End Citizens United In The War Against “Big Money” In Politics

The End Citizens United is a democratic PAC group. It is also a non-profit organization. It is aimed at fighting or slightly reducing the amount of effect financial support has on the state politics. The group is chaired by Tiffany Muller. They have their headquarters in Washington, DC. Despite being located in DC, the organization has participative members spread across the United States.

The End Citizens United is this year aiming at releasing the names of politicians whom according to them are the worst. They are using the name “Big money 20” to refer to the list of names of these politicians. These politicians have fallen into this list because they have put to priority their personal needs rather than those of their electors.

In support of the re-elections, the liberal PAC group, End Citizens United intends to come up with and utilize a total amount of $35 million. This is higher than the amount they used in the 2016 elections.

The End Citizens United has come up with an initiative to encourage as many candidates to decline financial supports from firms offering them. The candidates who took this plea to heed have gained back up from the ECU. The ECU has taken to its responsibility to urge citizens to make contributions to support the candidates who have rejected corporate support and cannot manage to finance their campaign on their own.

In this year’s elections, the group has shown their support of Senator Cory Booker in the race for the state senatorial race. This is after the senator rejected corporate donations towards his campaigns. Senator Cory is however not the only politicians who have denounced the financial contributions. The list of politicians who have decided to exhibit political transparency is continuing to grow.

The corporate donations into politics have become a significant threat to the states political growth and stability. This is after the Supreme Court gave a ruling that permitted the financial support of politicians by big corporative and billionaires.

Democrat Conor Lambs released an ad supporting his campaign. He is contending as a candidate for the special elections for the 18th Congregational District. In his announcement, he focused more on giving his voters reasons to elect him rather than smearing dirt on his opponent’s reputation. He has used his personal experiences to convince his voters. In the ad, he also shows the immense support he has received from the End Citizens United group.

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