Shiraz Boghani of Splendid Hospitality

The Life of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani settled in the UK from Kenya in 1969. The individual is an expert with over 30 years of experience in hospitality management having worked in numerous public and private institutions. Boghani has a taste in entrepreneurship. As a businessman, Boghani is the chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The group runs over 20 successful private hotels in the UK. Due to his professionalism and expertise, Shiraz Boghani received the Hotelier of the Year Award from the Asian Business Awards 2016. The leader recognized the support from the Splendid family and the administrative team as a whole for their unwavering support.

As a philanthropist, Shiraz Boghani supports the efforts of the Aga Khan Foundation, a charitable organization based in the UK and the Aga Khan Development Network. Additionally, Boghani is the chairperson of the Sojourns Hotels LLP. The individual spends much of his time and resources in charitable missions to impact positively the lives of people leading perverse life. Boghani is the ambassador of peace in the entire world. Shiraz Boghani supports arbitration boards and National Council. Also, he is a member of the Aga Khan University administration and National Conciliation. Under the leadership of Boghani, Splendid Group established the Hilton London Backside, Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, and Ellington Hotel in Leeds early this year.

As an entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani runs an institution taking care of the old people as a co-founder. Sussex Healthcare provides a conducive environment for recreational purposes and leisure. We offer therapeutic activities that stimulate emotionally and physically. Sussex is an environment that provides psychological support to the residents. Besides taking care of the old, we give ample opportunity to people with various statuses like neurological conditions, learning disability, autism, and brain injuries to enjoy life to the fullest. Also, we offer training to our workers and other community members as part of our model and practices.

Hussain Sajwani: Glitz and Glamour Beyond Dubai Skyline

Hussain Sajwani, the founder and current chairman of DAMAC Properties is a seasoned real estate mogul with a long family history of investing in the real estate industry. Even before venturing into entrepreneurship in the real estate industry, Mr. Sajwani had already gained valuable experience helping out at the family real estate business. The Hussain Sajwani family was one of the early investors in the real estate industry in Dubai. They tapped into the ever-growing demand for properties in Dubai following an influx of foreigners into the territory. He furthered his corporate management experience and credentials by working at GASCO as a contracts manager. However, before working at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company subsidiary, Hussain Sajwani’s business skills and acumen had been horned initially at the prestigious University of Washington. Armed with experience and strong academic background, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Steering DAMAC Properties Towards Greater Success

According to Erem News, over the past fifteen years that DAMAC Properties has been operational with Hussain Sajwani at its helm as the chairman, the company has grown exponentially beyond the Dubai properties market. Through suave financial management and strategic partnerships, he has guided DAMAC Properties towards an expansion drive that has seen the company break into new markets overseas. The DAMAC owner is already considering listing the company’s shares through an initial public offer (IPO) at the world-renowned London Stock Exchange. DAMAC Properties has already listed its shares at the financial markets in Dubai. The company’s employee base has surpassed the a thousand mark, which is a remarkable achievement for a company that started with a few employees working from its Dubai office. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has extended its operations to new territories within the Middle East. It has carved a name for itself as one of the leading real estate companies in the region with operations in Jeddah, Beirut, Abu Dhabi and Doha among other cities. The company has also initiated a plan that will see it expand into Europe with London already serving as the pilot city.

A Glitzy Affair: Partnerships

Hussain Sajwani has adopted a strategic marketing plan at DAMAC Properties: partnering with celebrities and high-profile individuals to develop and market the company’s brand of glitzy and glamorous real estate and commercial properties. One such high profile individual is President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Sajwani partnered with his company, Trump Organization to develop two Trump-branded gold courses and villas. One gold course and the accompanying villas have already been opened and the villas sold for billions of dollars. The second, designed in collaboration with Tiger Woods, will be opened in 2018.

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Hussain Sajwani and the Building of Dubai

Today, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)is one of the most enterprising cities in the world. The business climate there is good. Hussain Sajwani had a lot to do with the occurrence of that environment.

In 2002, Sajwani formed DAMAC, a real estate development and management company with the anticipation of a real estate boom. The UAE had decided that they were going to allow foreign nationals to purchase real estate and live in the Emirates. Sajwani felt that not only would there be a boom in the real estate market, but that there would be a considerable demand for luxury accommodations as well.

Sajwani began to purchase land and he promoted his luxury apartments all over the land. Sajwani is a great marketer and it was not long before everyone in the UAE knew about DAMAC and the luxury properties that were available. When you promote a property and offer a new Bently for each purchase of a luxury apartment, you get people’s attention. That is exactly what Sajwani did and people clamored for his luxury apartments.

Solid business principles such as paying only cash for land, financing very little of the construction, and setting up cash reserves in government bonds were the foundation of the financial end of the business. In addition, separate banking and accounting accounts were established in order to require each project to stand on its own. These principles were to be a bulwark against the hard-economic times that were to occur several years later.

No expense or amenity was spared when it came to the appointments in these apartments and the purchaser had many options as to how much of anything they desired. If they had the money to pay for it, Sajwani would find it for them and sell it to them at a profit.

Today, Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC are well-known throughout the middle east for their luxury accommodations and resorts. They even own properties in Paris and London. Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump by placing Trump golf courses in several of his resorts. Sajwani is currently sought after for his expertise in real estate matters.

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Equities First Holding is a Leader in Lending

This article is about the history of Equity First Holdings. They were founded in 2002 by president Al Christy Jr. The first location where First Holdings opened it’s door was in Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, Equity first Holdings is lending services in several countries such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Perth. Due to their global expansion success, Equities First Holdings profits have climbed substantially. They not only assist companies struggling financially, but they also help out with stock trading. Services are not just limited to the business elite, individuals looking for efficient financial planning can visit Equities First Holding and have them provide a solution to their financial woes.

Victoria Doramus is Reaching Out to Addicts Who Need Help

Victoria Doramus knows what it feels like to be addicted to drugs. She understands struggling to free yourself from it’s grip. The shame and anger at failing at sobriety attempts, hurting not only herself but those around her. After 15 years of fighting her demons she accomplished one thing. She didn’t give up. She finally gained freedom from the drugs that ruled her life and is driven to help others just like her.

In 2016, Victoria, a digital and print media expert, got arrested in NYC. After years of chasing her addiction to amphetamine pills and alcohol, stints in rehab centers that failed, losing all connections to her family and friends, Victoria Doramus knew she had hit rock bottom. She understood she needed help from others since all of her own personal efforts to control her addiction by herself had failed.

According to, Victoria entered a long-term treatment program at Burning Tree, in Austin, Texas. A mix of 12-step program, spirituality and boot-camp, she finally allowed herself to acknowledge her bad choices and behaviors and start working on rebuilding her life. After finishing the program, she entered a sober living halfway house in Dallas that required her to work full-time and become self-sufficient, as well as attend meetings five days a week all with the support of a sponsor.

Victoria Doramus was lucky to have overcome her addictive behaviors and managed to work enough to get a plane ticket to Nashville where she finally got to see her sick mother in an assisted-living facility.

Wanting desperately to help others step off their path of addiction Victoria Doramus is now involved in several addiction non-profits and is in the process of getting funding to open a halfway house in NYC. Helping others with her own mix of the 12-step principles has now become her life’s work. See Victoria’s closet on Tradesy.

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Banking with Michael Bugguley

Michael Bagguley is the COO of the Barclays PLC organization. He got his B.S degree in the area of Mathematics from the University of Warwick and since then has been working and making advancements in his career.

Michael Bagguley also stays up to date on what is happening the world of business. Barclays is not likely to replace Tom King to take over head of the investment bank. This leaves Jes Staley as the head of the business until there is a suitable candidate that can be found.

There has been talk that the bank will not replace King at all since he left his position. King was the CEO of this investment firm since 2013 and has stated he is leaving the bank. This affects many people in the investment field including Michael Bagguley. He is worried about how this move will affect his business. The employees already working at the company are very familiar with the industry and they can handle the tasks of keeping the investment bank going and making sure that the customers are happy.

There are some other reasons that Michael Bugguley investigated as to why the bank may not want to replace King and his position. The bank can save a great deal of money by not replacing the head of the bank. The bank can save millions by keeping this position open. The bank had some hardships in the pat year. They had to let go of 1,200 employees and with the top position open they may be able to put some of these people back to work. They will be able to resume their trading and it may actually end up improving business. While no final decision has been made it is looking like the bank will not replace their top position.

Stream Revolutionizes More Than Just the Energy Business

Stream Energy is an alternative gas and electric service available to seven states throughout the U.S. Stream Energy is a direct-energy seller, which means plans and services are offered by contractors directly to consumers. It operates like a brokerage, with contractors earning commission on the client lists they generate. At a normal electric provider, you deal with faceless consumer service specialists. At Stream you would be dealing with the person who signed you up. Directly.

Stream came to be 2005, founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Though initially providing service to Texas, the company eventually expanded to six other states. It currently offers service to New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington D.C. The company also expanded its services to include home security and mobile service plans. These two services are available nationally. Stream Energy is also a proponent of corporate philanthropy, wherein its charitable pursuits are made part of the business model. Associates and contractors place their philanthropy as part of their everyday work schedule, donating to various funds as if it were a standard deduction on their paycheck. To manage its philanthropic arm Stream created internal charity Stream Cares.

Stream Cares is a charity organization that works with other charities to plan events, provide aid, give back to the community, and donate funds to said charities they work with. Stream Energy takes a more hands-on approach with their charity as they become a physical presence not just a signed check. One of the principle causes that Stream devotes time and money to is homelessness in Dallas. The company, through Stream Cares, provides funding to organizations like Hope Supply Company, Habitat for Humanity, and the Red Cross in order to fight homelessness and support homeless families. So far Stream’s philanthropy has helped many families and increased the quality of life in the Dallas Area.

End Citizens united is Giving “Freedom of Speech” Back to The People

End Citizens United are people who want to reverse the results of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The ruling for this case sent shock-waves throughout politics. The case was result of a conservative group, Citizens United, in 2008 attempting to air an hour-long film attacking then Democratic presidential primary Hillary Clinton. The Federal Election Commission found their movie about Clinton was basically an ad campaign and in turn would require the group to reveal who had paid for the film. Citizens United refused to release that information even though the federal law at the time required that the funding sources for any political ads be identified. The group sued to have the ruling overturned but was unanimously ruled against, until 2 years later when a 5-4 vote would change the way politics were done. Corporations now seemingly had the same “freedom of speech” as a citizen. No longer having to take direct responsibility for financing certain ads and backing specific people. Thus, led to End Citizens United being founded March 2015. Find out more about the endorsed candidate at End Citizens United

The team that established End Citizens United is not hiding what their goals or plans are in any way. They seek to raise grassroots funding that could be used to counterbalance the large flood of corporate cash that Citizens United released into politics. The funding the organization is able to raise will be targeted towards a Democratic candidate who supports the efforts of End Citizens United. It has been a long road, trying to get the ruling overturned and put things back as they should within the political world. They want to make sure that this kind of thing can’t happen again by also putting into place a constitutional amendment that clearly defines: the right of free speech is bestowed upon individual citizens, not legal entities like corporations. End Citizens United is a group with some powerful and knowledgeable people behind it. They won’t rest until something is done to ensure the “freedom of speech” is secured properly for the citizens of the United States. Learn more: 


Explore the Pacific

Have you ever considered taking a trip to the Pacific? It’s most certainly an experience to consider. When you think of the Pacific Ocean; places like Hawaii or Tahiti come to mind more than likely; well that’s not all you will find there, because there is much more to see in this region of multiple islands; like the island of Fagali.

If you ever decide to catch a flight to the Pacific Ocean also defined as Oceania, for the first time, or you frequently fly there because you like it; go ahead and make a stop in Fagali. The village of Fagali, is located at Upolu, which is of course an island, in the same archipelago as Samoa; the meaning of archipelago is a group of islands. Samoa is located on the East side of Apia around the south; it’s known as a part of the district of Tuamasaga. Fagali has a population of 1,571 inhabitants according to the 2006 census.  Learn more about Fagali Airport at

Naturally, taking a flight to the Pacific, means that your plane will be landing at the airport. Unless you are traveling by car, on the train, or by sea, it’s not necessary; but when you decide to take a plane, you have no choice, but to discover almost all the details of the airport. Once you arrive there, you will notice and learn a few details regarding your next Pacific terminal. Located in Samoa, Fagali ‘i Airport is always busy, since there are daily flights operated by various Airlines such as; Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways.

The airport was once closed for environmental reasons; but ever since they reopened on July 1, 2009, they have been busy until now. If the Pacific Islands are on your upcoming trip agenda, get yourself an exciting Polynesian adventure. If you happen to be in Hawaii, or Tahiti, make a quick trip around Upolu if that’s possible; it’s worth a try, expand your vacation memories.



Betsy Devos – the new Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos may cut a strong profile now as a reformer, but it was not always this way. Her and her husband Dick used to be more comfortable working locally, bringing about change in their native Michigan. It was there that they raised their children, that Dick built his fortune with Amway and that the family decided to invest so much in the arts in downtown Grand Rapids. It might seem strange, then, to think that the Devos crew would find itself in the middle of the Trump administration and political conversations all over America. That’s where Betsy is, though, and she is finding herself more and more comfortable.


Those who know Betsy Devos did not think she would ever want to get involved in the games that Washington politicians have to play. In Washington, those who get things done often do so through glad-handing. They have to smile the smiles and fake their lives. This was not Devos’s way, but she has learned in her service to the Trump administration that politics can be done in another way. Specifically, she came to Washington intent on being a reformer, and she has largely achieved that goal through her first year and a half.


The passion for education began quite early for Betsy Devos. She was trying to find a school that was suitable for her own children. In looking, she found school after school that just did not live up to the standards she had set. Some did not have the resources or funding. Some were not safe. Some were not teaching students the skills they need to get a job in the modern era. She saw so many problems, and more, she saw parents who were struggling with the same things. While the Devos family had enough money to send their kids to fancy prep schools if they needed to, she recognized that many parents were not so lucky.


This sparked her desire to push for school choice and vouchers. Why should a parent be stuck with choices among bad schools just because they do not have the money she has? It was a sensible question then, and it has driven her in her efforts in Washington. Over the last year or so, she has started to see some progress. Parents in many states have figured out that there is much to be gained by having a more open system. This has driven Devos to keep going.


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