JD.com Plans To Do More With a2 Milk Company Partnership

According to a recent article about online retailer JD.com, they have chosen to expand their partnership with a2 Milk Company. JD.com is listed as a leader in the industry. The partnership will have JD.com help bring more high-quality products to China through effective marketing campaigns. A2 Milk Company became the first company to work with an online retailer and choose to have their products delivered to China.

Consumers in China have loved the milk provider for their children as it is easier for them to digest. JD.com has worked with them to improve their image among the public with different marketing campaigns and other effective strategies. But, for people who do not know, JD is the largest online retailer in China as they sell a variety of products from electronics, beauty items, appliances, food, and more. The company was created by an entrepreneur known as Jingdong who started out selling items at his stores and led the vision for creating his own brand.

Back when JD had their anniversary sale in June, a2 Milk Company stood as one of the top-selling brands on the website with one of their products called platinum baby milk powder as one of the top options. Platinum baby milk powder was listed as the bestselling product.

A2 Milk even participated in a short program led by JD.com that offered marketing solutions and other ways to help build up companies presence. Information on improving a business such as finding a niche, promoting channels, and marketing tactics were explained.

The CEO of a2 Milk Company stated how they can improve even more with the partnership and acquire more customers. JD has assisted in acquiring logistics information with QR codes on products to be able to track them during the delivery process. The head of JD Worldwide stated how a2s milk products are a hit among the consumers of China and that they can make them better as a brand under their guidance. Other brands have trusted the shipment and delivery of their products such as wine, milk, cosmetics, and much more under JD.com.


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