Philanthropy And Shipbuilding Mark The Career Of Privinvest’s Iskandar Safa


The global shipping magnate, Iskandar Safa has recently made headlines around the world because of his generous donation following the devastating fire at Paris, France’s Notre Dame Cathedral. The Lebanon-born entrepreneur operates a marble quarry in Saint-Pons-de-Thomieres close to the Mediterranean Sea and offered as much marble as is needed for the restoration project to take place. To those who have already heard of the generosity of the Privinvest brand, the fact he felt the need to give so much to the cause shows his strength of character.

Despite being best known for his shipbuilding brand, Privinvest creates superyachts and much more for clients in Europe and the Middle East, Safa also brings his business skills to the sectors of real estate and the media.

The global nature of the work of Iskandar Safa is not a surprise after he began his adult life studying for various degrees in Beirut and in the U.S. Upon completing his studies, Iskandar Safa set out for Saudi Arabia where he brought his design skills to the construction of an aerodrome that would go on to be one of the best in the region.

The development of Privinvest brought a close working relationship with Safa’s brother who has become a trusted confidant for the shipping expert. After achieving his goals as a student and starting his career, the founder of Privinvest set out to enter the shipbuilding markets through the purchase of the French CMN brand. Click Here to learn more.

Over 400 employees spend their time building some of the most technologically advanced ships in the world for an impressive client list. After purchasing his initial shipbuilding operation in France, Iskandar Safa looked to add more yards to his Privinvest brand in Germany and the U.K. Visit This Page for related information.


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