Samples From Sephora

If Wengie knows how to do anything, she knows how to get a lot of makeup and other products without spending a lot of money. She recently got 22 pounds of makeup from Sephora, and she only spent a minimal amount. Some of the items that she was able to snag were free.

Wengie went to a large event hosted by Sephora. While at the event, she received a large bag with her to hold all of the items that she purchased as well as the free samples that she was able to find. From concealers to lip gloss, she shows everything that she was able to get. She didn’t know anyone at the event, so she just walked from one booth to another, talking to some of the people about the make up the company offers and how to use the makeup on various types of skin.

While at the Sephora event, Wengie was able to grab quite a few concealers. These are smaller sizes, but they give you an idea as to what to expect from the product after it’s purchased. She also found several toners, lip liners and eye liners. The bag was so full of makeup that it broke once Wengie got in her car. One of the bottles of skin care elixir fell out of the bag. After Wengie shows off her haul, she goes out to dinner to enjoy a bowl of noodles and a sandwich. Wengie is a woman who enjoys makeup, and going to a large event is a way to get several items that businesses offer for free.


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