Dez Perez Pushes Tidal Foreward as Sprint Invests in Tidal

Music streaming lovers need make no doubt about it: this is the next frontier for music. Many people have become dissatisfied with the radio. Others are no longer interested in buying full albums. Music streaming has become the measuring stick for the popularity of artists. Jay-Z recognized this a while ago and he purchased Tidal in order to get in on what was happening in the music streaming industry.


There were many barriers to entry so it took someone like Dez Perez to make Tidal a brand that people were interested in. This company has come a long way in a short amount of time and this is because Dez Perez has been in the background orchestrating the way that this company will move forward. She has the experience of someone with street knowledge, but she also knows how to carry herself in a business environment. She knows how to conduct herself in a way that is definitely going to change the way that people see Tidal. Desiree Perez is not someone that has become accustomed to simply taking what is given. To the contrary, Perez has been one that is willing to fight her way to the top and negotiate the contract in a way that will be beneficial for music artists and music streaming fans.  Click on 


Her hard work has not gone unnoticed because there is a growing customer database that Tidal has produced. This database has grown so well that Sprint executives have made decisions to invest in this music streaming service. The thing that is music company is ultimately showing consumers is that there is a real need for a company that has high fidelity music. This is what Tidal has to offer, and that is why this company is moving forward with the help of Desiree Perez.



Discover The Benefits Of Having A Reliable Medicare Advantage Plan

InnovaCare is backed by M.D., & MBA Richard Shinto, as CEO and Chief Officer. His goal is to provide top managed physician services under their Medicare Advantage Plan to a wide range of beneficiaries. In fact, when asked, Shinto admits that his beneficiaries come first. InnovaCare is committed to the highest level of customer service excellency in the industry. They are the largest managed physician services program in North America with over 24,000+ beneficiaries. Surprisingly, with over 25+ years experience in managed healthcare gives them a superior level of expertise. Richard Shinto has played a major role in pioneering InnovaCare to a complex healthcare system that is constantly evolving.

Their numbers demonstrate the commitment of their beneficiaries worldwide. The emotional and physical well being of their clients is important to InnovaCare says, Penelope Kokkindes, Assistant Chief Executive Officer. In an effort towards positive growth they have hired three top professionals to add a creative vision and leadership to their team. The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex and adding leadership professionals will allow InnovaCare to continue to successfully compete. They can continue to be a leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage organization. Visit their company profile in LinkedIn.

The Benefits Of InnovaCare

InnovaCare is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and is a top managed physician services provider. You get quality Medicare plans along with physician services when and where you need it. They are building a positive healthcare environment that is centered around their customers and causing them to live a productive lifestyle. They are redefining healthcare management one step at a time. They offer two comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans that will allow you to receive extended medical and dental that is not allowed under the original Medicare and Medicaid program.

In a recent effort to provide the industries highest level of customer service satisfaction and extended services to their customers they have acquired First+ Medicare Advantage. This will add an additional 27,000+ beneficiaries along with $166 million in premium revenue. This will contribute to expanding their network and drive quality innovative throughout their team. Integrating services will help lower the cost of overhead finances. The transition has been a positive opportunity for growth within their managed healthcare leadership responsibilities. You’re invited to visit the InnovaCare website, land based facility, or call their 800 number for more details on becoming a beneficiary today.

Business Consultation For The 21st Century

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jason Hope? Are you interested in the field of technology? More than likely you probably haven’t heard of this remarkable guy, but he has done some major things in the technology industry. Unfortunately it seems like the credit is never issued to the people who actually make a difference in society, but more so for entertainers and professional athletes. This is the world we live in, but just know that there are many talented people in this world who don’t necessarily make a living from holding a mic or throwing a ball.

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Technologist Jason Hope has been a major influencer in the field of technology. This guy has his hands in a number of projects that span across many industries. Technology is his game and he has used it to build a successful career and comfortable lifestyle. Jason Hope has a broad educational background that focuses in business. The Arizona State University Graduate has a Degree in Finance as well as an MBA. This has laid the groundwork to success and he’s used every bit of it to make a name for himself. Jason Hope also offers consultation services to up and coming technologist and start-up businesses. This service has been found to be very thorough and beneficial as it is designed to provide that extra push to help others succeed. This is just the kind of guy he is as he’s done many philanthropic things for society in-general.

SENS Research Foundation benefits as well from Jason Hope as he’s donated half a million dollars for it’s cause as well as many hours of his time. If everyone had the same mindset of this individual, the world would be a much better place.

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Betsy DeVos Develops A Major Philanthropic Career

There are few Americans who have devoted more of their time to good causes than Betsy DeVos, the Michigan based philanthropist and education reformer who has become the major proponent of charter schools as part of the education system. The major work completed by Betsy DeVos in the area of education reform is a single spoke in her ever expanding wheel of philanthropic work completed by the Grand Rapids philanthropist who often works alongside her husband through the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation (

Dick and Betsy DeVos have backed a wide range of philanthropic activities and campaigns through their own foundation that often reflect the beliefs of the couple, but often have a basis in the Grand Rapids, Michigan region where the couple have often sought to boost the economy and culture. One of the major programs the couple support is the annual ArtPrize that was begun in 2009 as an annual art prize. The prize is designed to attract many major artists to the Grand Rapids region and provide a way of building interest in the arts in this often culturally ignored region; ArtPrize offers an innovative approach to a community prize that sees the public vote on the artistic works as a way of driving more people to explore the arts with the aid of Betsy DeVos and husband Dick.

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Philanthropy takes on many different guises for Betsy DeVos who has spent a large amount of her time in recent years looking to develop The Windquest Group of companies that provides an umbrella for the investments for those picked out by Dick and Betsy DeVos. The work of the couple through The Windquest Group has taken on many different forms and includes not for profit organizations, such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school founded by Betsy DeVos as the first school specializing in an education in aviation in the U.S.

Through her work in education reform the name Betsy DeVos has become intrinsically linked to the area of education reform that has become a major cause to be enjoyed by people across the U.S. As the regional head of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has been able to aid in the passage of many educational programs supported by her philanthropic work. Among the programs backed by Betsy DeVos and the many charitable foundations she has played a key role in are the Detroit Charter School system that has become a major success and a flagship program across the U.S. The charter schools of Detroit have been proven to provide the same level of education in just three months as is provided in a full year at a Detroit public school. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

The Magnises Black Card is Millennials Golden Ticket

When you get your new black card from Magnises it will have a credit line of $0, until you link it with your bank or another card, but that’s not the real value of the Magnises card. Ask anyone who is lucky enough to have one, the real value is the prestige, that comes with having one. The Magnises card, created by entrepreneur Billy McFarland, is all about the perks. The website boasts a 24/7 concierge service that can arrange concert tickets, get reservations at the trendiest restaurants, and send you to the front of the line at clubs. It also promises to arrange you a ride in a BMW 7L with driver, a decided step up from Uber. Hop over.


Based on, all this luxury doesn’t come cheap, annual dues are $250 with Selects priced at $300, and even that won’t guarantee you the black metal card. Members need to be referred by someone on the inside, then vetted by a process resembling joining a fraternity. All prospective members are invited to the Wooster Street penthouse, where they can socialize with established members, making friends or not. The vetting lasts a couple of days, after which, you are excepted into the group or rejected. The final result riding more on how cool the group perceives you are. Check this out.


Indeed, owning the Magnises black card is your ticket into the equivalent of the cool kids table. But to millennials it is the perception of wealth that matters. It’s easier to network when you give the illusion of success. If it isn’t the golden ticket to the big time, it is at least a small taste of it.


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EOS Puts The OMG Yummy Flavor Into Modern Lip Balm

There are lip balms, and then there are old lady lip balms. We prefer the modern formulas with the knock-out flavors and rich emollient bases. We’re sure most of you would agree.

EOS lip balms are genius in a number of ways, namely for their unique packaging, organic blends and yummy scents and taste. These balms have changed the way we apply this household beauty staple, and thank goodness for that.

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) comes in a small round pot with an easy twist-off top. This allows for the perfect amount of balm for any size and shape of lips. You don’t have to needlessly dip your fingers and create a mess to apply this moisturizing formula. Plus, it’s easy to find this distinct little sphere sitting in the bottom of your bag. Trying to locate a tube of balm is another thing.

EOS is all about rich formulas packed with a soothing shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E base. That’s not all, because the scents and flavors will blow you away. Celebrities like Britney Spears are addicted to EOS Smooth Lip Balm Sphere Pomegranate-Raspberry. We can understand her obsession with this flavored lip balm that’s 95-percent organic and 100-percent natural.

If you prefer a tropical flavor, then EOS has you covered in the best way. Jennifer Lopez appears partial to EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere Coconut Milk. The Latina beauty has been photographed with her favorite, and who can blame JLo? These amazing balms are petroleum-free, paraben-free and gluten-free.

Dancer Julianne Hough enjoys keeping her kissable lips smooth and soft with her little pot in the blue-stripe design. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere Vanilla Mint is a classic that deeply hydrates.

Choose an EOS sphere, and see for yourself. EOS lip balm products are available online on Amazon, and eBay(


How You Can Benefit From Embracing Equities First South Africa

Equities First South Africa is one among the subsidiaries of Equities First Holdings, which was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis. The company runs several other subsidiaries across the world and with a growing need for stock-based lending options, it has managed to help many individuals to get their businesses moving. In South Africa, Equities First has been working with people looking for quick solutions to their financial problems and particularly those who want to supplement funding for their struggling businesses. Everyone with a good plan can benefit from the services the company offers.

One of the reasons Equities First was motivated to venture into a lending option that dwells on stocks as collateral is because conventional options of lending have proved unreliable and most of them demand a lot to be attached to the application, which is against the abilities of many of those who go for lending options. Many applicants want to supplement their loans and others are after reliable options that can help them to run successful businesses. However, getting the right source of lending without collaterals is one challenge that forces many people to keep their ideas idle.

However, since Equities First came to the picture, many South African small businesses have benefitted from the support this company has been offering. All one needs is proof of stocks in publicly traded companies and they are allowed to attach that as their collateral. With a great platform that allows lending to take place seamlessly, many have been getting support to run businesses and to establish themselves in trade. Equities First Holdings has been growing in popularity and more people have joined the company to benefit from the services it offers to its various customers.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a company based in Indianapolis that deals with equity-based lending options. Since inception in 2002, the company has managed to offer over $1.4 billion to users based in different parts of the world. They expanded their network by entering into other nations like South Africa and Australia. With a wide reach across the world, Equities First Holdings has developed a great system that allows borrowers to enjoy simple terms of repayment that don’t put them to the test of having to go through the complex processes of getting credit through conventional banks. No need for assets as collaterals since the loans are attached to publicly traded stocks.

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Securus Technologies Honored For Their Exceptional Customer Service

The 11th annual Stevie Awards are coming up and Securus Technologies has been announced as a finalist for their “Best Customer Service” award. The Stevie Awards are known for their multiple business awards programs. On February 24, Securus will be awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze for their excellent service. A gala banquet will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where the winners will be announced.


77 judges from around the world evaluated more than 2300 nominees considered for 61 different categories.


Securus Technologies provides solutions and services to a unique population. Providing affordable communication systems to incarcerated individuals and their families poses some challenges. Those challenges are met through Securus’ extensive training in empathy. It is this philosophical approach to assisting clientele that has made Securus’ customer service team so amazing.


Recently, Securus recorded an all time high in call volume through their video and voice conferencing platform. Over 1 million calls were placed to families over Christmas, which is a crucial time for families to connect. It was their dedicated staff of 1350 associates, working hard to meet the demands of the call platform, that made this success possible.


Securus understands the significant role they play in meeting the communication needs of their customers. It is that understanding that has earned them this honor.



Sam Tabar’s Career Shifts Over Time

Sam Tabar, an attorney and a financial strategist based out of New York, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts from Oxford University and then went to Columbia Law School. Designated as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review where he was studying law, he graduated from Columbia Law School with a Master’s degree. He then went on to work as a new associate in Skadden, Slater and Arps. At Skadden, his main duty was to advise clients on the best way to lawfully shape hedge funds and the structures of such associations until 2004. In 2004, he went ahead to join the finance business at PMA Investment Advisors, which is situated in Hong Kong, and serves as a branch of the Sparx Group Company leaving the law business. The rundown of organizations in which Sam Tabar has been partnered throughout the years is more than quite recently noteworthy.

The rundown is demonstrative of the particular information and experience he has picked up. Working with such a variety of organizations has its prizes. His eloquence in both French, English and occasionally Japanese helped him all through his prosperous vocation in the legal and finance world. He then decided to retire in 2014.

While working with the Columbia Business Law Journal, he participated in editing and writing jobs. After all that, he decided to learn investments trends and team up with private investors to make money. He has worked with SheThinx which is a firm that focuses on changing the look of famine hygiene. The objective is to help ladies feel more sure about their regular day to day existences and also urge women to venture out into the social settings and be creative. He continues to offer a helping hand to small firms looking to use the skills that he has gathered to reach their full potential. Many people who have had the pleasure of working with him have nothing but good things to say calling him smart and very experienced. Outside of work, he continues to enjoy photography, and this can be seen on his Instagram page. There is no doubt that Sam Tabar will continue with his good work and put his experience to good use.

Todd Lubar Started His Real Estate Career As A Loan Originator

One of the misconceptions about successful people in the real estate industry is that success just came overnight. Many people think that success just happens for the successful people in the real estate industry. However, this thought is far from the truth. In actuality, successful people in the real estate profession usually have to work extremely hard to achieve the level of success that they achieve.


In many cases, it takes hard work and determination over a long time period before the success is realized. Successful people in real estate have to learn a lot about the real estate industry and their particular niche in the real estate industry before they can become successful. This takes time and dedication. Another thing that is needed for success is experience. Real estate professionals need experience in the real estate industry to give them a foundation for real estate success.


A successful real estate professional who put in hard work to achieve his success in the real estate industry is Todd Lubar. As a real estate professional, Todd Lubar has been working in the industry since 1995. Over that time period, Todd Lubar went from being a loan originator to owning numerous real estate businesses that are all very successful.


The primary focus of the real estate businesses that Todd Lubar owns is real estate loans. With his real estate businesses, Todd Lubar helps people secure real estate loans to purchase the real estate property they desire. Todd Lubar has an extensive background in real estate loans. He worked in this area of the real estate industry for over a decade before starting his own real estate businesses.


The desire that Todd Lubar has for real estate loans was developed during his first job in the real estate industry, which was as a loan originator. He learned a great deal over the decade he worked in various real estate loan positions before he started his own real estate companies.