Tim Ioannides Offers Quality Dermatology Solutions


The medicine field is quite dynamic. When an epidemic arises, different forms of technology are formed to get rid of them. Technology has helped to improve the lives of numerous people. Medical dermatology has been enhanced in different ways. Also, many lifesaving procedures have been formulated by professionals such as Tim Ioannides, a professional dermatologist. Different medical practitioners have focused on areas such as anti-aging techniques and cosmetic driven procedures.

Medical dermatology mainly focuses on treating different skin-related conditions. As a medical practitioner, Tim Ioannides has focused primarily on ensuring that he has formulated effective solutions to various dermatological issues. Tim Ioannides utilizes the experience that he possesses to offer quality services to each of his patients. Ioannides is also a board-certified dermatologist.

After completing his studies, Tim Ioannides got an employment opportunity, but he later resorted to establishing his firm so that he could achieve some of his underlying goals. During the period when he was employed, Ioannides gained some business insight that proved to be of great value.

Since Ioannides was passionate about entrepreneurship, he established Treasure Coast Dermatology. The company grew progressively under his leadership. With time, Treasure Coast Dermatology was operating in several locations.

Tim Ioannides has been making use of a patient-first approach. He also offers attentive care to each of his patients. As a dermatologist, Tim has managed to gain a positive reputation by providing quality services. Ioannides is fully dedicated to his practice as a dermatologist, and he has also managed to ensure that Treasure Coast Dermatology has long-term clients.

His primary focus has been on ensuring that he has brought about some positive changes in the medical field. Tim Ioannides has also worked closely with a team of professionals who were trying to come up with the skin cancer vaccine. The research carried out by Tim Ioannides is quite promising, and he is confident that the skin cancer vaccine will be unveiled soon. See Related Link to learn more.

Learn some quick facts, background information, specialties and affiliations and his patients’ reviews and ratings on his page at Vitals.com entitled “Dr. Tim Ioannides MD – Reviews”.


Visit him on http://www.tcdermatology.com/


Highland Capital Offers Wide Range Of Funds To Institutional And Retail Investors

Highland Capital Management L.P. is a company in the financial industry. It was founded in 1993 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Additional offices are located in Singapore, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Seoul. Its co-founders are Jim Dondero and Mark Okada.

It offers institutional and retail investors from around the world a diverse investment platform. The types of assets it invests in are real estate, structured debt, public equities, private equities, region- and sector-specific verticals, high yield credit, and fixed income.

Highland Capital Management is a retirement plan sponsor. They can act as either a 3(21) or 3(38) co-fiduciary on 401(k) plans. They help companies ensure that the retirement plans they offer their employees are in their best interest and that of the plan itself. They have created a well-diversified and cost-effective 401(k) plan that is easy to understand for participants. Participants can choose from eight models, which range from conservative to aggressive. See This Article for additional information.

They offer alternative funds, which are available to institutional and accredited investors. These investors have access to options such as private equity, managed futures, long/short, real estate, merger arbitrage, opportunistic credit, and technically-driven strategies.

Highland Capital offers funds focused on income. The income mainly comes from bonds and other debt instruments. These include government debt, high yield corporate debt, municipal bonds, and mortgage-backed securities. Some of their income funds are tax exempt.

In July 2019, Highland Capital Management started offering the Highland Socially Responsible Equity Fund. This fund is invested in the stock of 30 to 40 medium- to large-sized companies. These are socially and environmentally responsible companies that have the potential for above-average growth.

They are a company that invests in the Dallas community. Many of their employees volunteer their time, and executives have served on the advisory boards of nonprofits. They also make financial donations such as to the Dallas Zoo. Find Additional Information Here.

They also conduct business out of the firm’s satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. Highland Capital Management’s emergence into Europe came in part with the acquisitions of other financial institutions. They also acquired NexBank and ING Capital Management in 2004 and 2006 respectively.


Additional reference: https://www.linkedin.com/company/highland-capital-management-l-p-


AdvisoryCloud Asks: Which Skills Do Companies Seek in Advisors?

For companies trying to build a successful business, executive experience and expertise are very important. People who have had a real-world business experience are instrumental in helping CEOs and business persons invest in new areas of the industry and overcome obstacles they may face. Companies seek advisors externally who have the required skill set to provide solutions to the problems they face. Companies may be different but they always experience a number of the same challenges. According to a survey done by AdvisoryCloud, firms prefer advisors who can contribute to the overall growth of businesses.

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37% of companies preferred an advisor with strong marketing skills.

For small businesses and startups, the next step would be to invest in marketing. Marketing is essential in influencing customer behavior. Social media, blogs, and websites have become platforms used significantly in influencing customers’ decisions in wanting a product. Marketing Advisors have been recognized by firms in the digital era to have a huge impact on building brands through the implementation of marketing strategies. Market advisors also influence the sustainability of a profitable business model.

17% of companies revealed they needed advisors with strong networking skills

Strong networking is the second most desired skill by firms. These skills are essential in establishing partnerships, hiring highly skilled labor and securing investors. Networking is a skill applicable in every industry. Advisors use their expertise to advise executives on which connections to secure depending on the current and future business trends.

13% of companies want advisors with exceptional deal-making skills

Many first time Managers and CEOs lack this skill. They turn to advisors with expertise in acquisitions, divestments, mergers, partnerships, among others. Deal-making is mostly the second most strategic action a CEO is likely to participate in after promotion. Advisors may also participate in internal deal-making such as salary negotiations, insurance plans, healthcare plans, etc.

12% of companies seek an advisor who will work as an executive coach

Some leaders and executives prefer an advisor who will be a personal mentor to them. This type of relationship helps the CEO receive unbiased feedback from an external source. Though this is ideal for first time CEOs, some leaders have made it a personal objective to have a second opinion before making decisions.

8% of the companies revealed they wanted an advisor with long-term planning expertise

Companies that focus on the day to day activities and don’t invest in long-term planning are likely to fail. Planning for the future is significant to a company’s success. Advisors with these skills help businesses prepare to embrace future business cycles by developing the necessary long-term strategies. This investment reduces risk and promotes productivity.


See: https://www.forbes.com/sites/betsyatkins/2019/07/29/new-gig-economy-model-emerges-for-on-demand-advisors/#28f6541f703b

The MAGFAST Charger Family Might Be The Most Exciting Thing To Hit The World Of Mobile Device Charging Ever


MAGFAST Charger is the revolutionary company behind a family of device chargers that work wirelessly through the use of magnetic technology. The goals at MAGFAST is to provide charging solutions for the consumer public that eliminates the need to be bothered with charging cables and inevitably just end up tangled and twisted together.

At MAGFAST, the attitude is that these types of cable-based chargers are a thing of the past and the future is all about MAGFAST. The great thing about the MAGFAST Charger family of device chargers is the fact that they all work on any modern device currently on the market and they come with power banks that contain many features. Rapid charging of mobile devices without the need for any wires is here and it is here to stay. Go Here to learn more.

Back in 2013, MAGFAST Charger Chief Executive and founder Seymour Segnit created his first wireless charger as a result of his frustration with the necessity of carrying around a host of different charger cables to keep his devices going. Seymour Segnit wanted to find a solution to this issue and the invention that he created was something that he knew other people would want to use as well.

This was the way that MAGFAST Charger was born and by 2018, Seymour Segnit had created the company that is now offering the consumer public a host of great options that allow them to charge their mobile devices without the need to carry around charging cables. This is called the MAGFAST Charger family.

The MAGFAST Charger family currently consists of six different chargers that are perfect for the different situations that individuals encounter. The LifeCharger, RoadCharger, and AirCharger are three of the models available and they represent the perfect charger for different situations. It really is true that MAGFAST Charger might just be the best thing to ever happen to device charging. Click Here to learn more.


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The Logistics Ecosystem in China Has Developed Greatly Courtesy of JD Logistics


JD.com is a well-known e-commerce platform based in China. The company has been authorized to make use of the shipping pallets that are usually produced by EPAL (European Pallet Association). The partnership between the two firms will be highly beneficial. The pallets being manufactured by the European Pallet Association will also be distributed to different firms throughout China through the Jingdong Cloud Box.

The Jingdong “Cloud Box” was developed by JD logistics. The cloud box ensures that people have access to leasing and repair services. The platform also ensures that each client has access to different pieces of information on a real-time basis. Through the Jingdong Cloud Box, the transactions involving the pallets being produced by the European Pallet Association can also be accessed. Both companies will benefit from increased efficiency.

The European Pallet Association operates as an open pooling system. JD has been offering logistics carrier services since its inception in 1991. The firm has also been operating globally. They also provide quality services. EPAL is also licensed, and they usually countercheck the details of the repairers and producers. At the moment, EPAL is also dealing with more than 1,500 repairs and authorized production operations in more than 30 nations.

Jingdong Logistics is highly committed, and the company is focusing on making sure that their supply chain is sustainable. The JD Cloud Box also aims to become among the largest open trading platforms globally. The platform will make use of the pallets being produced by EPAL.

The partnership between EPAL and Jingdong will ensure that the e-commerce platform gains a competitive edge in the logistics sector in China. By ensuring that high-quality pallets can be accessed easily and reliably, JD.com will be able to make sure that the supply chain is operating efficiently.

The recent partnership will ensure that the European Pallet Association has a smooth transition while trying to venture into the Chinese market. Jingdong has also gained a lot of recognition over the years since they also ensure that each of their clients has access to quality original products; as a result, JD.com has ensured that the company has a good reputation in China.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “JD.com’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.


Find more information on http://jdcorporateblog.com/


An Overview of Sharon Prince and Grace Farms

The Grace Farms community center sits on 80 acres of land and is designed to allow people to interact freely with others. Developed by SANAA, the River Building is the centerpiece of the community center, and the firm also remodeled several existing structures on the property to serve as meeting centers.

The Center Opened in 2015 After Years of Controversy

In October 2015, Sharon Prince Grace Farms was officially opened to the public. However, it took many years of wrangling with local authorities before the center was able to be built. Community members were concerned that the structure would ruin what was one of the last pieces of unspoiled land in the New Canaan area. Generally speaking, New Canaan had been seen as a quiet town where people came to escape traffic and other pitfalls of modern life.


Everyone Would Eventually Get What They Wanted

Although the community had concerns about the project, Sharon Prince was not going to let those concerns stop her from getting what she wanted. Sharon Prince was able to create a design that would blend in with the existing natural landscape. Prince also took steps to ensure that traffic and other forms of noise were kept to a minimum.

Associating with Sharon Prince Grace Farms resulted in SANAA winning a Pritzker Prize, which is one of the top prizes in the architectural community. They were chosen to work on the project because their vision for the compound meshed with what Sharon Prince wanted. Sanaa was one of 25 architecture firms that were considered to build the River building.


About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has long believed that hope is one of the most important things that a person can have. She created the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009 in an effort to bring hope to the world and use it to end human suffering in its many forms. Refer to This Article for more information.

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Nobiskrug, The Flagstaff Manufacturer Of Superyachts For The Privinvest Group


Superyachts are one of the latest trends in the world of boating. As the wealthier get richer – at least in the United States, home to the world’s largest population of billionaires – more and more mega-rich people are willing to dish out tens of millions of dollars on superyachts.

Iskandar Safa, co-founder, co-owner, and Chief Executive Officer of Privinvest, predicted this nearly 20 years ago, when Privinvest really started honing its focus on superyachts.

Mr. Iskandar Safa is an innovative entrepreneur. He has a passion for the work he has been doing at Privinvest for several decades. Safa was born in Beirut in 1955. He has lifelong memories of his childhood days spent at the sea.


First off – What is Privinvest?

Privinvest, also known as the Privinvest Group, is a network of shipbuilding companies headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, that has been in operation since 1990. The company’s business model has consisted solely of purchasing existing shipbuilding companies and aggregating them together to benefit from things like less competition and subsequently being able to charge higher prices and offering different types of ships the company could custom-build.

Privinvest owns seven companies, each of which makes marine vessels.


What about Privinvest’s focus on superyachts?

Nobiskrug has long been one of Privinvest’s largest manufacturers. The company has a lengthy history, as its first operations date back to 1905. Nobiskrug’s first superyacht came considerably later, however, in 2000, in the form of Tatoosh, a 92-meter-long yacht – it sleeps 20 and is fully manned by 35. Find More Information Here.

Since 2000, Nobiskrug has delivered 10 superyachts to clients around the world. Currently, Nobiskrug serves the Privinvest Group as its sole manufacturer and designer of superyachts.

Still, Privinvest is open to building superyachts that have been designed by other individuals and firms, though only if Germany’s Nobiskrug is able to manufacture the entirety of such ships. See This Article to learn more.

Privinvest has rusted the entirety of its superyacht-building responsibilities in the hands of Nobiskrug for roughly a decade now, which took place after another one of Privinvest’s subsidiaries secured the full-on acquisition of Nobiskrug’s assets.


View his channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AL5scoFNME1VAgP6Xpejg


Building a Private Equity Firm CEO: TJ Maloney

The true gauge of success for individuals operating in investment funds is the accomplishments of the fund itself. In 1986 Lincolnshire Management was established to invest in companies that are considered in the middle market and help them to grow into larger entities. They have been very successful at this task while developing a network of resources to streamline the process of assisting the right companies in reaching their full potential. With every successful deal, they can reinforce their foundation of individuals with vast expertise that will propel the companies of the future.

Lincolnshire has well over $1.5 billion in private equity funds under management mainly operating out of their headquarters in New York. There’s also a regional location in Chicago allowing them to spearhead everything from corporate divestitures, to management buyouts. Over the last twenty-six years, many of these milestones have been reached by the same leadership.

The current CEO of Lincolnshire Management started with the company in 1993. He has played an intricate part in every action of the private equity firm, which can easily be shown as a catalyst to the long-standing success. He originally practiced securities, acquisition and merger law which he developed an immense understanding from his bachelor’s degree from Boston College; then also earning a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School. TJ Maloney has also served on the Board of Trustees at Boston College and Fordham University and is the former chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. He has also served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States and the Tilton School Board of Trustees. This prepared him for serving on over a dozen boards at Lincolnshire. Within their numerous transactions, they have worked with Credentials Services International, PADI, AMPORTS, Transcraft Corp., Kathryn Beich, Cybergenics Corp., Component InterTechnologies Inc., and Prince Sports.

Connect with TJ Maloney here https://www.facebook.com/tjmaloneyceo/

CEO of Privinvest Iskandar Safa Promotes their German Site


In a world where shipping routes connect countries and people around the world, there are naturally many shipping yards spread across the planet. Among the top of the list for perspective clients is the plant in Germany known as Nobiskrug. It was put into operations in 1905 and has been a central point during both conflict and peaceful times.

Additionally, the site is home of the biggest Yachts in the world. Privinvest took hold control of the location several years ago and has since only increased the importance of the site. Iskandar Safa expands on his vision in an online interview.

Nobiskrug sees two main groups of clients walk through the doors. The first are government clients who seek state of the art ships for defense and trading. Iskandar Safa aims to have his company produce only the highest quality of ships. However, the private client base is also just as important for his brand. He continuously seeks new heights on ship construction.

There are new energy efficient methods in testing, and drafts of how big Yachts can be built in the future. Privinvest is a jointly owned operation between a pair of brothers. They each take on an active role in ensuring the daily operations run smoothly. Go To This Page for more information.

As more and more resources get allocated into the Nobiskrug site, Iskandar Safa sees only the potential growing at the site. He cites a need for more contracts in particular. While the business is running steadily, the shipping industry needs more money to continue evolving with the times. Visit This Page for additional information.

Privinvest has been in business for several decades and is always looking at new ventures around the world. The market for private ships is as strong as ever, and the technology to make modern vessels is steadily catching up to the imagination of builders.


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