MANILA, Philippines — Three-time NBA champion and current Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy, considered the best player development coach in the league, is coming to the Philippines. Handy, who contributed to teams that made it to the NBA Finals for an unprecedented six straight times (from 2015 to 2020), has personally trained legends Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Pau Gasol, Kawhi Leonard and many of the greatest professional basketball players in history. The former player has himself been a coach in the NBA since 2011, and is renowned among fellow basketball coaches and trainers worldwide for his online video series “Handy’s Handles,” which breaks down essential skills for high-level basketball players. He will be in the country from June 19 to 27 to work with elite college teams and one PBA team. Handy will also conduct a one-day training session with local coaches.

”Working with players as a coach is a collaboration,” Handy explains. “They’re high-level athletes. I believe that the relationship that a coach has with a player has to be a two-way street. I’ve always tried to be a student of the game, watch players and have evaluations of my own. But I’ve always wanted to know what areas they want to improve in. Where can I help you?”

The 6’5” Handy played guard for the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors from 1993 to 1995, and won a Western Athletic Conference Championship. After playing for the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers in the 2005 NBA season, he entered the Continental Basketball Association, making the All-Rookie Team. After that, Phil began an accomplished career overseas, seeing action in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK and Australia. His first Philippine visit is organized by CST, an international tax company based in Singapore, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and the Philippines.

“We are very excited to bring a coach with the caliber and reputation of Coach Phil Handy to Manila. CST Accountants works with sports professionals worldwide to help them with their taxes and finances. Our passion is sports and entertainment clients,” declares Boon Tan, managing director of CST. “We know that basketball is a religion in the Philippines, and through the series of clinics we have organized, we can demonstrate to Coach how much love the country has for the game. Indeed, many in the Manila basketball family have told us they are looking forward to welcoming Coach Handy. His arrival before the FIBA World Cup in August could not be better timed.”

Twelve years ago, when Mike Brown was hired as the head coach of the Lakers, Handy joined the team, and had the opportunity to train Kobe Bryant until 2013, when he transferred with Brown to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There, Handy handled LeBron James and other NBA players. The Cavs made the Finals four consecutive times, winning the NBA championship in 2016. In 2019, Handy rejoined James at the Lakers, where he has become the foremost player trainer in the league. Philippine coaches are excited to learn from one of the best basketball minds in the world. Handy, who was first exposed to Filipinos culture when his family moved to Union City in California when he was 12, can’t wait to finally see the country whose food, culture and passion for basketball has always fascinated him.

“Aw, man, I’ve heard so many great things about the Philippines,” says Handy, who loves Filipino food like lumpia (fried spring rolls). “Just the culture, learning more about the people, the food, just the whole background of the Filipino spirit. I get so much love, I have a lot fans that have reached out to me from the Philippines. I’m getting chills now just waiting to experience the culture.”

And that love is also a two-way street. The Phil Handy Philippine Tour is sponsored by Shangri-La at The Fort, Kerry Sports, and The Shangri-La Group.

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