The Future of Lime Crime

When little girls here about Lime Crime – which has been dubbed the “Makeup for Unicorns” – they become curious. Every little girl has a love for the magically mythical creature with horns. Doe Deere must have given this some thought as she created a brand of zany lipstick, lip gloss and eye liner product for young ladies.

There are more than 2,000,000 Lime Crime followers on Instagram, and there is a reason for this. This is a brand that is uniquely designed to get the attention of women that do not want to blend in with everyone else. The Lime Crime brand has been placed into existence to help all of those females that are just trying to accomplish something different with their look.

The colors that are presented here are attention getting shades that are not found anywhere else. This is what has made people stop, look and listen to what Doe Deere has to say. She is the one that has managed to do the things with promoting this brand that has made Lime Crime stand out as something new and amazing. There is no shortage of creativity. Doe Deere manages to bring new shades to customers on a pretty regular basis, and that is what Tumblr users have come to like about Lime Crime. This is the cosmetics company that continues to excite because there are always so many new shades that are hitting the market. It is incredible to see how this company has transitioned into one of the hottest makeup companies around when it did not even have a presence on television.

Right now there is a need for more people to express themselves as individuals. More so than ever before people are rising to up and standing out. This is the type of makeup that spells freedom to so many that have tried to conform in the past. It has become evident that this is the brand that has been looked upon as one of the most promising cosmetics companies of the future. It has a unique flare that attracts many people to it.  Read more about them on Doe’s Lime Crime blog here:, or check out the Facebook page for news and makeup tips.