She likes to write. She wrote a book and you should read it. It can be found here for cheap! Less than $7. No excuses really. It is important that you buy one and we will explain why in a bit.

She studies things but is also a screen production graduate.

She’s trying to be a better blogger.

Under blog you will find, well, a blog, and under fiction you will find, well, fiction. Under articles, etc etc, you get the idea.

She likes to write absurdism, political satire and streams of consciousness. She also likes to write about feminism, philosophy, and human… things.

Her dream in life is to be a bollywood leading man. Failing that, a magician. Or a harmonica player. Or a guru.

She likes yoga a lot.

She tweets a bit, some days she tweets more, some days she avoids altogether.

Maybe you’ll like her, she’s cool and stuff, but she’s pretty ambivalent when it comes to caring what other people think of her. But hopefully, she’ll write something that you connect with, sometime. That’s all she’s really aiming for.

She is currently living in a cabin in a Swedish forest with her fiancé and working on a new book!

(She can’t afford a proper website, FYI)

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