Betsy DeVos: The Concept of Choice in Education

Betsy Devos has a deep passion for education. It has been apparent from the very beginning. She wanted what was best for her own children, but she also took the time to look beyond them at some of the hardships experienced by people around her in the community when it came to their children’s education. It inspired within her a desire to fight for them. She saw a group of the population that felt as though they did not have a voice and she went to bat for them. She fought hard and soon there was a growing private school system in Michigan, where she is from. The existence of the system in general is not the amazing part, but the fact that she also found ways to expand school voucher and scholarship programs to include individuals from low-income areas.


She wasn’t trying to improve education standards for just one section of the population, she was looking for a way to give parents more of a role in picking the type of education that they wanted their children to have access to. She also waited to create an air of equality. This is probably one of the reasons why she was selected to be the Secretary of Education. Her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable gave people the impression that she truly cared. She had gone through all the options that were available to people of these populations and looked for ways to make those options expand for them. She became very active in her advocacy for this group.


This vocational habit has become a cornerstone of her personality at this level. It is true that she does want these private institutions to grow but her motivations behind that growth are complicated. She sees within them a chance for people of underprivileged communities to have access to a standard of education unavailable to their predecessors. She sees a way of closing gaps towards any quality and allowing students of various backgrounds into more private institutions. She has also put in a lot of effort towards a reward system that would allow high achieving students to have more options when it comes to enrollment in these institutions. There are so many reasons why private education is important to the American public right now. But the divorce is just looking for individuals that are willing to listen to those benefits and engage in a method that would allow a healthy balance for both that system in the public system with a component of choice incorporated into it.


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