Merchants Get Excited About the New Marketing Platform Provided to Them by

Nothing is more pleasant to a manufacturer than knowing that their products will have a ready market after production. This has been a challenge to many producers, whereby they create goods and services without a guarantee for their consumption. In such a case, the best thing for such organizations is to put clear and functional supply chains, which would link them to the target market once their products are ready for consumption. Fortunately, has come to the rescue of the manufacturers and other service providers. They can no longer be exploited by the traditional intermediaries, whose primary aim was to extort them of their hard-earned money from the sales., an online store whose headquarters are in China, is leading the revolution in the business sector. The company, under the leadership of Jing Xu, provides a platform where both the service providers and consumers interact and conduct business. How they do it? You need to know this! This eCommerce store is in its capacity, not a manufacturer. All it does is connecting merchants who seek to find a market for their merchandise, both locally and internationally. Once a producer has a product that is ready for consumption, all they need to do is contact the platform and share their ideas., with its extensive global customer base, then displays the product in their store. Any potential buyer will then find out the services and contact the store operators, who will then connect them with the merchant. The beauty of this process is that products are shipped directly from the seller to the consumer, not through

One of the manufacturers who have significantly benefited from this initiative of is Tong Heng, a renowned producer of bird’s nest. This delicious food is common among the Chinese, especially young individuals. It has been categorized as one of the most nutritious delicacies globally. Tong Heng, an Indonesian manufacturer, entered into a partnership with JingDong to facilitate the sales of bird’s nest, whose popularity is increasing in China. This was a great decision that will see Ton Heng increase its revenues by leveraging the massive customer reach of JD.

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