Sergey Petrossov Bio Recap

Sergey Petrossov is quite the force to be reckoned with when it comes to his startup company, JetSmarter. After its rather humble beginnings in 2015, it’s grown to a few hundred employees and flights into the United States, Europe, and the Middle East as well as plans to bring people to India, South American and China.

The JetSmarter mobile app is convenient for members to use. They can create their own shared charter, travel using a private jet shuttle, or charter a full jet. Membership is a bit pricey, though it’s well worthwhile when you consider how frustrating it is to sign up for a private plane charter. You have to fill out paperwork, submit it, then play the waiting game. Private aviation is an underutilized field, and Petrossov has made it that much easier and more convenient to charter private jets on a regular basis.

Petrossov saw that the industry was dealing with memberships and sign-ups in an archaic way. He wanted to streamline the elements of becoming a member, requesting use of jets, and the experience of chartering private jets. This led to a large increase in booking private jets, especially people booking more often and for more hours at a time. Though he started out advising and keeping most of his ideas to himself, he decided to share it with the world and even gained the support of big names like Jay-Z and Saudi Arabian royalty.

Petrossov and the JetSmarter team believe that in a short period of time, this model will make private flights cost less and more accessible to the average person or group. Travel is more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the little details and can leave it up to the agency you go through, along with paying less.

American Addiction Centers: Symptoms And Signs Of Benzodiazepine Addiction

 American Addiction Centers is a healthcare company that focuses on behavioral care and intervention services. They offer services at their healthcare facilities located throughout the United States.

American Centers was founded in 2007 by its Co-Founder and Chairman, Michael Cartwright, and is headquartered in Brentwood, TN.

In a recent article dated October 1st of 2019, the American Addiction Centers talks about benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that work in the nervous system and are prescribed to treat a variety of medical conditions that include anxiety and insomnia.

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The article begins to describe benzodiazepines or “benzos” to include, “Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Ambien, and Klonopin.”

It also includes seizures, along with anxiety as mentioned, as medical conditions that are generally prescribed benzodiazepines for treatment. The topic of the article focuses on benzodiazepines as being “dangerously addictive” and that American Addiction Centers wants its readers to be “aware of its dangers.”

Next, the article begins to talk about how this type of drug, when used, “increases activity of GABA, the chemical that “slows brain activity …” It continues and says that “over time,” “tolerance” is inherited and higher doses are needed. It also talks about “dopamine surges” that result in addiction.

Continuing, the article mentions an addiction expert who is the chief medical officer at American Addiction Centers. Dr. Weinstein recommends that drugs that fall under the classification of benzodiazepines “should not be your first treatment option.”

However, in situations when they are prescribed, he further recommends to have a “thorough discussion” about it and “should not be considered for long-term treatment.”

Dr. Weinstein reveals that a continuous increase of use with this type of drug has been found and at an alarming rate. He adds that in a very short time, someone can become “dangerously addicted.”

The article continues to describe some of the effects of benzodiazepines, one of which is said to be “strongly associated with the risk of dementia.” The article then moves forward and provides a list of the “signs and symptoms of benzodiazepine abuse.”

Drowsiness, slurred speech, lack of coordination, and poor judgment are only to mention a few of the symptoms described on the list. In addition, the article also includes “behavioral signs of abuse.”

Shifts in personality, uncharacteristic secrecy and lying, and combining benzos with alcohol and other substances are only to name a few that are listed as behavioral signs of abuse. If the abuse continues, the article also indicates some causes it can lead to which include anorexia, tremors, and headaches.

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The article concludes with the services offered at American Addiction Centers and how they can help treat benzodiazepine addiction along with a final thought.

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Talkspace: How Oren Frank And His Wife Are Healing The World

Oren Frank has found a way to help millions of people get the therapy that they need with Talkspace. Anyone with an internet connection can connect.

Talkspace is an online platform that provides therapy to millions of people around the world. Mental health has been in global decline, and Oren Frank and his wife Roni are doing something about it. The couple sought our marriage counseling early in their marriage and saw how wonderfully it worked. Seeing how well therapy helped them, they decided to dedicate their lives to helping others obtain the same benefits. They are accomplishing this with Talkspace, which they cofounded together in 2012. For more information about  Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile.

Oren Frank is the CEO of the platform, which he started with his wife. She is just as dedicated to the cause as he is. She changed her career from software development to psychology. With the couples backgrounds and experience combined, Talkspace became a wonderful solution for many who for whatever reason were unable to seek conventional, in person therapy. Talkspace connects real people from everyday life with real, licensed therapists who are their to help. It bridges a huge gap that at one time caused so many to go without access to such helpful, potentially life changing services.

Around the world, mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder, to name a few, have been on the rise. With such challenges increasing, the world failed to increase its fortitude in meeting the challenge. With so much nee technology and means of connecting today, the world was waiting for pioneers like Oren and Roni Frank.

Before founding Talkspace together, Oren Frank worked in Marketing and Advertising. His wife Roni was a software developer. Oren believed that their work with Talkspace has let him redeem himself for his time working in advertising.

There is a lot to life, and our societies are built in such a way that we tend to live high stress lives. It doesn’t have to be this way, but until we learn a better way to structure human civilization, we will need to cope with mental illness. We will need to keep adapting our methods as we unlock greater technological accomplishments.

This is exactly what Oren Frank is doing with Talkspace.



A Step Ahead: The U.S. Money Reserve

Angela Koch is a trendsetter in the precious metals industry. It has not been an easy climb to the top for her but she knows the value of perseverance and hard work. She is the current CEO and President of the U.S. Money Reserve.

She is a woman who makes sure that every aspect of the business is run smoothly and efficiently. The U.S. Money reserve is the largest private distributor of gold, silver, and platinum coins. Here is more on the journey of Angela Koch and the U.S. Money Reserve.

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Angela Koch is a woman who wants to learn. When she would take a job, she wanted to learn every facet of it inside and out. This what made her such a hard worker. She says that no job was too menial for her to do. She wanted to do her best every day and commit herself to making the companies better.

She is the type of woman who made sure that she knew all she could before moving to the next job. She went on to have her own ranch with non-hormone treated cattle, before it became popular. From here she went to the U.S. Money Reserve and has not looked back. She offers this advice to future workers and CEO’s

The first thing she says is to not look back. When a person decides on something they should stick to that decision. If the person wavers in that department then the company will take a step back instead of a step forward.

The second thing she advises is to look at life as a basket. The basket should be evenly balanced between work and home life. If not, wither side of the basket will suffer and a person won’t get too far.

The final piece of advice is know who you are. People need to know that they have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. When a person is weak in an area they can ask for help to be better. She says don’t try to be something that you are not.

That is how she became the first female CEO of a precious metals company. The U.S. Money Reserve offers clients to purchase gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company also offers kits that can help first time buyers find their way through the market. The company now has more than half a million clients and each one is treated the same way.

The company also has a buy back guarantee. If for any reason the consumer is not happy with their purchase, the U.S. Money Reserve will buy the money back. They also have a AAA rating with the Business Consumers Alliance.

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This is a company that works as hard as Angela Koch does to make sure clients are taken care of. The U.S. Money Reserve takes that job seriously each and every day. Angela Koch knows how hard it is to get tot the top, and the U.S. Money Reserve knows that too.

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Kevin Plank Says “No” To Athleisure

Athleisure has proven to be a popular trend, and it is one that a number of companies have chosen to branch into. However, it is one area that Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank says that his company has no plans to go into.

Kevin Plank addressed the issue of athleisure and the five-year plan for his company in mid-September in an interview on CNBC’s show “Squak Box.” Although athleisure is slated to be a $350 billion fashion trend by 2020 and is a word that has entered the vernacular, the Under Armour CEO thinks that his customers have a different focus. That is why the company will be keying in on performance.

The path that Under Armour is taking is one that Kevin Plank hopes will help stabilize the company’s North American sales. While the company is a global name, it has seen weaker than desired sales on its home continent- prompting it to look at ways to improve that.

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What that means for the company is more stores, and these will be full-price ones for the most part rather than outlet locations. Kevin Plank wants to expand the brand from its current 1,100 stores, which are about 90 percent outlet stores, up to as many as 2,500 stores within the next three years.

The company will also focus on adding innovative products to its lineup. The focus will be things that connect with the sort of consumer that Kevin Plank calls a “focus performer.” This drive for innovation will be coupled with a marketing push to become, as company President and COO Patrik Frisk described it, a “louder brand.”

Meanwhile, the company is also a first-party seller on Amazon. For Under Armour, that means both having direct-to-consumer sales as well as gaining more insight into the behavior of the company’s customers. That data to date, however, has led to a resounding “no” on Under Armour branded athleisure.

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International Awards Mark the Career of Sheldon Lavin

In recognition of the many remarkable accomplishments Sheldon Lavin has achieved as he built one of the world’s premier food processing companies, a number of awards have come his way from an array of diverse groups. The accolades have originated from as far away as India and the U.K. to right here at home in the United States.

For example, in 2013 Sheldon Lavin was inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. It’s a significant honor given to some of America’s most high-profile food pioneers, including the likes of Dave Thomas of Wendy’s and Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Another major recognition came in 2016 by way of India when Sheldon Lavin received the Golden Visionary Award from India’s World Vision Academy. This honor recognizes people who have turned their dreams into reality through hard work and unstoppable persistence. The award also singles out people who have uplifted others on their path to success. Check out this article at Gazette.

The people of India are particularly fond of Sheldon Lavin, not just for bringing jobs and industry to points across India, but also for his commitment to the issues of environmental sustainability as it intersects with food production and processing on the Asian subcontinent.

Despite the awards and accolades, it would be difficult to find a man who likes to stay “behind the scenes” and “fly under the radar” as much as Sheldon Lavin does. For him, building a successful business was never about gaining recognition for himself. His goal was to build a company that operated like a family internally and treated customers with a deep level of respect.

OSI Group is among the largest processors of meat in the world. The firm has enjoyed a 60-year relationship with McDonald’s restaurants. Mr. Lavin joined OSI in the early 1970s, first coming in as an outside financial consultant and later buying into the company as an owner. In the 1980s, Lavin became a majority owner in OSI Group and has served as chairman and CEO of the company ever since.

Under Mr. Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group is a world-spanning operation that industry observers have called the most innovative and environmentally sustainable food processing firm on the planet. Connect:

UK Home to One of Several Equities First Holdings Companies

The UK is home to one of many global locations for securities based lending company, Equities First Holdings. The UK location is called Equities First Limited. The UK location is located on Wilder Walk in the SOHO area of London, UK. The London location was formed in 2013, eleven years after its parent company, Equities First Holdings was founded. CEO AL Christy, Jr. founded that company in 2002.

Paul Herdsman – Streamlining Customer Service Operations

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is based out of Jamaica and offers an array of full-service customer service business solutions. Paul has extensive experience in managing teams of outsourced customer service. His expertise is in building seamless customer service experiences and streamlining the process to help businesses run efficiently.

His inspiration in creating NICE Global was to streamline the process of customer service for businesses, improving customer retention, and helping the businesses expand without having to use an in-house staff.

As an operations manager, Paul Herdsman found that trying to manage several teams across many different countries was not an effective approach for business. Customer service organizations need to be useful, have a certain protocol, and service the business with customer retention and profitability in mind. It needs to be in one central location that is convenient with a population of customer service representatives that speak English to assist English-speaking consumers.

In selecting the location of Montego Bay, Jamaica for his business, he found a centralized place that made his job easier. He was able to observe staff operations, manage their extensive training, showcase the office with tours for potential clients, and offer on-site meetings.

The company is responsible for many roles in addition to customer service representatives. They provide inbound sales, data entry, technical support services and more to businesses. Having a full-service support team allows businesses to focus on growth and development knowing that their customers are assisted with a certain level of excellence. The company’s goal is to gain trust and develop a true partnership with the business client.

Paul’s goal is to prepare his employees for successful careers in the customer service and support industry. They also save time and money by cross-training employees and offering continuous training. Keeping employees actively engaged in the process and tied to the company’s success is key.

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Isabel Dos Santos Encourages Africans to Improve their Lives

African nations are improving their economic and social conditions all over the continent. Many African nations are steadily changing the lives of their people for the better. Their governments are improving, their citizens are growing more prosperous than in the past and they are receiving better healthcare and education. However, Africa still has a lot of challenges. Isabel Dos Santos knows what African people need to improve their lives if they want to excel.

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Vejo que cada vez mais os jovens africanos têm um instinto empreendedor. Eu acredito na nova geração e nesse seu espírito. Todos os dias procuro motivar os jovens a terem paixão infinita por encontrar novas maneiras de criar e construir coisas novas e agregar valor sempre. Elevar os padrões de África☝🏾! Como líderes empresariais, é nossa responsabilidade incentivá-los a aproveitar essa paixão e ajudá-los a transformar seus sonhos em negócios reais. É esse espírito que vai construir o futuro do nosso continente. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #HighStandardsforAfrica #Africa #empreendedorismo #jovens #futuro #proudlyAfrican I see that each time many young Africans have a deeper sense of entrepreneurship. I believe in youth and in this spirit they have. Every day, I help young people in their endless passion for looking for fresh ways to make and build new things, and to add value wherever they can. To build high standards for Africa☝🏾! As business leaders, it is our responsibility to encourage them to harness this passion and help them to turn their business dreams into a reality. That is the spirit that will build our continent’s future.

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Isabel Dos Santos is a part of the new generation that has helped to take Africa into a new direction. The days of colonialism had long passed. That horrible time period in Africa’s history left the continent with major scars. Then when many African nations gained their freedom they turned to civil war and inner conflict. This lasted for many years until the early 2010s. While Africa, clearly has its problems; the African people of today are ready to move the continent into the future.

The future of Africa is expected to a productive time period. Isabel Dos Santos explains that African people can do better on a personal level. First, she addresses many African governments by telling them to improve their technology infrastructure and by empowering women. Traditionally, many African nations do not have strong internet or technology infrastructure.

Women are also marginalized in African society. Dos Santos believes that females are the key to uplifting African society. She believes that working women will strengthen the economy and that female entrepreneurs will help to solidify and build up communities.

African nations will also benefit from technology usage. When African governments start to implement the internet with cities, many people will be able to access information, employment opportunities and personalized economic opportunity. All of these different factors will provide many African people with various opportunities for taking care of themselves and eliminating systemic poverty.

Isabel Dos Santos knows that these changes will not just happen on their own. Governments and people are going to have to work hard together to make them happen. Once these changes start to take root, Africa will eventually improve and people there should be in a better position. Isabel Dos Santos continues to encourage all African people to do better in life and to prepare themselves for a better future.

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