Jason Halpern of JMH Development

JMH Development is a company dedicated to creating long lasting buildings and dwelling places, from hotels to luxury apartments. Several of this companies buildings have even been restorative projects of well loved historical buildings. The founder of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, expresses his and his companies dedication to create beautiful, long lasting buildings avidly, and proves it even more so. He expresses his extreme respect and thankfulness to the communities he works with for allowing him to use and revitalize historical landmarks and properties, ensuring that they can continue to be used and appreciated for many more decades to come.

In September of 2014, Jason Halpern’s company was celebrating the finishing touches of one such project; the revitalization of a water front motel, Aloft South Beach, into something bigger and more beautiful, while keeping close to its roots. Aloft South Beach used to be a motel by the name of Ankara.

There are many projects like this, most of them involved with living spaces and boarding, though the company also branches out into other aspects as well, creating and refurbishing buildings for other businesses, one such being Brooklyn Heights, New York’s 70 Henry Street Boutique Condo. The site for this Boutique Condo used to be the home of a cinema in the historic area. According to CoStar, the decision made by Landmarks Preservation Commission was favorably unanimous. The new building is designed in such a way that the exterior of the 120 year old building, paying homage and letting the people around continue to appreciate it’s architectural beauty.

Jason Halpern is a man who heads a company rooted in respect for the past, that seeks to learn from and appreciate the past rather than tearing it down completely for the sake of something “new”.