Jeremy Goldstein’s Road to Success

Starting a business is never easy, but successfully establishing a law firm in a city like New York is next to impossible. Despite all the challenges, Jeremy Goldstein managed to establish a boutique firm in New York, and today, his firm is considered one of the best. Jeremy Goldstein is a top corporate attorney for many reasons.

The journey from collegiate success to professional lawyer success is separated by the time he spent at one of New York’s premier merger and acquisition firms. Goldstein was a partner at that firm for several years before he began thinking about branching out on his own. He’d watched several executive compensation consulting companies succeeding, and he wanted to do the same.

Goldstein’s boutique law firm mostly advises clients on executive compensation and corporate governance, but they also advise high-profile CEOs, management teams, compensation committees, and international corporations. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, has been involved in some of the most significant corporate transactions over the last 10 years.

The list of companies that Jeremy Goldstein has worked with is long and prestigious. He worked the United Technologies’ acquisition of Goodrich, as well as the AT&T acquisition. He’s also worked with South African Breweries, J.P. Morgan Chase and Co., Bank One, and Kmart and Sears.

He works on all the major transactions his firm advises on, but his work is often split between working with clients and public speaking engagements. Often, he finds himself torn between staying at the office and speeches on issues of corporate governance and executive compensation.

The key to his success is his personable approach to clients. Rather than follow the traditional strategy of keeping an arm’s length from clients, Goldstein likes getting to know his clients so he can best advise them. His personal-professional relationships with clients extend outside the office as well. Anytime he can chat with clients is an opportunity he can’t pass up.

Recently, he’s been meeting a lot of clients at his luxurious wine dinners that raise awareness and money for Fountain House. Fountain House is a nonprofit organization based in New York that focuses on helping people suffering from mental illness.

The most important part of the mission is removing the stigma still surrounding mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein’s wine dinners go a long way to removing those stereotypes and stigma by introducing some of New York’s elite socialites to the issues plaguing mental illness recovery. So far, he’s held two wine dinners and raised over $50,000 for Fountain House.


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