Riot Games Puts Fairness First In Their Gaming Programs

Playing video games have become one of the most popular activities for children and adults all across the globe. They build up their skill to become better than the next player. Video game participants have rallied together, and tournament games have been formed in which one player emerges as the champion. This is the premises on which Riot Games was founded. Riot Games is an American based video game developer who trades tournament organizers abroad. The company improves on games that have already been released instead of starting development on new games. Their best known game is League of Legends.

Riot Game Diversity is based on the working teams calling out any and all prejudices in order to leverage the strengths of the company, and to know the weaknesses. The company does not adjudicate, or tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, bigotry, religious discrimination, or ageism. They focus on teams of honesty as a major factor for success. The company wants to make the workplace where teams can form lifelong friendships, and entwine the excitement of making games. Riot Game Diversity will help ensure that they generate the best ideas while challenging the current situations, and optimally making better games.

The Riot Games Diversity teams work closely with the Riot Games Inclusion teams to increase efforts in the diverse voices, and to promote an environment that is inclusive in every aspect of Riot Games. The company wants fairness across the board. Riot Games is a worldwide company with over 2,500 employees globally. They are also focused on the team that manages how they work, collaborate, and play together. All of the initiatives of Riot Games which include Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion, is now under the leadership of their first Chief Diversity Officer, Angela Roseboro, which makes Riot the most inclusive in gaming.