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NewsWatch is a television show recognized for its news for consumers on new products and innovations in technology, mobile application reviews, medical and government news, interviews with celebrities, and public service announcements. NewsWatch TV has been award several awards, including a gold and platinum Marcom award in 2017. They were also awarded the Videographer award for excellence in 2017.



NewsWatch TV has been around for over two decades, beginning in 1990. However, they did not start out as a review source for the hottest and upcoming products, but rather as a review source for financial problems. During the mid-90’s, NewsWatch began publishing a magazine, which covered an array of topics that appealed to the public. By 2011, NewsWatch pointed its focus towards the technological aspect of the consumer market. Since then, NewsWatch has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.



Recently, NewsWatch Television collaborated with a company called SteelSeries; an electronics and headphone company that services consumers all over the globe. NewsWatch provided their reviews on two of SteelSeries’ products; headphones and gaming controllers. Their goal was to aid in reaching the interest of more consumers on behalf of SteelSeries. This technique also allowed SteelSeries to utilize the video for more future marketing.



The advertisement and reviews paid off in the long run. The NewsWatch television review on SteelSeries products was seen by more than 95 million viewers across the nation. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director of Marketing for Steel Series, mentioned that they were very happy and satisfied to work with NewsWatch because they have such an extensive knowledge on public relations with an incredible ability to deliver information in such a way that any audience can understand. After the review done by NewsWatch, SteelSeries saw a major boost in their distribution and sales

With Reserve, Jeunesse Global taps into protective effects of red wine

For decades, medical researchers have understood the beneficial effects of red wine. Some of the known benefits are the drink’s ability to protect against coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke. But there have also been effects that have been identified as being totally independent of these, which, for reasons that still are not completely understood, are able to significantly increase the expected lifespans of those who drink red wine in moderation.

However, the medical community does not recommend that anyone who does not currently drink alcohol begin drinking red wine for these salutary benefits. This would, at first glance, seem to be a strange position. The benefits of red wine consumption are both strong and well-known, meaning that anyone who followed the recommended guidelines for its consumption would be very likely to experience an expected increase in their lifespan.

The fundamental problem lies with the fact that enough people who begin drinking red wine are not able to stay within the recommended consumption guidelines that the net benefit to public health is actually negative even though research has clearly established red wine’s protective powers.

Now, a new product from health and beauty leader Jeunesse Global is seeking to capture all of the benefits of drinking two glasses of red wine per day without any of the potential health hazards. Through the creation of its product known as Reserve, Jeunesse has tapped into the main source of protective, anti-oxidant effects of red wine consumption: a substance known as resveratrol.

This substance has been isolated by Jeunesse through the development of a special process that uses the same kinds of grapes involved in the production of red wine. Reserve also contains a wide array of healthy ingredients, including some of the most powerful fruits on Earth. Known as superfruits, isolates from these ultra-heathy food items, such as acai, Concorde grape, pomegranate, blueberries and dark sweet cherries infuse Reserve, making it among the healthiest drinks that are scientifically possible to create.

Users have raved about the taste of Reserve as well, which they describe as being the closest thing to drinking freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice that they have ever gotten in a prepackaged drink.


Malcom CasSelle Offers Unique Growth Strategy

The use of blockchain technology and digital currencies has been a very big story in the financial markets for the last few years. In this time period, blockchain technology has increased dramatically in use and the price of digital currencies has skyrocketed compared to where it was just a few years ago. While there are many different areas in which digital currencies and block chain are used, one of the most prevalent is when someone buys in-game assets when playing a video game.


The use of blockchain has many advantages to those that like to use it to play video games. First, it provides a great sense of anonymity. This helps to keep a players identity secure. Furthermore, it provides a lot more security than compared to paying for someone with a credit card, which can be easily hacked and stolen.


While the use of this blockchain technology is already prevalent in video games, it will likely continue to increase in use in the future. In the coming years, Opskins will be creating a new platform called the Worldwide Asset Exchange. This exchange, which will be called WAX for short, will provide a gamer with the ability to complete a variety of transactions through the use of digital currencies. This will help to establish a more organized system for processing digital currency payments.


This will hardly be the only major transaction and investment made by Opskins in the coming years. For the past few years, the company has positioned itself well in the only holdings of virtual assets. Over the past few years, the company has made many ivnestments and improvements to technology that will benefit the company for years to come.


The company continues to be led by Malcom CasSelle who is the CIO of the organization. In his current role, CasSelle is the lead on any new tech or other advancement that the company has in place. He will be a major contributor to the new WAX system and will help to ensure that it grows to the point where it is the leading provider of such services in the world.


The Recent European Expansions for OSI Food Solutions Spell Big Gains for the Food Powerhouse:

OSI Food Solutions is a world leading food company that provides quality food items. The company supplies creative, custom food solutions to the foodservice and retail industries. OSI services some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry including fast food giants McDonald’s and KFC. The team at OSI Food Solutions is led by Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin and President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald. These two respected executives have led OSI Group on a consistent path of expansion that has seen to company grow to its current level. OSI group has facilities in 17 countries worldwide. The companies expansion has recently ramped up in its European market due to several big acquisitions and a huge upgrade at OSI’s facility in Toledo, Spain that has seen a doubling of processed chicken production.

Big Acquisitions and Upgrades in Europe:

OSI Food Solutions has recently acquired major European food companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe. The acquisition of these two great businesses adds new lines of wonderful products to OSI’s portfolio and will allow the company to attract new customers while continuing to constantly improve service to existing accounts. Another huge boost to OSI’s European push is the €17 million in upgrades to the company’s Toledo, Spain facility. Processed chicken production has increased from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons per year at the location. The increased production looks to be a huge boost to OSI’s already excellent reputation in Europe.

About Sheldon Lavin:

OSI Food Solutions Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin has been with the organization since 1970. Coming to the food business from the world of financial consulting, Sheldon had a vision of growing OSI Food Solutions into a world leader in the business. This was accomplished through the massive expansion of the 1970s and 1980s that saw OSI gain a worldwide footprint. Sheldon is very proud of the family culture that has been fostered at OSI Food solutions, a culture that he feels strongly will last long after he is gone.

About David McDonald:

OSI Food Solutions President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald has been with the organization since 1987. He was initially brought on the help develop the firm’s accounts abroad. David continues to be active in this role today, having a large role in the company’s recent European expansions.

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The Greatest Railcar Ever

1National Steel Car owes its success to Gregory James Aziz and his wisdom. This faithful man would work with them diligently so that they could become the massive company that they are today. Aziz’s skillful work allowed National Steel Car to not only do business in Canada the take over a large chunk of market share in the northern reaches of the United States of America. Gregory James Aziz served National Steel Car as the chairman of the board, liaison to Parliament and Congress, and of course, as the Chief Executive Officer.


Greg James Aziz was born a businessman. He knew that he wanted that kind of influence and prestige. Even more importantly, he knew he had what it took. So, Gregory James Aziz would enroll at Western University and complete both his undergraduate and graduate degrees there. While at Western University, he would record every business practice that he came across and knew that one day he would be able to transform a business.


One of the many businesses that he transformed was National Steel Car. National Steel Car is quite the success story but I do not have time right now to detail every wonderful thing to you. What is important for this writing is that the business had continued for nearly 100 years. Gregory James Aziz was going to be the man that worked for National Steel Car as their leader when they became 100 years old.


In order to make sure that this company turned 100 Greg Aziz needed to fix a few things inside National Steel Car. Unfortunately, as is common with businesses their age, they had become complacent. They were not striving for their best like they once did. He renewed their vision for innovation and this spark of creativity reignited the entire company. Go To This Page for additional information

Gregory James Aziz then began by mentoring the entire company. He worked with executives and managers but he even had time for the common worker. Each of these people he trained in the duties of their occupation so that they would Excel in every area. On top of that, he provided free classes and courses and workshops and seminars that each worker could attend so they would grow in their profession.

These sort of things, and many more, allowed National Steel Car to be full of proficient workers. It was only a matter of time before they found great success.


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Sujit Choundhry Explains Eric Holder’s 2017 Tweet

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned expert on constitutional law. He often shares his thoughts on subjects that range from basic politics to international affairs. He has assisted countries all over the world on policy and legislation. He is also the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkeley’s School of Law. His career has enabled him to explore the world. He has visited countries such as Libya, Nepal, South Africa, and Yemen during his time assisting and advising.

More of the Professor and his work on

Sujit Choudhry recently shared his thoughts in a book in which he was given an entire chapter to talk about a tweet by the former Attorney General of the United States. Eric Holder, the former AG for Barack Obama sent out the tweet in question in December of 2017.

In the tweet itself, Eric Holder announced that it would likely be the American people to decide if Donald Trump had the power to terminate Robert Mueller, the special counsel that is currently investigating whether Donald Trump’s campaign was involved in the Russian efforts to undermine America’s democratic process. Eric Holder said that if anything happens, the presence or lack of presence of peaceful protest will determine the future of the country.

The tweet read, “ABSOLUTE RED LINE: the firing of Bob Mueller of crippling the special counsel’s office.” It in unclear what exactly Holder means by red line, but that is exactly what Sujit Choudhry tried to explain in his recent chapter.

Choudhry says that Holder’s three capitalized words could come from two different trains of thought. One is simply a figurative red line, something that doesn’t hold to the standards of the constitution. The other possibility is a red line that the citizens of the United States won’t stand for. If the latter is true, if Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller, we could see polarizing reactions all over the United States.

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Jorge Moll and Why we get the Warm Glow of Giving

If the human brain has evolved for ultimate survival, why do we have charities and donate to others? Sacrificing of ourselves for the benefit of others seems counter-intuitive to our survival instincts. Jorge Moll has made significant progress into understanding the science behind human morality with a study on what happens when we donate to charity (

Jorge Moll is the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, and director for the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. He graduated with an MD in Neuroscience and received residency from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Giving to charity is a concept that scientists puzzled over for years. Giving away what we have is against the human drive to survive, so what are we doing it for? In 1989, the warm-glow feeling was first introduced. When test subjects were asked why they gave to charities, they described a warm glow they received when they donated. In his 2006 study, Jorge Moll discovered something important to back that up. His test subjects were given a sum of money and prompted with questions that forced them to either donate their money to various charities, or keep it for themselves. He watched what part of their brain “lit up” whenever they agreed to donate. The part of the brain that activated when the subjects donated is called the prefrontal cortex. This same area lights up for typical pleasures, such as delicious food or sex, and is called a reward center. The study showed that when the test subjects gave their money away to others rather than keep it for themselves, they activated “feel-good” responses in the brain.

Fascinated by the results Jorge Moll determined that the warm-glow feeling from giving to charity was indeed a biological response, not just an emotional one. We are hardwired to respond to charity the same way we respond to sex and food, it just feels good. Altruism is a part of our brain’s makeup. We sacrifice and donate to others because it gives us pleasure to do so.


Organizing a Campaign Rally with Tips from NGP VAN

NGP VAN software is widely used in Democratic campaigns across the United States. Their platform provides clients tools for fundraising, compliance, voter databases, field organizing, and social networking. The NGP VAN site also has many guides for improving your campaign. Here are their tips for running a successful campaign rally:

Campaign rallies are an excellent way to provide a boost to any campaign, they introduce your candidate to the public, bring in attention and media coverage, and motivate your supporters.
Rallies are most effective at the beginning of your campaign and during the final two weeks. Early rallies help establish a base of volunteer support and late rallies help pump up energy and enthusiasm needed to get voters to turn up at the polls.
Good planning is necessary for a successful rally. A rally shows the public face of your campaign and a poorly executed gathering will make your campaign look disorganized or unenthusiastic. Consider the location and choose a good site; someplace related to the campaign. Make sure you have acquired all the proper permits. Choose a space of appropriate size and that can accommodate all the guests. Ensure you have a good sound system and visuals with photos and campaign signs to pass out.
When writing the speech keep it compact; focus on sound bites and your core message while avoiding heavy data and policy discussions. Try to bring in notable members of the community to speak and explain why they endorse your candidate.
Advertise your event with fliers and social media. Contact local radio, television, newspaper, even college newspaper, and local news blogs.
Finally, make the most of your rally by collecting contact information and recruiting volunteers. Rallies are the best place to capture people’s inspiration, have volunteers sign up your attendees. Phone numbers and emails can be used with NGP VAN databases for volunteer recruitment and encouraging folks to go out and vote. A good rally can help to energize your supporters. With a solid campaign and strong technical support from NGP VAN, your campaign can put you on the path to winning.


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Anti-Aging innovations by Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in bioidentical hormones replacement and regenerative medicine. He is a director at the Healthy Aging medical Centre in West Orange New Jersey. This is a facility which focuses on care for patients with age-related issues. The facility offers the following vitamin testing, nutrition, food allergy testing, bioidentical testing, weight issues and age-related issues. Dr. Dov Rand has the passion for serving people with Aging issues this passion lead to the start of fitness journey to the patients.

The center where Dr. Dov Rand serves at offer anti-ageing, integrated medicine and weight loss programs. Patients with Aging-related problems which include anxiety, lack of sleep, frequent fatigue and low sexual desire. Dr. Dov Rand developed various treatments to deal them the treatment has to do with hormones and their use in the human body.

To help patients deal with weight loss, Dr. Dov Rand initiated the use of HCG die. This is a natural way that the body uses to lose weight. This hormone normally exists in pregnant women only. HCG is known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in full. It is mostly used because it works with the body naturally. It stops the muscle from reducing which is what most diets do. The results of using this diet are quick; the patients also don’t suffer hunger pangs because it reduces appetite. Dr. Dov Rand’s patients experienced lots of changes after using this method such as increased energy levels, better health and lower insulin levels.

Dr. Dov Rand also used bioidentical hormones to help his patients. This is a situation whereby the good hormones are brought back. There are those good hormones which are suppressed as a personage the bad hormones are responsible for the patients ageing issues. To restore the patient’s health, he administers bioidentical hormones thus bringing back the good hormones.

Dr. Dov Rand also offers what is known as IV nutrient therapy. This therapy is administered by significantly increasing the hormones produced by the body to their highest levels. To administer this, the patient goes through blood and genetic testing so that the right nutrients and exercises are recommended.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Lab contribution to cancer treatment

Tempus Labs is a healthcare start-up that offers personalized cancer treatment care to its patients. The facility provides a wide range of cancer treatment services such DNA/RNA genomic analysis, pathology, medical imaging and tumor cells related analyses.

Tempus labs was co-founded in 2005, by Eric Lefkofsky an influential Chicago based entrepreneur. Under his leadership, the facility has been recognized for some key milestones that have been seen to offer significant avenues for medical treatments.

For instance, Tempus Labs was acknowledged for putting to use two technologies such gene therapy and gene editing for disease diagnosis. Also, they were also recognized in Eric Topol’s list of excellent and promising health start-ups. To know more about him click here.

Tempus Labs offers a platform that provides analytical and interactive learning. The platform is designed to aid the physicians in providing proper care to cancer patients. The physicians can make decisions that are data-driven since they make use of the DNA/RNA genomic sequencing therapeutic and molecular data analysis. In a nutshell, the organization is determined to offer best medical services to all patients.

Several other start-up technologies have also been recognized for their likely impact in the healthcare sector. One such technique is the artificial technology that has been designed to treat eye conditions. The technology is considered to be very useful since it offers excellent diagnosis results compared to the clinician’s diagnosis.

Another technology that also received a mention in Topol’s list is the blood pressure watch. The watch has been tested and approved by FDA. It is used to monitor and record blood pressure levels by picking signals from the radial artery. Other technologies in the list include; Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) Immunotherapy for cancer, Abbott’s Freestyle Libre Flash glucose monitor and Dexcom’s Glucose sensors and pathogen sequencing technology

Besides, founding Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky has also co-founded several other organizations. He together with his wife started Lefkofsky Family Foundation to help improve the society in various areas by funding multiple projects. He attended University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and University of Michigan Law School. He has also authored a book by the name. Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.