Betsy DeVos Develops A Major Philanthropic Career

There are few Americans who have devoted more of their time to good causes than Betsy DeVos, the Michigan based philanthropist and education reformer who has become the major proponent of charter schools as part of the education system. The major work completed by Betsy DeVos in the area of education reform is a single spoke in her ever expanding wheel of philanthropic work completed by the Grand Rapids philanthropist who often works alongside her husband through the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation (

Dick and Betsy DeVos have backed a wide range of philanthropic activities and campaigns through their own foundation that often reflect the beliefs of the couple, but often have a basis in the Grand Rapids, Michigan region where the couple have often sought to boost the economy and culture. One of the major programs the couple support is the annual ArtPrize that was begun in 2009 as an annual art prize. The prize is designed to attract many major artists to the Grand Rapids region and provide a way of building interest in the arts in this often culturally ignored region; ArtPrize offers an innovative approach to a community prize that sees the public vote on the artistic works as a way of driving more people to explore the arts with the aid of Betsy DeVos and husband Dick.

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Philanthropy takes on many different guises for Betsy DeVos who has spent a large amount of her time in recent years looking to develop The Windquest Group of companies that provides an umbrella for the investments for those picked out by Dick and Betsy DeVos. The work of the couple through The Windquest Group has taken on many different forms and includes not for profit organizations, such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school founded by Betsy DeVos as the first school specializing in an education in aviation in the U.S.

Through her work in education reform the name Betsy DeVos has become intrinsically linked to the area of education reform that has become a major cause to be enjoyed by people across the U.S. As the regional head of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has been able to aid in the passage of many educational programs supported by her philanthropic work. Among the programs backed by Betsy DeVos and the many charitable foundations she has played a key role in are the Detroit Charter School system that has become a major success and a flagship program across the U.S. The charter schools of Detroit have been proven to provide the same level of education in just three months as is provided in a full year at a Detroit public school. Follow Betsy on Twitter.