Dick DeVos; Living the American Dream

Over the last two hundred years, the United States has seen its fair share of wildly successful business men use the skills and entrepreneurial spirits to make it big. It used to be that being a millionaire was a sign that you had made it, but now it is all about big business billionaires. One such billionaire that has made an amazing name for himself is Richard (Dick) DeVos, the co-founder of Amway and the owner of the NBA team, the Orlando Magic. Aside from his outstanding accomplishments in the business world, Dick has made a huge name for himself through his generous contributions to charity. Now, Dick has made headlines again as he has decided to take the DeVos empire into the Liquor business, another that he is sure to conquer. According to a recent article published by mlive.com, “Windquest Group, their Grand Rapids-based holding company, has set in motion the purchase of Coppercraft Distillery. Windquest is listed as the “registered agent” of the Holland Township company, according to Liquor Control Commission records. While the resident agent doesn’t confirm ownership of the entity, the position is designated to accept mail or documents on behalf of the entity, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.”


For business men with a track record like Richard Devos, the world is full of business prospects. The Stow Company, Reserve Wine and Foods, Boxed Water and Neurocore, are all additional business entities that are likely to continue to propel Dick into the limelight of the business world and bring him more success and money. It is also likely that he will continue to seek out other investments and businesses to acquire and make part of his empire.


Additionally, it is very likely that Dick will continue to appear in political circles and keep his name and face in the mouths and minds of the public. If he continues on the path that he has been on for decades, one might even speculate that Dick could make a run for a large political office one day or even follow in the footsteps of fellow business man Donald Trump and pursue the white house and the presidency. Either way, I am confident that with all of the resources and experience that Dick has (in a variety of facets0 he will continue to see a lot of success in business, politics, and charitable fundraising. He is a great example of what can be done in this country and how to achieve the American dream of fame and fortune through hard work and tenacity.