Equities First Holdings Offers Boutique Services

Equities First Holdings offers Boutique services to all their clients because they prefer to give their clients service that does not make them feel like a large company. The company that is coming to Equities First Holdings for a loan will get that down home service they like, and the clients who come in for the first loan of their private investment time will get the same service.

The choices that people make are much easier when they come to Equities First because they prefer to give customers personal service. They will look over every application for the client, and they will make life much easier when the loan is taken out and repaid to the company. They will work with all their clients like they live right around the corner, and that will make it much easier for someone to withdraw the exact amount of money that they need for their finances.

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Oren Frank and Talkspace

With the issue of mental health illnesses on the rise people need a place to be able to go and talk with no judgement. Somewhere that they feel safe. Something that is affordable. Being able to afford help is a lot of reason why people do not seek out help for their mental health. Talkspace offers all of this. Talkspace is a therapy service delivered through video chat. Talkspace is still growing, and was recently taken on by UnitedHealth.

Talkspace offers therapy services for $79 if you choose to talk to a therapist online weekly, or for $49 if you choose to message with a mental health specialist. The Talkspace business is already making millions for their services. Talkspace is trying to expand itself so that the professionals that work for them can even prescribe medications when needed. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

More and more employers are taking a deeper look into mental health. There is a growing trend that mental health issues may be affecting an employees productivity. Some companies have been joining Talkspace to allow their employees someone to talk to. Talkspace had a rough few first couple of months, but now they are growing largely. Users are starting to use the company more, and are paying for months in advance.

The important think that Oren Frank wanted when he helped to co-found Talkspace is for people to have a safe, affordable place to go if they needed help. This also allows patients the ability to talk to someone without having to face any embarrassment of being face to face with a therapist. More people will seek out help this way because they can do it through a chat system. Talkspace is a great thing. It is already growing its success very well, and will greatly help out people with mental health issues.

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Micheal Phelps’ Move to Join Talkspace

Micheal Phelps has announced that he plans to join Talkspace as a partner with the aim of promoting and improving the app to provide quality mental services to its users. This partnership will be featured on national TV campaign where Phelps will have an opportunity to shed light on issues of mental challenge through his personal experiences as a way of supporting others who are suffering from the condition. It is projected that he will be able to explain the unique benefits of the Talkspace app, corresponding digital assets will support this campaign.

Throughout his career, Micheal Phelps struggled with depression and anxiety, and it was difficult for him to find help. As soon as he started using Talkspace, he started opening up and talking about his issues openly, at this point he felt the strength and not vulnerable. The platform allowed him to talk with a therapist via text, web, and video, which was an amazing experience for him. He plans to help others get empowered by showing them that help is easier to access and is more affordable right now. The announcement marks the commitment between the star and the firm in a bid to fight stigma. Learn more about talkspace at crunchbase.com

Services Offered by Talkspace

Talkspace’s CEO, Oren Frank, has announced that he is pleased to have Michael join the platform. He says that Michael’s deep knowledge of mental health advocacy and his commitment to data-driven improvement in the platform will be of high benefit to the organization. The app allows users to send their therapist’s message over different social media platforms, with privacy through encryption of messages. All clinics and medical practitioners on the platform are highly vetted so that clients get the best service. Moreover, most of them are from the top universities in the country. Visit: http://www.iamtrillyoga.com/blog-posts/2018/2/13/-talkspace-was-there-when-i-needed-them

MB2 Dental Solutions Are About More Than Just Dentistry

As of March 2018 MB2 Solutions of Carrollton Texas recently announced its new Chief Financial Officer Jackson Hildebrand .Dr. Chris Villanueva the CEO of MB2 Solutions Stated the company welcomes Mr. Hildebrand with open arms. Jackson Hildebrand’s areas of experience include financial analysis, accounting and creating financial reports to greater improved MB2 Solutions in the future.

MB2 Solutions has amazing growth potential with 91 facilities in practice currently. The numbers can potentially increase in the future.

In addition to the recent hiring of Jackson Hildebrand MB2 Dental Solutions allows its staff members, Doctors and employees to own as well as invest in his or her own practice. As well as invest in other dentist within the MB2 Dental Solution network. MB2 Dentist continually strive to perfect his or her own dental practices for their patients.

In fact MB2 Dental Solutions has over 100 independent facilities in the following areas: Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

MB2 Dental Solutions is involved closely with the community and its needs. As well as the fact that MB2 Solution is involved in more than just dentistry.

One example is how MB2 Dental Solutions pulled together to raise funds after one of the largest natural disasters in our worlds history! MB2 Solutions raised over $93,000 dollars for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The fund raising took place in the areas of Beaumont and Victoria Texas.

However, the funds were not the only type of aide that was generated. MB2 also gathered aide commodities in the form of blankets, clothing, personal items, food goods water and other valuable items. The displaced families and individuals needed much more than just money. Therefore, MB2 stepped up to the task and did whatever they could to help their community out.

The much needed donations were then loaded onto trucks and driven to the local MB2 Dental solution facilities as well as local churches where it was distributed to the victims and families.

Dr. Villanueva the CEO of MB2 overseas every aspect of the network of Dentist practices. The doctors are not just employees they are all well known friends and business partners.

MB2 offers much needed breaks from time to time for its doctor. A special retreat is available in Cancun for the doctors and their spouses. Here at the retreat the doctors and spouses are welcome to participate in many activities. Moreover, the doctors can even just rest and relax if they choose to do so.

Dr. Villanueva also helps each doctor to improve and accomplish each ones individual goals. Every Dentist has a vision of what his or her practice should accomplish and become.

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Vinod Gupta On Sustainable Strategies


Most of us wish trading were seeing that easy because putting a sum of money into the hands of a company, and sitting back because they change that expenditure quickly, and for a sizeable revenue. Essentially, beginner investors hope to have the benefits of trading their wages, entrusting the people accountable for their positive growth. Much like all issues of prize, there is without a doubt risk linked from every factor.

Although most people think that investing could be most unstable for traders, the emotion reigns a lot truer designed for buyout companies, and banking institutions buying possessions to accumulate earnings. As the personal trader might risk shedding portions of individually obtained funds, banking institutions are powered by the same basic principle, just with large sums of funds.

Regarding buyout companies, the risk could very well be steepest, because they try to make money on a task that is considered unprofitable. Therefore, with these types of dangers in the forefront, it really is safe to state that experts involved inside this sector should never just depend on their particular instincts, yet also end up being exceptionally well educated, sneaky, and frequently forward-thinking in high-pressure situations.

It really is not saying enough to state that the United States marketplace is changing. In the last few years, the economy provides bore see to full collapse, numerous bubbles filled, sluggish and painful start again intervals, flourishing debts never noticed just before, and general corporate transformation. However, the humming interpersonal environment can be changing frequently, affecting ways that individuals consider investing their particular money, the protection of investments, as well as the rising dependence on alternative strategies of producing valid income.

Vinod Gupta, the current manager at Everest Group, had a vision from a very young age. Not only did he strive to be personally successful, but he aimed to parlay this success into the communal good for his family, neighborhood, and community. Investing is not always about providing the most money to the most profitable companies, or those already well in existence. A large portion of investing lies in determining the most effective long-term impacts that a contribution will make. Visit This Page to learn more.

Vinod Gupta believed in this doctrine, and worked very hard for many years. The fruit of this labor? A single $100 investment that turned into a $680M company! Not only was this financial success huge personally, but combined with his generosity, Vinod Gupta has provided thousands of others with educational, business, and financial opportunities that they would not have otherwise.

Vinod remains a fantastic example of an entrepreneur who has successfully created a vastly profitable company, but who has understood the importance of giving back to the community on a personal, and professional scale.


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Roseann Bennett Incorporates Her Experience Into Canine Assisted Therapy


With more than ten years’ experience and a license in marriage and family therapy, Roseann Bennett is still leading in that field, more so in counseling and psychology. Her counseling experience helped her to notice the need for outpatient treatment; more so, to patients who are unable to pay for treatment or are disenfranchised.

Roseann Bennett started the Centre for Assessment Treatment that catered for people from different occupations. Together with her husband Todd, Roseann started this center off their pockets, and since then she has been able to maintain and operate the center in a way that is more appropriate, beneficial and therapeutic to all those who come to her. Bennett has also avoided bureaucracy that is synonymous with agencies that rely on outside funding.

Since she is the co-founder and the Executive Director, Bennett formulates curriculum for different programs and ensures the daily operations of the clinic are successful. Her experience in therapy has helped her to apply different approaches that yield results for different patients. She is incorporating “Canine-Assisted Therapy” into different modules that fall within her practice because she believes in therapeutic processes. Go Here to learn more.

From ancient times, animals have been used to assist human beings with different things and helping them to live a productive, engaged, and meaningful life is important. With “Canine-Assisted Therapy”, Roseann Bennett believes it has too much potential to help canines. The addition of Jack to the treatment team is the starting point to explore this potential. She hopes to get yield positive results through the steps of previous experiments of canine-assisted therapy as she explores traditional therapeutic measures.

Roseann Bennett’s idea of “Canine-Assisted Therapy” was born out of the recognition of the relationship that children develop with animals, especially dogs. The Centre for Assessment and Treatment continues to grow, and the customer service is more inclusive and represents the needs of mental health services within that area.


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Alastair Borthwick Became A Beloved Author Due To His Ability To Vividly Describe A Wide Range Of Topics

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish author who is famous for a pair of books that he wrote which each covered unique and different subjects. In his writing, he became legendary for his vivid depictions of both the horrors of war and the beauty of climbing in the majestic grandeur of the Scottish Highlands. The fact that he was able to excel in writing in separate genres from a perspective of subject matter is certainly one of the reasons that he became one of the most beloved authors to come out of Scotland in the Twentieth Century. His first of these two celebrated literary works was Always A Little Further which he published back in 1939. The book was his own personal memory of his decade spent exploring Scotland’s Highlands region. The second book was published in 1946 and is know as Sans Peur. This book covers the topic of the final years of the bloody conflict known as World War II.

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Alastair Borthwick began life in Rutherglen but was primarily raised in the town of Troon in Ayrshire. When he was eleven, he had a major change of scenery as he moved to the city of Glasgow. It was at the age of 16 that he first became involved in the writing industry when he gained employment with the Evening Times as a copytaker. Though he was young, he quickly showed his talent and was soon working in an editorial role for some of the publication’s regular segments. It was also due to his association with this newspaper that he discovered the rock climbing hobby that would become such a major part of his life for a decade (Blogwebpedia).

Alastair Borthwick quickly became noted for his writings on this topic and this led to the publication of Always A Little Further. In many ways, it was the spirit of adventure that led Alastair Borthwick to climb the Highland hills that also led him to volunteer for military service at the outbreak of World War II. It was during this grim experience that he gained the knowledge of the topic for his second book.



Roseann Bennett: How To Administer The Right Mental Healthcare To Patients


Roseann Bennett boasts of being a professional caregiver with a significant dedication of her professional life to making sure that every patient who encounters challenges in the mental healthcare department receives the right treatment option and therapy.

Bennett dedicates her career to discuss issues pertaining to the healthcare diagnosis o mental issues including technology and the ease with which clients can access useful platforms. Recently, Bennett addressed the value of “Telemedicine” in administering therapy to patients. Bennett observed that “Telemedicine” has a positive impact on the lives of patients and doctors since the parties don’t have to meet physically to administer or receive viable treatment. As opposed to the usual conventional treatment methods, “Telemedicine” offers a comprehensive platform of modern technologies for patients to reach physicians and connect with them. These technologies play an integral role in eliminating doctor-patient interactions through channels such as Skype and email.

Roseann Bennett adds that the nature of this platform makes it an impressive deal with many benefits while raising a few red flags regarding its effectiveness in assisting patients with mental issues to access treatment. Not only is the “Telemedicine” convenient but also easy to use when seeking virtual appointments since patients don’t have to travel all the way to the doctor. Bennett also notes that “Telemedicine” could be risky since the therapist could lose a patient’s data thereby making errors during diagnosis and treatment. Click Here to learn more.

Moreover, caregivers who administer treatment need to learn how to use “Telemedicine” to form good relationships with their patients effectively. She, however, notes that it may be difficult to deliver the right treatment before establishing a good relationship with the patient. Online counseling can also lead to the delivery of inconsistent services since caregivers may abuse the platform by issuing rushed decisions before assessing the health of the patient. In severe cases, Roseann Bennett implores healthcare practitioners to hold a meeting with the patient in order to understand the intensity of the problem.


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Steve Ritchie Has Big Plans for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie knows what it takes to work your way to the top. In 2006, he started as a hourly worker in a branch of Papa John’s. At the beginning of this year, he was made Chief Executive Officer. He is not the exception. 98% of restaurant managers worked for the company as drivers, customer service reps or shift managers.

Although Papa John’s is the third largest pizza delivery company, Ritchie knows that there is work to be done. He has been listening to a range of people, including staff and experts in the fields of equality and diversity, in order to shift the culture of the company back to its core beliefs.

One of the things Ritchie wants to achieve, it is the broadening of its minority owned franchises. He is also looking for gender diversity, and so he is finding ways to allow more women to own a Papa John’s franchise. He will be doing this through a program of incentives and favorable pricing structures. Ritchie will not stop there. He wants Papa John’s to have a bigger reach into the communities that the company serves.

The new ad campaign that Ritchie has developed is aimed at winning former customers back, and he is particularly focused on millennials and Gen Z customers. He is hopeful that there will be very few store closings, and he is also optimistic about overseas growth. He believes there will be 350 new stores worldwide. Papa John’s has had a series of quarters of negative growth, but Ritchie believes that the estimates for future earnings are not accurate. That model takes into account that no old customers will be returning to Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie hopes that the new franchise owner program and the new ad campaign mean that it will not be the case that they cannot win back former customers.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Every Day’s Growth

Recently, Fortress Investment Group acquired Worth Avenue, a fascinating shopping thoroughfare located in Palm Beach, Florida. Worth Avenue housed Tiffany & Co. before the acquisition and will continue to accommodate the company after the acquisition. The purchase cost Fortress an amount of up to $20 million.

Worth Avenue property was sold after two business-oriented development organizations joined hands for its purchase. New York-based Kean Development Co. and Hyde Retail Partners are the new proud owners of top Florida’s shopping thoroughfare. Fortress Investment Group managed the funds used in the purchase hence its involvement in the business deal. The aim of acquiring the property is to make it even more productive.

Fortress Investment Group also had a successful business deal with SuperCom. SuperCom is an organization that has its specialties in offering security solutions for both governmental and non-governmental organizations in areas to do with finance and healthcare systems among others.

Fortress gave funds worth $20 million in credit form to boost SuperCom’s finances used for the various business operations. The credit is to last for four years and should be paid at an interest of a range between 7% and 8% with a LIBOR on any outstanding balance. The CEO of SuperCom, Arie Trabelsi, expressed his pleasure in the development through a statement released by the company.

Another recent development from the Fortress Investment Group is with its rail transport system, Brightline. The recent partnership between Brightline and Virgin Group (owned by Richard Branson’s) will change the system’s brand from Brightline to Virgin Trains USA. Virgin Group leads renowned global travel companies. The firm was brought on board to help with marketing and planning due to its expertise in the area.

Basic information about Fortress Investment Group.
Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens came together in 1998 to form Fortress with the aim of offering services around credit providence, real estate management, private equity, and other various capital business ventures. Over the years, Fortress has grown and now mans assets of up to $41.4 billion according to a recent assessment. It has almost a thousand employees worldwide all managing assets of different kinds.

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