. This has seen the group invest in technically developing the suppliers to meet the required standards.

Value for customer satisfaction coupled with the quality agricultural supplies and processed products have made OSI Group soar to unrivalled heights in the processed foods industry.

OSI Group Info:

End Citizens United Stands Up For Johnson Amendment

We are living in an increasingly partisan age of politics. No other time in history, since the Civil War at least, has the United States government been this divided. At the highest levels of government you have President Trump and his Republican cronies working in concerted effort to devalue laws and legislation on the books of the United States of America. One particular law has come under fire in recent months and that is the Johnson Amendment. Originally proposed as the Johnson Act, by Lyndon B Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower, the Johnson Act helped to solidify the separation of church and state. In exchange for tax-free status, churches and other religious institutions would keep political lobbying out of their services. The trade off passed with overwhelming support by both parties back in 1954 but since then the times have been changing.

President Trump signed an executive order back in May which told the IRS to back off of cracking down on churches that break the Johnson Amendment. The executive order doesn’t actually carry any legal significance, but it does serve as a dog-whistle for the marginal-but-rapid base of support that Trump has been catering to. By issuing this specific executive order, Trump has flouted the legality of the Johnson Amendment in the face of the country in exchange for more support from his base. As the party of ‘law and order’, this is not only unacceptable it is also immoral.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created to help cut the ties between millionaire and billionaire donors and their impact on the United States government. End Citizens United was formed with the specific mission of undoing the damage done by the Citizens United decision, made back in 2010. Citizens United is a propaganda group pioneered by conservative lawyer James Bopp. Bopp’s work with Citizens United, specifically his argument before the SCOTUS in 2010, helped to unleash hordes of lobbyists and special interests into D.C. It wouldn’t be hard to draw a direct line from 2010 to the current state of divisive affairs.

Despite not being strictly related to the Citizens United decision, End Citizens United has decided to use their sizable voice in defense of the Johnson Amendment. Led by PAC President Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is organizing grassroots support from moderates and progressives all over the country. Muller warns that repealing the Johnson Amendment could turn religious institutions into “tools for secret campaign spending.” Churches would effectively be able to funnel money straight from their donation plates to the highest ranking officials in the United States government. If you don’t see the problem with that, then you are probably one of the elites receiving these sizable paychecks. For more information visit:


The Humble Imran Haque

Imran is respected by many individuals for the great services he has offered to the community. The doctor has specialized in internal medicine. Imran has been licensed by the medical board having been trained well. The doctor holds both bachelors and a master’s degree. Imran Haque studied at the University of Virginia for his masters after being in the Universidad Iberoamericana.

The University is based in Santo Domingo. Doctor Imran holds a lot of experience of over fifteen years in the medical field. Patients with numerous ailments have been treated by the doctor. The patient’s experiences with the doctor are astounding. The doctor has specialized in treating different kinds of illness. Imran has also been a phenomenon in offering medical examinations to many individuals.

The residents of Asheboro have benefited from his services as he has served them equally and all the time. Initially, Imran worked for a hospital that was offering internal medicine. Imran realized that he has the opportunity to help many individuals in his community by expanding his horizon. Imran also had the opportunity to revive the bedside manner that had started collapsing in his country.

Doctor Imran encourages other upcoming individuals in the medical field to carry out a good research of where they want to establish their facility. The individuals should establish the needs of the patients. He further states that diligence, hard work, and having enough finances to run the organization will catapult the individuals to greater success.

Imran advocates for networking where individuals can get skills that they do not have from other individuals. The technology has been instrumental in the medical field. Individuals are able to offer services technologically. Machines have been manufactured that require high skills to treat the patients.

The doctor has multi -tasked that has enabled him to be successful in his achievements. Individuals who would like to venture into businesses have been cautioned by the doctor to be cautious of the others motives. He states that some people can destroy an individual on pretending they care. The entrepreneur has been kind and respectful to the individuals who have sought his help.


Felipe Montoro Jens the Man with a Vision

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, during his campaign, promised that to focus and transform the education sector once elected. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist and consultant in infrastructure projects, day care centers, and pre-schools are the most affected learning institutions in Rio de Janeiro hence mayor Crivella focus on them.

Felipe Montoro Jens the lead specialist in the implementation of this agenda is currently carrying out a feasibility study to determine if it is practical. The vision of the mayor is to create 40,000 thousand new places in pre-schools and 20,000 thousand new places in daycare by the year 2020. Felipe Montoro Jens seeks to replicate the Public-Private Partnership, the first in school models which were celebrated in July 2012 in Brazil. On December 30, 2004, PPP type of contracting was created where general rules of contracting and bidding were set. Felipe further says that the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a World Group member was hired for consulting services for R$ 2.3 million and will assist in project modeling.

The possibility of government and its institutions to partner with the private sector is a big boost for the development agenda and is an excellent alternative for government to provide services and acquire resources that they lack. Felipe Montoro says that PPP, in this case, will carry out maintenance, construction, teaching, and acquisition of educational equipment. Felipe Montoro Jens further explains that there was an administrative concession contract signed between the private companies and public administration entities that he has used in basing the contractual model. The construction, development, and operation of public goods and services fall under the purview of the Public Administrative Entities and Private Companies. Felipe hopes to play the main role in expanding the child education network in Rio de Janeiro.

What You Need To Know About Ted Bauman And His Achievements

     Ted Bauman is a renowned editor of The Smart Money Alert, Plan B Club and Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment tips and strategies, privacy and international migration issues. Currently, he resides in Atlanta, GA together with his family.

Throughout his life, Mr. Bauman has had only one goal- to help people access the resources that they need to be independent, to stop relying on corporate jobs and government aids. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up on Maryland’s eastern shore, but as a teenager, he relocated to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town for his postgraduate degree in History and Economics.

He spent 25 years in South Africa working in multiple non-profit organizations, usually as a fund executive for affordable housing projects. One of the foundations that he helped established, Slum Dwellers International Foundation, has assisted more than 14 million persons in 35 different nations.

From 2000-2007, Bauman operated as an advisor, researching and writing about housing, urban planning, and finance matters for many different people and organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations, the European grant-making agencies and the South African government. He went back to America in 2008, where he worked for Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of International Housing Programs. In 2013, he left his job and went to work for Banyan Hill Publishing as full-time researcher and writer.

Today, Ted has written and edited countless articles for Banyan and in one of his works “Debt: The Invisible Threat to Your Wealth,” he explains how the tax has affected Americans for generations.

Tax is one of the hot topics that politicians use to gain popularity, especially the present administration. Trump’s government promised voters to reduce taxes paid by big corporations during his presidential campaigns. Unfortunately, many people see this idea as a project aimed to benefit only the wealthy.

According to Ted, it’s in your interest to be concerned about tax issues because it helps in reducing your nonrefundable income. Since tax amounts to about 15-25 percent of your gross income, it’s something that’s worth your attention.

The United States is one of the most debt-based economies on the planet. Almost everything is being paid using a credit, and that’s why life is expensive. If these services were paid using cash, things would be much better. There’s so much borrowing, and this is the reason why even if taxes are reduced today, it’s the only the rich who will be smiling to the bank. The only way for America to be great again and a better economy for everyone is for the government to address the debt issue instead of the tax.

Fear Of Going To A Therapist? This App May Be The Answer For You

Some people fear going to the dentist, other people fear going to a therapist. These fears are very different and exist for different reasons, but the fact remains that some people simply do not like the idea of seeking help for their mental health issues. It is a sad commentary on our society that we have allowed this stigma to stick around so unchallenged in many circles. However, the good news is that there are some who are trying to fix it.

Talkspace is an excellent example of something that is attempting to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. What Talkspace is all about is an application that makes it possible for a person to text a therapist rather than just go and see one in person. That matters for all of those people who have the fear of seeing a therapist face-to-face.

This is a New York based app that claims to already be serving 500,000 people by pairing them up with more than 1,000 professional therapists. That is a sizable dent in the overall problem of mental health. It is certainly not something to be brushed aside.

The rates of hospitalization are considerably lower for those with mental health issues who use the app than those who do not says the company. Lives and money are literally being saved by the fact that this app exists. It is an unprecedented miracle in the mental health community, and the people who use it regularly are able to share with others the great bounty of success that they have had with it. This will surely help to spread the word about this app a little more broadly in the future. There is great hope that more people will hear of it and start to use it for themselves going forward.

End Citizens United: Protecting the Johnson Amendment at All Cost

End Citizens United is an American political organization that was created in 2015 to promote transparency during presidential and local elections and to stop a rival group named Citizens United from promoting rules and regulations with the help of the wealthy families and corporate giants that are against the will of the people. Recently, End Citizens United released a statement accusing the Republican Party of changing the constitution and removing one of the most important amendments in the history of the United States – the Johnson Amendment, authored by former United States President Lyndon B. Johnson. According to End Citizens United, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that will weaken the Johnson Amendment, but the whole Republican Party decided that it should completely be erased from the Constitution.

The Johnson Amendment prohibits certain tax exempted organizations like the church, for example, from supporting or opposing an official electoral candidate. If the Johnson Amendment will be removed, End Citizens United fears that the church will be used as a tool by greedy politicians for their ambitions. They are stating that huge amounts of money will be transferred to the churches, and the churches will be the ones to give it to the candidate that they support. This will also usher an end to the tax exempt status of the church, and they will be required to pay their taxes to the government if the amendment is removed. End Citizens United fears that organizations like the church will be abused, and corruption in the United States government will become worse. Visit to know more.

End Citizens United wanted the present administration of the United States of America to get their hands off the Johnson Amendment. The political group is also appealing to the American people and to all who are supporting their cause to do their part in protecting the amendment. End Citizens United is only two years old, being founded in 2015, but the group is gaining attention because of their causes which includes the reversal of the United States Supreme Court ruling in 2010 citing corporations and businesses as individuals who have the right to support a particular candidate. They are doing protests for the last two years, and they are also involved in several fund raising activities to finance the candidates for the 2018 National Elections who shares the same sentiments with End Citizens United. According to experts, the group has a strong following, being able to raise $4 million in just a short period of time, and they believe that they can raise up to $32 million before the election period. End Citizens United stated that they just wanted to help the American people in restoring a transparent and trustworthy government. Learn more:



Matt Badiali, A Well Rounded Man

     Matt Badiali is one of the many contributors to Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a well educated man. He earned his B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. He also attended graduate school and earned his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Matt is known for being very smart, out-going, and hands on.

Matt’s work is truly one of a kind. Throughout his career he has traveled extensively. This has made him very culturally diverse. He has traveled to Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Hong Kong, and many other countries! Matt also has a lengthy experience as a geologist. During his traveling, he researched and analyzed different topics relating to geology, which just perfected his skill.

Before working at Banyan Hill, Matt worked as a geologist. Working as a geologist has taught Matt serval important skills. For example, Matt can predict the condition that any business of home may be in just by looking at its ground. For specialist, different holes and cracks can describe how good of health the establishment is in. Matt has genuinely perfected this skill which has helped many people throughout the years.

Matt is a former employee of Stansberry and Associates. He had developed a high fan base while working at this company. Many people have come out and said the he was one of the best contributors to the company. Matt is so good at what he does that most of his reading have followed him to Bayan Hill to continue to read his great work. Many people respect his work and recommendations because he is always accurate and professional.

In addition to being educated, Matt is just an over all great man. Many people find him to be very outgoing. He is known to be able to spark up a conversation with anyone who he may cross paths with! He is also a very hands on person. He enjoys interacting with others and actually doing work, instead of having other people do the work for him. Overall, Matt Badiali is a great man. He is very educated and skilled in what he does. He has done a great job with his career so far!

Crowd-Reviews Impact on Fabletics’ Success

Whatever the business, your customers’ satisfaction is your number one priority to consider. If you fail to impress one, you may potentially lose more in the future. Word of mouth is and has always been a powerful tool in the consumer industry. That is why reviewing a business by customers is an excellent source of information on what or where to improve. The “power of the crowd” is a vital factor and can make the difference between success and failure. More companies are aware of how much consumers trust and depend on crowd review to determine their purchase decision.


Brands are harnessing and capitalizing on this shift in consumer behavior by formulating marketing strategies based on reviews. Good consumer reviews help build the loyalty, retention and drive the acquisition of new customers. An excellent example of a company that has found such success is Fabletics. The fitness apparel store founded in 2013 has witnessed a tremendous growth in revenues and clientele to reach over one million customers. Fabletics’ parent company’s marketing officer, Shawn Gold, attributes the success to embrace user reviews actively into the company’s marketing strategies.


However, Fabletics journey to success would not be if not for Hollywood celebrity, Kate Hudson. The 38-year old famed actor has been the face of the workout apparel since its inception. TechStyle Fashion Group, the parent company had the concept of starting an athleisure brand to cater for women with clothing that is both for leisure and can be used for a workout.


With an active workout lifestyle, Kate was easily the perfect match to endorse Fabletics. With the market lacking a stylish, quality and reasonably priced athleisure brand, Kate saw this as the opportunity to venture. The actress has been heavily involved since day one, and her participation is vital whether in picking a social media strategy or reviewing. Her efforts are also evident in the design process to keep the styles fresh. Hudson also spearheaded efforts to make communication a priority to improve their customer service department. Furthermore, she actively endorses the workout gear, and it is not uncommon to see her in Fabletics yoga pants out on a walk.


Her commitment has seen the company growth reach to an over $200 million valuation from a small startup just three and a half years ago. A look into the future with the company has seen the introduction of a subscription model to accommodate high-performance workout clothes. But a unique feature of the store is the ability to personalize your apparel to your recommendations. By taking the Fabletics Lifestyle quiz, a customer will be able to choose from thousands of styles curated to meet your desires.


With more consumers spending more time online, data has become vital in determining their tastes and preferences. With the future of athleisure indeed bright, Fabletics data-driven approach is set to take the growth even further. Customer reviews are becoming more vital and have helped Fabletics build on their strengths while also working on their presumed weaknesses.