Influencer Marketing Through The Eyes Of Steve Lesnard


Using an Influencer in business marketing is a great way to get your brand visible to the public. However, every influencer brings a different impact to the brand. You need to have a good marketing strategy and identify the type of target you are looking to speak to before getting the right influencer to help you reach the market.

Steve Lesnard, A Global Brand Consultant from Portland, Oregon, identifies that a business should have an influencer marketing strategy to be successful. Steve Lesnard notes that factors such as the rise of various social media stars and the costs that come with creating an association with them make it hard to come up with a good influencer marketing plan.

He, however, outlines two essential principles that every marketer or brand should have in place to help with identifying the right Influencer and input a credible Influencer strategy. His contributions at Nike put him in an elite position among those who know how to market products, and Steve Lesnard has very specific advice about how to do this in a digital world.

Acquiring an Influencer that can connect with the brand

Acquiring an Influencer that can connect with the brand It is imperative to scout for an influencer that can easily assimilate and project the values of your brand and product. Not only does this improve your overall image, but you also can build credibility and trust with the target audience. If your influencer does not have a direct connection to the product, you can easily create it by planning events and marketing promotions that can easily associate him with the brand.

Choosing a celebrity could work wonders for your brand

Choosing a celebrity could work wonders for your brand Celebrities maintain a massive influence over the majority of people. By using a celebrity to represent your brand you are assured of getting exposure over and over again, and consumers will continuously flow into your business. Go To This Page for additional information.

Steve Lesnard, however, denotes that it is essential to first establish a digital and social marketing strategy for the primary users of the brand. He notes that before choosing an influencer, it is vital to first deeply analyze the best possible candidate and find out you can maximize their influence over time.