The Role Played by ClassDojo in Strengthening Teachers, Parents and Students Interaction


Teachers, parents, and students are all excited by ClassDojo a communication platform which has significantly helped in expanding and strengthening the relationship to enable the parents better understand what their children are doing at school. With the new Students Stories added to ClassDojo App, students can write and share stories regarding projects done at school. Some of the projects that the children can post for their parents to see include poems written by the individual students or a science project that students do inside the classroom.

This will be done where a child working on a project takes a photo of the project, write a story about the project then the project and the story are posted to the child’s digital portfolio for the parents to see and read. This will enable parents to know their children better and what goes on in the classroom on a day to day basis. It will also significantly contribute to more conversations about the child’s school work at home where the parents can offer guidance where necessary. The teachers will issue classroom devices such as an i-Pad where a particular teacher gives the students the device to take a photo of the project they are working on followed by a story describing the project. Before posting the project and story, the teachers will scroll through the pictures and stories posted then send them for the parents to see. The ClassDojo Student Stories will also give the children a sense of pride in their work and help them find their projects more engaging and exciting.

Class Dojo has received significant praise since its introduction a few years ago for the advantages that it has brought including strengthening the relationship between parents and teachers and between parents and their children. It has enabled parents with busy schedules get more involved in their children’s lives thereby solidifying the bond between the parent and child. Once the Student Stories is effective, the App will gain more prominence than it has in the United States to reach more people.

After the launching of the Application in 2011 many parents have become more involved in their children’s education, a fact that has helped children improve their work at school. This is because the App has made it easier for parents to get a clear picture of what goes in the lives of their children at school. The Application is currently used by at least 2 in 3 schools in the United States. Additionally, ClassDojo has made it easier for parents to communicate more comfortably with the teachers instead of the parents going down to the school to discuss the welfare of the student.
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