Sujit Choudhry’s take on Today’s Political Climate and Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a widely known and respected lawyer in the field of comparative law and global politics. He has spearheaded very many talks and constitutional redesigns which have helped countries move from violent war to peaceful and democratic governments. He is also an expert when it comes to creating constitutional designs which work well for places that are divided along ethnic lines ( He is the go-to expert when countries are handling contentious issues such as federalism, decentralisation, secession, group rights and other issues that come up when countries are trying to transition from authoritarianism to democratic rule (

Choudhry’s latest publication was focusing on a tweet that was made by an attorney general who served in Obama’s government, about the removal of Bob Mueller from the White House Counsel. In the tweet, Eric Holder stated that the removal of Bob was symbolic to the crossing of a red line. He added that the American people had the power to decide whether the move by the president was crossing the boundary and if they did, peaceful demonstrations would be the best way to show it.

Choudhry dissected this statement and stated that American Democracy has come of age. He adds that this is the perfect example of what is called self-enforcement but within the boundaries of what is constitutional. He adds that it is a great example that the most powerful democracy on the planet is setting to the rest of the world by showing that regardless of who is the president, the constitution will always be the supreme ruler.

Choudhry also touched on the presidential term limit made in the constitution. He gave the example of the US where a president cannot serve more than two four year terms according to the constitution. This is a constitutional trend that is getting picked up around the world and currently, very few countries are stuck in the president for life predicament that was commonplace a few years ago. While there are still places where presidential term limits are disregarded and coups staged, the constitution still has mitigation measures to be taken when this happens. Sujit is the author of more than ninety articles on constitution and governance and a foreign advisor in countries that are struggling to create law and order.

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