Mark Holyoake Presents an Impressive Career


Mark Holyoake did something millions of people only wish they could do. He became a professional athlete in his chosen sport. For Holyoake, gymnastics served as more than a hobby or distraction. Pursuing excellence in gymnastics competition became his top priority in life. He started gymnastics at a young age and excelled through college and beyond. Unlike other pros, however, Mark Holyoake had a plan for his life for when a sports career comes to an end. Holyoake directed his focus on the business world. He became a successful entrepreneur as a result.

“Life After Professional Athletics: Gymnast Mark Holyoake’s Entrepreneurial Achievements”; an article on Alive Newspaper talks about Holyoake’s career trajectory post-athletics has allowed him to combine previously perfected skills, an interest in fitness, the desire to help others achieve their goals, and a personal fitness-related interest.

Holyoake did have both fame and name recognition going for him. Both attributes did make him attractive to potential partners. However, name-value only lasts so long. Being a successful entrepreneur requires hard work and a lot of foresight. Mark Holyoake committed himself to his entrepreneurial ventures with the same aggressive approach he brought to gymnastics. The hard work reaped the rewards for him.

The New Zealand-born Holyoake proved that to stay focused to achieve excellence pays off. In his athletic career, he did well at the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games. He also delivered an impressive performance at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2005.

As an undergraduate, Mark Holyoake gained a degree in the field of Exercise Science. Both educational and professional experience helped him move into a career as a personal trainer. He understood a lot about nutrition and the proper way to train. He shared that knowledge with clients at Les Mills International.

With a partner, he set up a venture called the Rx Clinic, a business focusing on designing training plans for athletes. He also started running workshops at local gyms. In time, he also became involved with CrossFit and returned to competition in the CrossFit Games. His experience with CrossFit led him to devise a new venture called Carbon Method Fitness.

Mark Holyoake is someone who never slowed down after his professional career ended. The world looks forward to the new endeavors he launches in the future.


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