Nina Vaca Day Honors Female Business Professionals

In a statement released by business professional Nina Vaca, March 8 will forever hold a special place in her heart, since it was declared Nina Vaca Day by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. She was honored on International Women’s Day before the magazine Solo Mujeres named her Woman of the Year.

Most significantly, the Nina Vaca Foundation made use of the platform to raise about $11,000 to honor and empower Hispanic women across various industries. The contributions helped Latinas receive the tools they need to grow their businesses and advance their careers.

Looking back at the event a year later, Vaca reiterates that it’s a remarkable journey. Pinnacle Group is currently continuing its international expansion. The brand will expand into four countries within the first half of the year. Mexico and Ireland are underway, and Chile and Argentina will soon follow.

It was also a privilege for Vaca to be elected to the Council of Foreign Relations, an organization that specializes in foreign policies and international affairs. She can now contribute to substantial dialogues that have assisted the Pinnacle Group in expanding its portfolio and presence.

Since establishing Pinnacle Group, Vaca has developed the company into one of the most successful IT staffing companies in the country. With her guidance, the company has earned several accolades as one of the fastest growing women-owned companies in the world.