Sharon Prince Commissions Stunning Structure At Grace Farms


Sharon Prince once led the American operations of 66°North as its president. This Icelandic company sells outdoor clothing for men and women. They have 100 stores in the United States.

After leading this company for five years, Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farms Foundation, which has a public space in New Canaan, CT. She is a graduate of the University of Tulsa, including its Collins College of Business, where she earned a master’s of business administration degree.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

New York Times’s “The Spiritual and Spectacular Meet at an Ultramodern Community Center in Connecticut”, talks about a facility which is a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel — and that is only a partial list.

Open six days a week. Grace Farms is a place for people to reconnect with nature. It is an 80-acre open space that is free to the general public. Throughout the year, Sharon Prince makes sure there are opportunities for people to hear from thought leaders, see new works of art, support justice work, and enjoy nature.

Chair and president of the Grace Farms Foundation, she leads an organization that has an award-winning building. This is the River Building. She hired SANAA to design the building – a Tokyo, Japan-based architectural firm. She wanted this building to flow with the natural landscape. It needed to fit in with the flora and fauna rather than supplant them. It has huge panes of glass throughout it that allows people to see the beauty of nature outside.

The River Building has five main areas, which Sharon Prince calls “volumes.” Each volume is unique but flexible so they can accommodate a wide range of activities and events. Each offers a 360-degree view of nature outside through panes of glass. The largest volume in the River Building is the Sanctuary. See This Page for additional information.

The Sanctuary is 21,000 sq ft in size. It is an indoor amphitheater that can seat up to 700 people. Used for both public and private gatherings, the Sanctuary has housed live performances, lectures, and workshops.


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